Dungeon Rest Stop Volume 1 Chapter 6 Part 4



TRANSLATOR almostrich

EDITOR Weasalopes

Before long, dawn had broken, and the living room table in my newly occupied apartment had somehow turned into a conference table.

「So basically, you are both from the town above the dungeon and belong to the Adventurers’ Guild there. And you two aren’t very close I take it? 」

It seemed like the two of these girls were acquaintances, but their policies and style of exploring the dungeon were fatally different, and they wouldn’t even talk to each other. Even now, they are at the same table sitting across from each other, but they refuse to meet the other’s eyes.

「But take a look. You’re both the same here. Both of you collapsed in the dungeon and came to this room, so let’s get along, okay? And we’re all tired, so let’s get a good rest and go to sleep. You two should relax. 」

Ria opened her mouth. It seemed like she wanted to speak her displeasure to the female wizard, or rather to Deet.

「If that is what you say, Master Thor, then I have no issue getting along with her. But she was doing some weird thing with you and…! 」

But Deet soon intervened, and I could tell she was more versed in speaking.

「Hmm? We weren’t doing anything I would call weird. We elves don’t really do it, but you humans are always doing such things with each other, aren’t you? You mean you haven’t done something like that with the Great Sage yet? 」

「****! ***__**!」

Ria replied to her comment in a voice that I couldn’t understand. How many times now have I seen this back and forth from these two. The conversation keeps devolving back to this point. I decided to ignore their bickering and advance the conversation forward.

「Miss Wizard…or rather Deet, because you appear to be the most injured person here, you can go ahead and use the bed. Ria and I will sleep on the tatami mats. 」

「That’s fine! That is fine with me! 」

Ria’s whole face smiled as she fiercely nodded in agreement with my proposal. But Deet argued against the idea.

「Ria! You can’t do that! That thing is…! 」

「What? Why? 」

「There’s no way I can steal the best sleeping area from our host, the Great Sage. You understand, don’t you; you’re a knight after all. The Great Sage will sleep on the bed and the two of us will sleep on the floor. 」

Deet had stabbed her by saying the most logical and painful thing for Ria to hear, her pride as a knight. Ria looked as if on the verge of tears but didn’t let out any complaints, or even a whimper. I was also on the verge of tears because I wanted to sleep together with Ria. After it was all said and done, I went to my room. I turned off the lights and stretched out on the bed. From then a chunk of time passed. Ria and Deet were probably fast asleep in the other room by now.

「Ahh… so tired…」

I was really tired, but for some reason, I couldn’t really sleep. But that was obvious, I guess. I had just moved into this apartment a few days ago, and now there were two beautiful girls I’ve never seen before both sleeping in my other room. And that female wizard Deet was even an elf. An elf! SHE’S AN ELF! Isn’t this every gamer’s dream?! She even does lewd elf things!

「What was the thing that she said she’d do for me? Don’t tell me that she meant… Deet’s… No way no way, there’s no way she’d do that with me. 」

When I got to be this age, I knew what kind of person I’d be. When my grandma would call me handsome, she did not mean the societal definition but rather my innocence and ability to look at the bright things in life. Plus, I really wasn’t that popular with girls.

「I feel like Ria has taken a liking to me, but not in the ways of romance, more like this misunderstanding with me as a great sage, it’s probably just respect. But somehow I feel sad… Well, time to sleep. 」

Nothing better to do than just sleep and forget about it. I stretched out and went from staring at the dark ceiling to laying on my side. And as I did that, I realized that someone was standing by the side of my bed watching me.


As I was about to let a shriek out my mouth was quickly covered by their hand.

「Shh, be quiet, Mr. Great Sage. 」

It was Deet. She had suddenly come out of nowhere and surprised me, so I wanted to know what exactly she was thinking.

「Deet, what are you doing?! Aren’t you the one who told me to come to sleep in here by myself?! 」

「Huh~ Weren’t you wondering about what I’d give you as a reward, though? Isn’t it just as you had imagined, Mr. Great Sage? 」

Huhhhhhhhhhhhhh?!?! She was listening to me when I was talking to myself earlier?! How long has this person been in here?! She let out a long warm sigh as she played with my chest softly with her hand. Deet was the type of person who could show off her sex appeal even if it was pitch black.

「Wait a sec, wait a second! Please stop it! I’m going to get mad! 」

「Huh~ Sorry sorry. We’re going to accidentally wake up Ria, aren’t we? Actually, I came here to have a chat, just the two of us. 」

「You want to talk? What do you want to talk about? 」

「Master Thor, you’re not a Great Sage, right? You were murmuring that to yourself a few moments ago. 」

Uh oh, I’ve been found out. Except not really, because I’m truly not a Great Sage or anything like that. I didn’t know if it was because this extremely beautiful elf wizard was letting out a sultry voice while bringing her hand lower down my chest, or because she found out the truth about me, but my heart was getting louder and faster with each passing second. But when you think about it, deceiving people is bad. Earlier it was Deet who lied to get me in here and rest. But there was no reason for the lies right now. I grabbed the hand of the girl who was playing with my chest and quickly apologized.

「I’m sorry! I’m actually not a Great Sage! 」

When I said the truth so earnestly, I could tell that the girl also looked at me with a serious face and replied. But the reply wasn’t relevant at all!

「Ehh~ Master Thor, you’re not only cute, but you’re surprisingly manly too, huh? 」

「Please don’t tease me… 」

「But I really think so… if I didn’t, I wouldn’t give you this… 」

「Huh? 」

「Because you said the truth with me so honestly… and I’m a high elf, but I’ve never done this with anyone before… 」

「Huhhhhhh?! 」

Her sex appeal was so strong that that’s all I managed to say. But she was saying stuff earlier that even with how long elves can live for, they don’t really do that kind of stuff. I guess because they live for so long, there’s no need to do that kind of stuff to preserve populations. Despite all of that, her sex appeal was…. But then Deet’s voice suddenly got louder and she started to talk as if changing the subject.

「I-I-I’m very different from Ria, I’m even experienced with artifacts. But all the artifacts in this room, they are a kind of variety I’ve never seen before. Could you please teach me how to use some of these devices? 」

During our earlier conversation at the dining table conference, Ria had called her a weird solo wizard, someone who liked going into the dungeons alone without any other person, without making any parties or connections. I thought it would probably be fine to teach her about some of this stuff in this room, and I don’t think she’s lying to me or anything. I decided that I was going to tell her and explain everything that happened until this moment.

「This room is a different world? It’s not a fairy world or some kind of illusion, right? 」

「Probably. No, I don’t think my world is a fairy world or some strange fantasy. A fairy world wouldn’t have this kind of stuff, right? 」

I grabbed my smartphone from my pocket. It played some music while letting off some light. Even if the room was pitch black right now, I could someone understand Deet’s surprise at this object.

「No… it probably wouldn’t. I don’t think this is the world of the gods, but beyond that, I can’t really believe that other worlds exist… 」

「No, I really couldn’t believe it either. I’m nothing like a Great Sage, I’m just a disillusioned ordinary person from an ordinary world… 」

I had accidentally said something kind of self-deprecating. I was afraid of Deet’s reaction, but because it was pitch black, I couldn’t see the look on her face. While I was waiting for Deet to say something, I felt a tiny warm sensation on my forehead.

「Come now… Thor, the normal person from the land called Japan saved this expert adventure’s life, and that has more meaning than being any kind of Great Sage or whatever… 」

As she was speaking, I could tell that her face was right next to mine and getting closer. I was wondering what was going to happen next and, despite it being pitch black, I instinctively shut my eyes. But it didn’t seem like whatever was next was coming.

「Well, so that we don’t wake up Ria, let’s get inside! 」

「Huh? Inside where? 」

「The dungeon! I’ll teach you all about skills, and the world where I come from! 」

I was kind of sad the continuation wasn’t coming, but also sort of relieved.

「In exchange, you’re going to teach me all about your world, okay? 」

Deet smiled happily.



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