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Author: Anit666

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【Sam’s POV】


“Here, a gift.” Jack said after throwing me a black briefcase.

I opened it, only to find a pair of black pistols with some weird yet interesting silver carvings on them. Judging from how heavy the case was, each of those pistols should be around 1 kg in weight.

And since they are made by the one and only Jack Hargreave, they are anything but normal pistols. I wonder just how much nonsensical power and abilities he has stuffed into them.

“More like ‘I was bored so I made these and you’re gonna be the guinea pig’, right?”

“Same thing.” Jack muttered and left the hall, leaving me with the child he had brought with him.

“Hello there.” I greeted her as gently as possible.

“H-hello.” She responded meekly.

Gosh, I’m still bad with kids.

⟦Huh? Really? Why?⟧ Simone seemed to be baffled.

⟦You know, because you can’t really reason with them.⟧

⟦That’s not true.⟧

⟦Well, most of the kids I met were like that.⟧

I had started to hate kids when I was around 4 years old. Most of my peers were like that; bratty, unreasonable and in general just little shits. They were simply too different from me and couldn’t be reasoned with, so I started despising the breed called ‘children’.

“Are you really my God?” Lui asked with upturned eyes.

“Yes.” I nodded with a smile (I had taken off my mask).

“Can you perform miracles like they say?” There was a certain shine in her eyes now.

Her fear was slowly fading away and was being replaced by what seemed to be… hope.

“Mostly destructive ones, but yes.”

I’m not one of the Administrators of this Universe for nothing. Though in this world, my powers can spread only death and destruction.

“T-then… can you bring back my parents?” She asked, her eyes glimmering with hope.

“Bring back from where, exactly?”

I approached her and squatted in front of her. Our eyes were now on the same level, and beneath the hope in them, I could see so much pain, so much hate, and so much despair.

“From the dead, obviously!” She exclaimed. “A group of humans attacked our town some time ago, you see.” She started her story. “We tried to fight back, but they were very strong. My father… left me behind with my mother and Alsa to fight them, b-but… –hic-… he never came back. The humans found us and they snatched me away from my mother and did really nasty things to me. That was when Lord Jack saved me.”

“He did?”

“Yeah! He fell from the sky, wiped my tears and then killed all of them within moments. He is my Hero!”

Well, he is the Dark Hero, even if only temporarily.

“What do you think about Jack?”

“I love him!” She replied with a pomph. “I’m gonna marry him someday!”

She sure has some big dreams.

“Anyway, please, bring back my parents, and if possible, Alsa too!”

“Who’s Alsa?”

“She is the head maid of our mansion. She has taken care of me since I was born, and I love her, so please, bring her back too!”

“Do you love her more than Jack?”

“T-that is…” She was flustered. “I-I don’t know! I love them equally!” She exclaimed. “Anyway, give her back too! I promise I will ask her to make sweets for you. I swear she’s the best cook in the town! You will never regret it!”

Wao, she’s trying to bribe her own God.

“Do you want me to bring back just those three?”

“N-no…” Her head drooped down and she responded meekly. “I want Mael, Ria, Gegi and everyone else too… but Lord Jack told me that I cannot have everything I want, and that I must make a choice.” Tears started flowing from her eyes. “And… and that is why –hic– I chose my parents… but I…” She looked at me with pleading eyes. “I want everyone back!”

She started bawling after saying that. I gently hugged her and patted her back and head, allowing her to cry to her fill.

Just how cruel is this? A 6-7 years old child was forced to choose between the lives of her parents and everyone else she loved. It’s clear from her tears that she knows that by choosing her parents and Alsa, she is condemning the others to death.

A child like her should never have to make such a choice. And yet, here she is. Whose fault is it? Humans’? Demons’? The Gods’? Or no one’s? No matter the answer, the one to suffer is Lui, and countless others like her.

Even if I despise children, I would never wish for them to go through something like this.

And yet…

“There is one thing you must understand, Lui.”

She had stopped crying now and looked at me with so much hope that I felt that breaking that hope would destroy her.

“I cannot bring your parents back.”

“…Eh?” Her eyes were becoming deader by the moment while her face was turning deathly pale. “Why? Aren’t you a God? Why? Why? Why? You are the God I have worshipped my entire life! So why can’t you bring them back?!” She screamed as she started hitting my chest.

“I cannot bring them back, not now.

Her eyes widened with a snap and her hands stopped as the meaning of my words dawned on her.

“You see, your parents are currently in Hell.”

“…Hell?” Her lips started trembling. “B-but my parents were good people!”

“I know.”

“Then why?! Isn’t Hell where all bad people end up!?”

“No.” I shook my head. “Hell is where everyone ends up.”

Heaven and Hell are actually much different than what most of the religions make them out to be.

“And believe me when I say this, but Hell is actually a very nice place to live in. Much better than this world.”

“H-how can that be?!” She shrieked. “My father told me that Hell is where the souls of the damned are tortured-”

“Ah, that is all bullshit.”

“How can you say that?!”

“Because I am the King of Hell.”

Well, Ruler of Hell, to be more precise, but explaining that to her is unnecessary.

“King of Hell?” She parroted my words with utter disbelief.

“Yes. And that is what I meant when I said I cannot bring any of them back right now. Only when I return to Hell can I resurrect your parents and send them back here, to your side.”


“Yes. And not just you parents, but Alsa, Mael, Ria and Gegi and everyone else that you love too, so that you no longer have to choose between any of them.”

“Really? Really really? Will you give all of them back?”

“Yes, I promise.” I smiled. “But you have to be a good girl till then.”

“I-I will be the goodest girl you have ever seen, I promise!” She clutched my clothes and begged.

“So be it then. Look forward to the day when you’ll reunite with everyone else.” I smiled and patted her head.

“Yayy!” She squealed in delight and jumped and clung on to me.

“Whoa, careful.” I caught her and then put her back on the ground.

I may have hugged her while she was crying, but any more is simply too much for me. But Lui didn’t relent and clung on to my leg while smiling brightly at me.

“Anyway.” I turned to Solomon who looked like he would kneel on the spot and start worshiping me. “Why don’t we stop those monsters?”

I know from personal experience that a Hero sealed in a crystal is definitely not a good thing.

“Hmm? Why so?”

“How many Heroes sealed in crystals have you seen till now?”

“This is my first time, of course.”

There’s something about his ‘of course’ that pisses me off.

“Well, this is my seventh time. So, believe me and stop those monsters.”

“Is that so?” He furrowed his brows. “Then it shall be done, my lord.”

Solomon raised his hands towards the monsters and cast a magic spell. Several ice spears appeared in the air, and he fired them at the group of monsters.

But what happened next was something I hadn’t predicted. The other monsters, like the Kumas and Okamis, sacrificed their lives to protect the wyverns which were still doing something to the crystal.

And by ‘something’, I mean the wyverns were trying to cast some sort of magic spell on the crystal. The remaining monsters were still chanting ‘This cannot continue’ in monster language by roaring and growling in unison.

“Hooh?” Solomon exhaled in wonder. “The monsters seem to be up to something interesting. Perhaps we should let them continue.”

Bruhh, wat?

“What the hell are you saying, Solomon? Clearly, we should massacre all of them to stop them from succeeding at whatever they are trying to do.”

“But wouldn’t it be a waste to do that, my lord? This is an unseen phenomenon, so we should let it happen to see if it could be of any use to us.”

Never thought that permitting my subordinates to be open with me and question my decisions if they have any doubts would come back to bite me like this.

“Interesting, but no.” I replied in a stern tone. “There are just too many unknown variables involved to take such a risk, especially when we don’t even need to.”

“Risk? Even though you are here?” Lui asked with an innocent look in her eyes.

What the hell? Now do I have to explain the 4 stages of Rododactylus to this kid?

“Hey, brat.” Phiria intervened with an icy cold voice. “Stop clinging to Sam; he’s mine.”

Uhh, wat? Is this really the time to be competing with a kid?

“No!” Lui shook her head fiercely.

“What?” Phiria frowned. “You dare-”

“Now, now, Phiria, calm down. Here, you can hug me from my back.”

It won’t be funny if the Goddess of Life turned into a child-killer.

“…Tch, fine.” Phiria pondered for some moments and agreed with a click of tongue.

“Now! As I was-”

“What the hell is happening here?”

Just then, Jack returned from his hunt. He saw me being hugged by both Phiria and Lui and raised his eyebrow, as if saying ‘You lecher!’

“Lord Jack!” Lui instantly left me and clung to her beloved Jack.

“I was just ordering Solomon to go and stop those monsters before they succeed in whatever the hell they are doing.”

“Your word is my command, my lord.” Solomon bowed respectfully and prepared another wave of ice spears, except that they were bigger and much deadlier this time.

Just then, that crystal started to shine with blinding light. Solomon swiftly fired his spears which instantly skewered the monsters around that crystal, but he was still a bit late.

The crystal exploded, hurling debris all around it and killing the monsters which were desperately hanging on to their lives after being pierced by the ice spears.

In the place of that crystal was now standing a woman with long silver hair, naked. Her head was drooped low and her bangs were hiding her face. Before long, she muttered in a hoarse, wheezy voice.

“Hu…… Mans……”

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