Ruler Vol 6 Chapter 22

Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

In case you don’t remember the events prior to this chapter, check out this post.

【3rd Person’s POV】


“Aaahhhhhh!” The man cried out at the sizzling pain.

“You had one job. Just a single job, and you managed to fuck it up so badly.” The other man sitting opposite him sighed.

He signalled to his subordinate to continue her job. She heated up the iron brand and stuck it on the other man again.

“Aaaaahhhhh! I-it, aagh! It wasn’t my fault!” The man being tortured, Engu, cried out again.

“Yes, of course.” The man rolled his eyes while the torturer continued what she loved doing the most.

“P-please believe me!”

“Engu, you had a simple job; guard Baron Loit with your life. But not only did you fail in doing so, you lost your entire crew while also coming out alive. And then!” The man abruptly stood up from his chair, causing it to fall back. “You had the audacity to tell me that you don’t even remember what happened that day!”

Engu was the Captain of Guards sent by Black Hand to protect Baron Loit. They were the final and the strongest group an invader would have to pass before reaching Baron Loit’s position.

Of course, their actual job was to buy time until the Baron could retreat through a hidden passageway. Once the Baron was safe, Engu’s Squad’s job was to either kill the intruders, or bring back information on them in case they could not.

Needless to say, he failed at both of them.

His group was wiped out in a matter of seconds. However, for some reason, Engu was left alive, but he couldn’t for the life of his remember what had actually transpired.

That was to be a given, though. His opponent was none other than Serasta La Graes. She slaughtered them with a lift of her finger, and left Engu alive after wiping out his memories purely because she found it amusing.

However, no one here could testify on Engu’s behalf.

“B-but it’s true!” He cried out again, all the while desperately trying to free himself of the ropes binding him to the chair. “They must have wiped out my memory or something!”

“‘Course they did.” The man scoffed.

That was the truth, actually. And the man had ascertained that after his subordinate- who was delightfully creating a new pattern on Engu’s body using the brand- checked for signs of memory manipulation.

However, all that meant was that Engu was absolutely useless to them.

“Untie him.”

“Eh?” Engu’s eyes widened.

“Eh?” The subordinate was shocked.

“Untie. Him.” The man repeated himself as he lamented hiring this troublesome woman.

There was a time he used to think he was the psychopath, but then he met this woman. As they say, there’s always a bigger dragon out there.

“Y-you… you believe me?” Engu couldn’t believe what was happening.

After all, the man in front of him was notorious for being absolutely merciless.

“Of course.” The man smiled and turned to his subordinate. “Slice up his tongue and the back of his feet.”

“…” The subordinate silently nodded, but only after giving a sadistic smile.

“N-no!” Engu started flailing around. “Y-you can’t do this me! I have been loyal to the organisation for so long!”

“And we’re grateful for that. However, you failed your mission. And you know what happens to those who fail their mission.”

The cost of failure was, without a doubt, death.

Well, not for everyone, obviously; an organisation like that wouldn’t be able to survive. The missions were divided into ranks, just like how the Adventurer Guild divided their quests. The only difference was that the members of this organisation had no say on what missions they would receive.

The mission assigned to Engu and his crew was the protection of Braon Loit, the failure of which was punishable by death. And he had failed spectacularly at it.

“No! Nooooo! Aaahhhh!” The man stepped out of the room without paying any heed to Engu’s screams of anguish.

He walked down the stairs and left the house, exiting in a secluded back alley. He took out a tobacco pipe from his pocket and lit it, puffing out clouds of smokes as we waited for his subordinate.

“Boo!” The subordinate suddenly appeared behind him, but to her chagrin, he wasn’t spooked.

“…Good job.” The man smiled slightly. “What else do I have on my schedule today?”

“Next up is the meeting with the nobles, Lord Adonis.”

The man frowned slightly, as he didn’t like being called ‘Lord’ because it made him feel like he was a noble, but he knew that complaining would be useless.

“Right.” He nodded and then turned around.

He snapped his fingers and the 2-story house behind him was completely engulfed in flames.

“Aaaaaaaaaghhhhh!” Engu let out unintelligible screams from inside.

Panicked screams arose from the surroundings as people realised that a house was burning with a man inside it, and that there was nothing they could do for him as the fire was too strong.

By then, Adonis and his subordinate were nowhere to be seen.


【Sam’s POV】


Hmm, okay, so according to this book, the humans are actually the children of God, sent by Him on this planet to rule over it in His name.

Wow. I guess the author of this book never heard about the evolution theory. 0/10, would not recommend this book.

It’s actually pretty amusing how most of the sentient races subconsciously believe that the world revolves around them. I guess they need something to validate their existence, even if that something is a mere delusion.

After all, not everyone can accept the fact that their existence has no purpose.

*Knock* *Knock*

I was brought out of my precious reading time by someone (well, I assume it’s ‘someone’, and not ‘something’) knocking on my door. Who’d disturb me this late in the night though? It’s around 3 AM.

⟦Hmm, what’s if it’s an assassin?⟧

⟦If this really is an assassin, then I’ll need to sit down with him and have a chat about whether everything is alright in his life.⟧

Like, what kind of professional assassin knocks on the door of his target?


Huh, maybe the assassin is using reverse psychology to make me let my guard down. By knocking on the door, he’d make me think that it’s someone I know, making me open the door without checking and boom! My head would fly off.

If that is indeed the case, then I guess the assassin is actually quite competent-

“It’s me.”

Wait, Phiria is the assassin?

⟦Yeah, she’s here to assassinate your heart.⟧ Simone grumbled.Ṁ

She was still grumpy over my actions at the dinner earlier.

“Come in.”

But since when did Phiria learn the basic courtesy called ‘Knocking on door’?

Phiria opened the door, and my heart sank the moment I saw her.


While Phiria had tried her hardest, her mediocre skills at makeup were unable to hide the stains formed from tears rolling down her cheeks, while her hair were still dishevelled.

I could only imagine how long she had been crying for.

Back at our date, after I had rejected Phiria’s proposal and made her believe that I could not be happy because she was inferior, she had suddenly left without me while crying. I wanted to chase after her, but I had to stifle my grieving heart and stay strong, so I came back to the mansion alone.

“Do you need something from me?” I tried to ask as gently as I could.

“I…” Phiria stopped for some moments. “I wanted to apologise for earlier.”


“…About what?”

“For trying to deny your love. I-I should have known my place, that I can never be as good as Jean.” Her eyes drooped as she bit her lips.

Ah… how I wish I could just hug her and whisper so many ‘I love you’s in her ears that she wouldn’t be able to stop smiling for the rest of her life.

“Don’t worry.” However, all I could do was give her a textbook apology. “I know that you were trying to do what you thought was the best for me, and I appreciate that.”

“R-really?” She looked up as tears pooled in her eyes again. “Y-you don’t hate me?”

“I could never.”

Phiria could fuck things up so badly that she’d ruin everything I had worked and lived for till now, and I still wouldn’t be able to truly hate her. That was how strong my love for her was.

“Really? Really really?” Tears streamed down her face.

Really really.”

Hic I-I’m so glad. Hic I thought, I thought you hated me.”

“There, there.” I gently wiped her tears. “No way in hell would I ever hate you for thinking about me.”

More tears started pouring out of her eyes, so I was left with no choice but to hug her. She buried her face in my chest and cried her heart out.

I… I’m truly sorry, Phiria.

“Can I sleep here tonight?” She asked after she was done crying.

I never thought she had it in her to cry this much.

“As long as you promise to not do anything naughty.”

“Meanie.” She pouted, and I couldn’t help but smile at how adorable she was.

And so, we lied down on the bed as Phiria snuggled into my arms. Of course, I let her do as she pleased and even added an extra service by caressing her head.

“Good night, my Princess.”

“Good night, my Prince.” She smiled and closed her eyes, and soon enough, she drifted into the land of dreams.

“Mmmm…” I opened my eyes as I woke up and was instantly blinded by the light entering through the window.

What a way to wake up. Who the fuck was the genius who decided to leave the curtains open?

Oh wait, I live alone, so I am that genius. Wow. Fuck you, past me.

“Morning, sleeping Prince.” Just then, a woman came out of nowhere and mounted me.


The woman had blonde hair and azure eyes, and boy oh boy, she was so beautiful that it blew my drowsiness away in an instant. It was as if the Goddess herself had descended upon this lowly mortal to grace me with her presence.

If this is the woman I spent my night with, then I can say, without any doubt, that I’ve fulfilled the purpose of my life; that’s how gorgeous she was.

“Time for a wake-up kiss.” The woman leaned in, and being the gentleman I was, I responded in kind.

Ahh, so sweet soft and supple, like a- now wait a fucking minute!

“Eh?” The woman’s eyes widened as our lips parted.

I took another look at her face, and as I thought-

“Who are you?”


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