Chapter 358

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Chapter 358 – Going out to the Market

So all the introductions were over between Tom, Kay, Steff, Millia, and Cruz.

I rented a room for Millia for the night from Tom.

「It’s great that I have so many customers now!」

「Yeah, brother!」

「Yup, now we can afford some candy, at least!」


I was always putting candy into the food supplies that I bought Kay and Tom.

Tom, however, up to now never had the money to buy it himself.

「So it’s hard for you to buy candy will all our rents being paid?」

「I can buy them, but you gotta buy meat and veggies first right?」

He was right. Pretty mature for a 10 year old.

「You’re right, kid.」

「Even though Kay’s five, she looks too small.」


I scruffed Kay’s hair as I said it.

It’s true the girl was smaller than Collette, even though they were the same age.

But that might just be individual differences as well.

「I don’t think you have to worry too much.」

「But we hadn’t been able to fill your stomachs until a bit ago.」

I understood Tom’s concerns. You have to focus on food first.

「Never know what’s going to happen either, so you gotta save.」

He really was mature for a kid.

「You’re right, but if you even need something to eat and are hungry…just come to Mulg.」

Cruz now scruffed Tom’s hair.

…with her lion mask still on.

But both of them HAD called her cool.

「”Just jump in the room and it’ll happen,” you told us, but I still don’t understand it.」

They didn’t get it, so the magic room might seem a bit scary.

I know how that feels.

「It would be impossible to explain it to you anyhow.」

Vi-Vi said, nodding her head.

「But just trust it works. It always does.」


While we were discussing it, Millia and Yureena were looking around the house.

「How much did you buy this firewood for?」

「Al bought it for me. It’s expensive, so I can’t afford it.」

「So how much is it at the market then?」

「Well, this much is…」

When they heard the amount from Tom, Millia was shocked.

It must have been way more than she expected.

「I have to take a look at this town!」

And with that, she was ready to go.

On the other hand, Cruz and Kay were playing with Moofy,

「What? You’re going shopping? I wanna go too!」

「Don’t be rude, Kay!」

「Okay, brother.」

Tom scolded Kay and she politely nodded.

「Well, we probably should all go together.」

「Yay! Thanks old man!」

「It’s not a bother?」

「Not at all.」

So we prepared and left.

It was Kay, Tom, Steff, Cruz, Yureena, Millia, Vi-Vi, and I.

With Moofy and Femm, of course.

「Shiggy’s been pretty quiet lately.」

「She’s been sleeping in my pouch.」

「Well, sleep is important to a baby.」

They say sleeping kids grow big.

If that’s the case, than Shiggy’s going to be huge.

With Millia in front, we meandered around the stores and stalls of the town.

She was seriously taking down all the prices she saw while we just watched and let her do her thing.

「Kay, Tom, let me buy you some candy.」

「Would you?」

「Yay! Thanks old man!」

「Just like good old Al!」

Cruz didn’t buy any, but was still excited about me buying it.

So I went ahead and bought her some too.

The candy was kind of like bread.

Like a very sugared bread with a little bit of honey on top.

「Here, Tom and Kay.」

「Thank you!」

「Thanks, old man.」

「Here Cruz.」

「Thank you!」

After I gave her the sweets, she slipped it under her mask without even taking it off.

Then I gave Vi-Vi and Steff some as well.

「So this is Elkay sweets? Guess I should at least try it.」

「This would taste a little better if they used more eggs.」

Vi-Vi whispered as she complained.

Hearing that, the store owner said,

「I think so too, but the eggs are so expensive, it’s impossible!」

Hearing that, Millia ran over from another stall and asked,

「Hey, how much are eggs?!」


Hearing the price, Millia’s brow furrowed.

「That is TOO high.」


The store owner nodded seriously.

「Try one, Millia?」

「Ah, sure. Thank you.」

She took a bite and said,

「It’s quite good.」

「Really? Well thank you.」the store owner said.

「Using a small amount of egg to make this, with this taste is impressive!」

「You really know your stuff, girl!」

The store owner said, happy.


Shiggy had woken up. She looked around.

「Have one, Shiggy.」


So the beasts all had some as well.

While we walked along and ate, Millia said, softly,

「Looks like there ARE decent tradesmen in Elkay, after all.」

Seems she was ready to get things done.

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