A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 2 Chapter 3 Part 10



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Editor: Weasalopes

After entering the portal and passing through the momentary all-engulfing darkness, we have found ourselves in a room that was awfully similar to the Waiting Room before the Boss Chamber on the first floor. It was a room four to five square meters wide, but this time, instead of having only two doorways, one in the front and one in the back, the passages to the left and right were also present, like in the normal room with the crossroads on the first floor. When we got here, the portal behind us didn’t disappear, meaning that we can probably use it anytime if we want to go back to the floor below us.

But seriously now, everything here look exactly as it did below, to the point where it would be impossible to tell that you have ascended to the higher floor if you were blindfolded and kicked through the portal, because the process of teleportation itself didn’t involve any kind of giveaways that you were being transported, like having goosebumps all over your body or that unpleasant, sinking feeling in your stomach. Also, if I’m not mistaken or missing something, Dungeon Walker should work here as well, so there is no harm in giving it a try.

「Roxanne, would you mind fighting the Floor Boss of the first floor again with me?」

「Yes, of course! I see no problems with it!」

All right. For now, this will be our number one priority.

When we defeated the Floor Boss, Roxanne obtained another Job: Herbalist. That is nice and all, but how exactly did she do that? What kind of condition she managed to fulfill for that to happen? You become a Thief when you steal things, and going into the Labyrinth makes you an Explorer. Going by that logic, the most probable condition for becoming a Herbalist was picking up medicinal herbs. I do remember, although vaguely, that some leaves can be turned into medicine, therefore they can be classified as medicinal herbs, so picking it up will grant you the Job of Herbalist. Then again, I have not obtained it after I held it in my hand when Roxanne gave it to me, so I guess just holding it won’t do. Maybe I have to specifically pick it up right after it is dropped after the Floor Boss gets defeated. At least, that is my hypothesis about it, we will see whether it is right or wrong. But if it would be as simple as picking it up, then my life would be that much easier. From now on, I guess we just have to make a habit of collecting every single item that the monsters drop, not that we didn’t do that already anyway.

I gave the leaf back to Roxanne and then we went back through the black wall to the floor below. But instead of going back to the room right after the Boss Chamber, our eyes were assaulted by the flood of dazzling radiance.

We were back at the entrance to the Labyrinth, where the Explorer guy who could teleport you to the floor of your choosing was standing. So I guess that door is a one-way street, huh? I can’t say that it ruins our plans, but it is a kind of a bother. I thought we could go back to challenge the Udowood right in a matter of seconds, but now, who knows if we won’t have to go through the entire first floor again? Whoever designed it in such a way must have had a very weird definition of the word “convenience” written in his/her personal dictionary.

Roxanne looked like she wanted to say something, but just as she was about to open her mouth she decided not to do so, because right behind our backs, a group of six people appeared. Judging by how they were dressed, they must be a Party. She must have heard them approaching, and that’s why she didn’t speak up. Good going, Roxanne. The last thing we want is some randos listening in on our conversations by accident.

The one who looked like a rouge, a tall man in a long cape came to the Explorer and started a conversation.

「How far?」

He asked. The Explorer answered him without even lifting his head or opening his eyes to look at him.

「Fourth floor.」

Roxanne and I moved away to the side of the road where we pretended to organize the items in our backpacks so that we could evesdrop on what exactly they were talking about. We’re not doing anything bad, or against the law, before you ask. Information gathering in one of the most important skills an aspiring Adventurer is supposed to have, and how those information are obtained is not anyone else’s business but ours.

The caped guy looked at his companions, especially at the one who looked like a Knight, and gestured them to come closer. Compared to the rest of them, the Knight’s armor looked to be the most solid one, but that should be obvious, since in games Knights always fight at the frontlines, tanking the most damage. Good to see that some of the video game stereotypes I am used to still hold true here.

「What monsters are on the fourth floor?」

The knight spoke directly to the Explorer at the entrance.

「Minotaurs. Going up from the first floor to the fourth, there are Needlewoods, Green Caterpillars, Kobolds, and then Minotaurs.」

「We could deal with the Kobolds of the third floor, so I think we can try taking on the fourth.」

Everyone nodded in agreement, after which the Knight urged the caped guy. He held out hos hand and said:

Bring forth the stored riches of eight hundred thousand five hundred. Item Box, open!」

Was that the actual chant needed for the summoning of the Item Box? Ever since I have been able to use it I did so with the Chant Omission Skill, so I wasn’t even aware that you needed to say something so mouthful just for it to pop out.

The caped guy, who, for the ease of reference I assume to be the Party’s Explorer opens up the summoned Item Box and takes something out of it. I couldn’t see it well, but Identify revealed it to be a silver coin. As usual, Identify proves itself to be handy in a situation such as this. The Party’s explorer then tossed the coin to the one at the Labyrinth’s entrance. He caught it midair and stored it in his own Item Box, the one where he probably kept all the money Adventurers paid him for his teleportation services.

Faith in companions, with pure, honest hearts, Party Formation!」

The caped Explorer than sang another chant. What is it this time, some kinda Party-forming spell?

The two Explorers then entered the newly opened portal, and went inside. Just the two of them, while the rest of the Party stayed behind, but the other two were back at the entrance before long, and the Explorer casts the Party spell again after he whispered something to the Knight.

「Very well then, let us march onwards to the fourth floor!」

He declared that loudly, giving everyone else the signal to march through the portal. Watching them all as they disappeared one by one, I approached the entrance as well.

What was that all about?

Did those two went on to the fourth floor to scout out the terrain?

Since Dungeon Walker can let you travel to any place within the Dungeon that you have previously visited, then I guess that the leader of this Party must have been to the fourth floor before. The Explorer at the entrance serves as a guide, so he probably visited the fourth floor before as well. I imagine his services must be especially valuable to those who have never been into the Labyrinth themselves before, but joined the Parties of the Adventurers who did. If two people form a Party, a guide who has already been to the fourth floor could go back there with those who have yet to reach that floor themselves, and once they are taken to the fourth floor, those who have never been there before could now travel there with their entire Parties.

They went in with the Party of five people, but I cannot say whether those numbers will be enough to conquer the fourth floor or not. And more importantly, will the two of us even be able to go that far ourselves without enlisting additional help?

Well, I guess there’s no use worrying about that now when we just barely arrived at the second floor. We have to do the best we can for now, and worry about the next floor when we actually get to them.

「Well, shall we go back inside, Roxanne?」





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