A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 2 Chapter 3 Part 9



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Editor: Weasalopes

Well, to be specific once again, I do not have the power to finish this guy off, but my Durandal does. But of course, Roxanne does not know about that, and maybe that is why she is acting a little bit bolder than usual.

Anyway, now that this guy’s attention is focused sorely on Roxanne, I can switch my focus to another part of its body, specifically the back right above where its ass should be… and go all out and go in dry with another slash, the one that will hopefully end all!

Here it goes…. RUSHHHHHHHH!!!


There was dull sound of metal cutting through wood when my attack hit the Udowood’s back and slid all the way down to his cheeks. And after that, it slowly took a few steps back and fell to the ground, where it disappeared in a storm of green clouds.

Alright, we did it! The Floor Boss bites the dust, and we’re both alive and well!

「Ah, look, master it looks like a leaf.」

When the smoke from the monster disappeared, what was left after it was a single leaf. This is Udowood’s Drop Item? But it really looks just like any ordinary leaf with no peculiar qualities whatsoever. Even after looking at it with Identify, it told me exactly that: this is a normal leaf.

Roxanne went and picked it up for me.

Essentially, it has to be said that while it was my damage that secured us the victory, what made that victory possible to begin with were her godly moves. I mean seriously, they were something that would be totally impossible for an ordinary human like me. Even if I were to use Overwhelming, I am sure I would only be able to imitate her motions in a truly non-graceful display, and even that’s something I cannot be absolutely sure of, since Overwhelming only slows the enemy it hits down, doing nothing to improve my own reflexes… ah! That’s it! Maybe she’ actually using Overwhelming, or a Skill that is similar to it? Wait a minute, what was the Skill of the Beast Warrior Job again? I’ll have to check it in the Party Job Settings.

Roxanne’s current Job levels are: Beast Warrior Lv.7, Villager Lv.8, Farmer Lv.1, Warrior Lv.1, Swordsman Lv.1, Explorer Lv.1, Monk Lv.2 and Herbalist Lv.1.

Oh? Looks like she unlocked one mor Job! A… Herbalist?

「Roxanne, what is a Herbalist, exactly?」

「Herbalist? That is a type of Healer who can turn leaves and such into medicine, salves, potions and the like.」

Roxanne explained when I asked her about it. Oh, and by the way, the Skill associated with the Beast Warrior Job is called Beast Attack.

Now that we have defeated the Floor Boss, the door at the other side of the room opened in their own. Aside from the leaf that dropped From that Udowood, there was no other reward for us, no treasure chest, no pile of gold, no nothing. Maybe there was some kinda additional reward, but it was snatched by the Party that came here before us? That would suck serious ass. Just to be on the safe side we checked the entire room one more time, and when we found nothing we decided it is high time to move on.

「Can I see that leaf for a sec?」

「Of course.」

Roxanne handed it over to me. Yup, nothing unusual or out of the ordinary here. This is just a normal leaf.

「So… about the Beast Attack. What kind of Skill is that, exactly?」

I asked while spinning the leaf in my fingers. What I specifically wanted to know was if it possesses any effect similar to that of Overwhelming. But if the name itself was to be any indicator, then I guess that it is a purely offensive Skill rather than a support one.

「Ah, so you wish to know about it? Well, from what I heard it’s a Skill that all the Beast Warriors possess, and that it can inflict a great deal of damage to monsters… but that is all I know. Also, I’m sorry… but I cannot use that Skill myself.」

「Huh? What do you mean you cannot use it?」

「Every Skill can be considered to be a type of a magical spell that uses a chant that is composed entirely in Brahim language, and Brahim itself is a holy language so ancient that its words themselves became seeped in magic. Therefore, if you cannot speak Brahim fluently, then you won’t be able to cast spells or use Skills.」

Is that so? Then it’s a good thing that apparently I am able to speak it fluently. I always thought that it might be a very useful language, and I am happy to see that apparently I was right. So if you want to use Skills and cast magic, you have no choice but to learn Brahim, huh? At this rate, it might very well become a common language one day.

「But, like… weren’t you studying Brahim before we met?」

「Well, yes, but actually… I am still not all that good at using it.」

「How so? You don’t know the exact chants needed to cast spells and Skills?」

「No, that’s not it. The chants do come to my mind whenever I want to use them… but there is just too much details and complicated nuances in them, like accent or pronounciation, and if you want get all those things right, the spell or Skill won’t work at all. So as you can see, it is something way above the level of a casual everyday conversation where you have to basically be able to understand the entire language perfectly, otherwise you might as well just give up.」

Chants just come to her mind whenever she wants to use the spells or Skills? That sounds oddly familiar, but does not concern me, since I have the ability to omit the chanting part entirely. Anyway, it’s good to know that those rules apply to other people as well, not just myself.

「Is that so?」

「Also… whenever the chants popup into my head, they always catch me off guard so I am unprepared, but not being able to use them is not that big of a deal for me anyway, and beginners like me are generally discouraged from using them, so…」

「I see.」

Well, it sure sounds like a big deal to me. And personally, I don’t think that Roxanne is a beginner at all. If she’s so powerful now, then I can’t help but wander just how much stronger she would have become if she was able to properly utilize all of the Skills at her disposal.

We proceeded to the next room through the newly opened door. Behind them was a simple stone corridor with a black wall-portal at the very end.

「If we use this portal, we should arrive at the Labyrinth’s second floor.」

「Let’s go then. There’s no point delaying the inevitable, is there?」


And with that we stepped right into the portal, eagerly expecting what was going to be waiting for us on the other side.



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