A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 3 Chapter 2 Part 2



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Editor: Weasalopes

「Here you go.」

I received the key to our room given to me by the owner without saying anything back to him. I want to trust this guy since he hasn’t done anything to screw me over for as long as I have been staying at his inn, but now my concerns started getting the better of me. And that’s why I will inform him about not going back here tomorrow when we will be after the meal and ready to leave.

We entered the room that has been assigned to us, and I sat down on the bed, staring at the ceiling, contemplating our current situation, which is rather moving now that I actually thought about it some more. After all, this is going to be our last night we are going to be spending in this inn.

This was the place where I was staying after Picker-san, the merchant from the Somara village recommended it to me as a relatively cheap and reliable lodging. This place then became my base of operations when I was desperately running around like a headless chicken trying to scrabble enough money to buy Roxanne and make her my own personal slave. This was also the place where I brought her to when I finally succeeded at gaining enough funds, and we even had our first night here.

As I sat there, reflecting on all the events of a not-so-distant past, Roxanne sat next to me on the bed without saying a single word, staring at the walls and the ceiling in silence just like me.

When she came here with me for the first time, she was all tense and nervous, most likely because she did not know what she should be expecting from me. But that was back then. Now, she is much more relaxed around me and her movements are much more natural, and not because I ordered her to do so. Well, initially I did order her to ease up a little and be more trusting of me, but that was only at the beginning. Now that she gradually warmed up to me after seeing for herself that I am not a bad guy, there is no more caution in her movements and mannerisms, which means that she must have decided to completely put her trust in me. I am both glad and relieved that this is what she decided to do, because I would feel sorry for her if she kept forcing herself to act politely around me.

Right now, the trust between us is on such level that I could even push her down and she wouldn’t even speak a word of protest. I’m glad she is so proactive, but at the same time, a part of me is feeling a little guilty. God, I want to have my way with her right now! I want to do it with her so badly, but we still have not eaten dinner or performed the daily maintenance of our equipment, so we have no choice but to wait until after that. That’s right, we just have to do some preserving and cleaning, eat dinner, and the we can jump right to the good stuff.

Maybe it was because I was anticipating it more than usual today, but the conservation of our weapons and armor went by in a flash, just like dinner. Before I even realized it, we were already on the way back to our room, waiting for the lantern and the basins with hot water to be delivered to us.

The water is ready, master.」

Yes, this the moment I have been waiting for!


[Well, then…]

「Won’t you allow me to wash your body for you?」

「I will wash your body for now, master!」

I wanted to tell Roxanne to take off her clothes as soon as possible so I could start feasting my eyes of her wonderful breasts, but I was swiftly cut off from my plans by her innocent request. I was looking forward to being the one to initiate the things today and that’s why I have put up with my urges for so long, only to be denied ushering in them at the very last moment. Ah well, it’s not like I’ve been blue-balled, so waiting for a few more moments is not a problem for me. Without letting Roxanne know about the inner turmoil of my mind, I did like she asked and took off all my clothes. She wiped my body with gentle movements, and when she was done, I returned the favor to her by doing exactly the same.

I wetted the towel in hot water and proceeded to wash every nook and cranny of her amazing body, moving my hands skillfully through all of the strategic areas of her backside. Then, I turned the attention of my hands from her back to the front, wiping and cleaning her noble and beautiful sacred peaks in their entirety. Carefully, politely, delicately. I touched them and kneaded them in my hands as if they were the world’s most valuable treasures, not leaving a speck of them unattended. Once, twice, three times, many times, over and over again. I played with them to my heart’s content without getting bored of it, until I was thoroughly satisfied, and then I made sure that Roxanne would be satisfied as well. After all, this was a celebration of our last night in the Veil Pavilion, so we might as well go a little wild. Though to be honest, I don’t know if calling this a celebration is even right. After all, it doesn’t feel like we have been here for that long, but that may be because life with Roxanne by my side has been so fulfilling.

The next morning, we have decided to go to the Veil’s Labyrinth while it was still dark outside. We had some quick breakfast first, and after finishing the preparations, we were ready to be on our way. Next, I connected this room in the in with our new home in Quratar with Warp, with myself acting like a bucket bridge that was half-in and half-out into the wall in order not to use too much MP travelling back and forth between those two locations. A magnificent display of smart and ingenious thinking, if I do say so myself. That way, I can move our luggage through the Warp Portal simply by sweeping it behind me with my upper half that was in the room of the inn in Veil to my lower half that was in Quratar. The only downside to that method was that apparently I cannot move objects that are too large, like furniture, by using it, so I will have to think about a way to circumvent that next time when I will get the chance. For the time being, I tested if moving a backpack filled to the brim with items would be okay, and it seems that we could move through the Warp portals while carrying that much with us on our backs without any problems. That way even someone like me, who does not have all that much strength in the arms department, can easily do it. I was a little worried about the case that contained Roxanne’s clothing, including her maid uniform, but apparently that much was still considered OK by whatever system was governing the warping mechanics, because I managed to drag it through the portal to the other side without any difficulties.

However, one problem was still remaining in regards to our moving process. Carrying our luggagewhile the portal was continuously connecting two separate places seemed to consume more of my MP than moving in the regular way was doing it, so if I keep the connection up, I’m going to run out of MP sooner rather than later. Thankfully we didn’t have that much luggage that required transportation, so I managed to get it done before my reserves dropped to the dangerously low levels. When the amount of my MP is reduced below certain level, its deficiency ends up affecting my mentality in a negative way, flooding my head with an unstoppable torrent of negative thoughts that are getting more dangerous the less MP I have, and that is something that’s definitely bad. I have experienced that dreadful sensation enough times already to clearly know that I never want to go through something like that ever again. And that is why I have to make even bigger effort than before to properly manage my MP pool.

When I finally moved all of our things, I stood in the middle of our room in the Veil Pavilion, knowing that this might be the last time I’m gazing at those familiar walls and simple furnishings.

「I know we should be going, but will it be strange of me to say that I almost feel reluctant to leave this place?」



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