A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 3 Chapter 2 Part 3



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Editor: Weasalopes

I feel exactly the same as you, master. This is the room where you first made love to me, but I hope that in the future I can continue to give you my affection and receive yours in return, this time in our new home. Lots and lots more of it.」

Roxanne, that cheesy line just now was just too cute!

Finally, we looked over the room to see if there was anything we might have left behind, and then we just stood there, side by side. If Roxanne was willing to go that far saying such things, I had to muster all of my strength and willpower not to push her down then and there, resulting only to petting her doggy ears. She doesn’t know this because she never refused any of the moves I was making on her, but since she was the one who took my V-Card away from me, I literally am crazy for her. Thanks to her, I am no longer a sad, loser virgin I once was, but that is exactly why I have to control myself and don’t forget that I never would have met a girl as wonderful as her if it was not for Alan the Slave Merchant and his willingness to wait up until I will gather enough money. Now that I think about it, I feel like a dumb idiot for thinking that he and Roxanne were conspiring to get rid of me.

Carrying the empty backpacks on our backs, we left the room and closed the door behind us.

We ended up staying a few more nights than we originally intended,but now all of our luggage has been moved out .」

I gave the room key back to the man behind the counter in the lobby.

「I see. Thank you.」

「I should be thanking you for taking care of us for so long. You even supplied us with a lantern since it was growing so dark…」

「A lantern, huh? Well, you did pay for it along with the meal and water, so that’s not that big of a deal now, is it? 」

His expression didn’t even change that much even after I explicitly mentioned yesterday. I guess that makes those 10 Nars I paid for that lantern the money well spent. If I knew it will bring me the peace of mind, I would gladly pay even more…. But I do have to say that him not caring about us all that much makes me feel kinda lonely.

No Michio, don’t. Stop with those sappy negative thoughts. This matter is too insignificant to be giving it any serious thought whatsoever. This guy is an Innkeeper, so he has probably seen people like us all the time, and that is why he thinks nothing of such goodbyes now. So, as I already said, don’t think about it. Besides, I am pretty sure that me getting emotional over such a trifling matter must be the result of me losing MP in the process of transporting our luggage from Veil to Quratar through the Warp Gate over an over again. Yeah, that has to be it, so let’s just leave it at that and not dwell on it more than we need to.

After saying goodbye to the Innkeeper and the Veil Pavilion, we made our way to the Veil Labyrinth so that I could use the monsters in there to regain as much MP as possible. And after we were finished with that…

「Well then, I think that should be enough MP Recovery for the time being, so let’s go back to Quratar. The question is, what do we want to do there? Should we go straight back home, or maybe we should swing by the Quratar’s Adventurer’s Guild?」

「Hmm… well, I think it would be best if we went to the Adventurer’s Guild. Out of all the daily necessities we have to buy, we have yet to procure cleaning tools and supplies, so we might as well get some right away.」

When I asked her, Roxanne gave me a swift and concrete answer.

「I see. That definitely makes sense. Okay, let’s do that. Any other things you would like to do?」

「Let’s see… if we are not going to the Labyrinth anymore, then it would be good if I could spend the rest of the day searching for various tools and then doing some light cleaning around the house. If we manage to get a hold of everything I have in mind today, then I could spent the next few days cleaning and beautifying the rest of the house, but if we don’t than that’s okay as well, since we are not in a hurry. Whatever the case with it will be, just relax and leave it all to me, master.」

「Oh come, on, you know I can’t just dump all of that work on you. Let me help with it too.」

「Nope. No can do. You are my master, master, so obviously you should not trouble yourself with that kind of work, so you can leave it all to me, since this is my job as your servant!」

Is it just me, or does Roxanne seems to be deriving a strange sense of pride from the fact that she is the one responsible for all of the cleaning duties in our relationship? Well, if she is so insistent on doing the cleaning herself, then I guess that is what I should allow her to do, and while she keeps herself busy with cleaning, I can take care of other things that would need doing around the house. Dividing all of the chores in such a way will be greatly beneficial to us, because no matter how much work we will have, we will be able to finish it much sooner that way, meaning that we will have more time for ourselves in turn.

We went to Quratar’s Adventurer’s Guild, sold our excess items there and then promptly left. As we were making our way through the city, I noticed that most of the shops here were already opened, meaning that their business hours must be starting quite early, but in turn they are probably not opened for as longas I would have liked. Yeah, that’s probably it. It might not be the best thing to draw comparisons with, but even the brothel in the slums of Veil was not opened well into the night, chasing all of their customers out well before midnight (according to my rough estimation).

When we arrived at the general store, we spend quite some time there as Roxanne was insistent on choosing only the best tools – such as brooms, towels, etc. – possible, so I was once again relegated to only giving my opinion on the products she ended up choosing. As I was browsing through the store’s wares, I noticed that apparently this world does not have its own equivalent of cleaning agents of any kind, so I guess the best things we can do to “clean” our house up would be to dust the floors and then wash everything up with a wet towel without using any kind of soap. When we bought everything we needed there, we went back to the Adventurer’s Guild and used its wall to Warp back to our new home.

Also, just a quick side note, but now that I think about it, if I was still back in my old world and saw somebody holding a bunch of brooms and cleaning supplies while they were going through some dark portal that appeared on the nearby wall seemingly out of nowhere, I would have either thought that such a person is a complete wackjob, or started questioning my own sanity and the well-being of my eyes, that’s how unusual that would be to me. But now, seeing as I am the one doing that very thing I just described, I don’t see anything strange about it, since to the current me, such extravagant behavior is right there on the list of things that Adventurers do. Yes, my current demeanor and appearance are not at all different from the other Adventurers around me. Since I will be using Warp (masked as a Field Walker or Dungeon Walker so that nobody would catch on that I have such an OP Movement Magic Skill) practically every day to move around between our home and the Labyrinth, having other people see me as just another Adventurer is not only not a problem, but a rather preferable result, if I were to be completely honest.

I mean, there is just one concern that I might have, but it is a very minor, insignificant one: our landlady that we are renting the house from: Honesta. A very small part of me cannot stop thinking about what would happen if she saw me using Warp? She saw my Intelligence Card, and it states that I am an Explorer, and Explorers should not have the access to such Movement Magic. So if she ever saw me using it, would she be upset? Would she look down on me, thinking (and rightfully so) that I have deceived her in order to keep my real Job and abilities hidden? Well, since I plan on using Warp mainly inside of the Quratar’s Adventurers Guild or in the back alleyways, I should be in the clear as long as anyone won’t see me by sheer coincidence.



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