A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 4 Chapter 1 Part 11



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Besides, it is not like consulting them all individually would have changed much. I just have a feeling that instead of feeling like an examiner who is being pressured by his examinees to leave the examination room so that they could all cheat away in peace, it would be a very different kind of pressure: the one similar to being invited to the office of a mob boss who then presents you with a group of his hitmen and asks you politely by which one of those you would like to be offed. Everything is nice and civil on paper, but in reality having to make such a choice is still scary as hell. And even if these guys did not look scary, there is another issue I would have to deal with: the issue of their compatibility with my own tactics and Roxanne in the vanguard. Ugh, this is turning into a real dilemma here! I know I said myself that I do not want any other guys in my Party besides me, but what if some of those beefcakes upstairs turned out to be a really great addition to have with us in the Labyrinths? Should I have just swallow my pride, close my eyes and choose someone from among them, taking one for the team? No, now that we have already went back downstairs it is already too late for that, so there is no point in thinking what could have been. I guess right now everything hinges on how the Dwarven girl is going to turn up, because if she also happens to be a no-go, then the future of my three-people Party that I have been dreaming of is going to look very bleak.

「Welcome back, master? How was it? Did any of the candidates looked promising to you?」

Roxanne greeted me with a smile and asked once we have come back to the guest room after that terrifying ordeal in the male slave’s room upstairs. Ahh, after seeing those awful manly faces up there, the sight of her reminded me of a Goddess. . . no, I guess you could say that Roxanne is my Goddess, and there would be no exaggeration in me saying that, since she has always been saving me, in more ways than one. She is beautiful, she is kind, she always listens to whatever I have to say without cutting in before I finish speaking, she is the most reliable help I could have ever asked for during our exploration of the Labyrinths, her boobs are big, she hugs onto me whenever we finish going at it before going to sleep, she wakes me up each day with deep kisses, her skin is soft and the list could go on and on and on without end, but for now, I think that me gratitude towards her can best be surmised with one, simple sentence.


「Yes? What is it, master?」

「Thank you for always being here for me.」

「Y-Yes, of course, master.」

Roxanne did not seem to realize what I was thanking her for, but I do not care about that. What is really important here is the fact that I confirmed once and for all that I do not want male slaves in my Party at all. Ever.

「And about your question: choosing someone form among those male slaves would have been very difficult. . . for a variety of reasons.」

I threw my body on the sofa and then stroked Roxanne’s doggy ears in order to calm myself down. For some reason, I felt very tired, but instead of a physical kind f exhaustion, it was more of a mental one. I guess being around those male slaves, even if it was for but a brief moment, must have done a real number on my fragile psyche, huh? But it does not matter anymore. Roxanne is back at my side, and her presence is all that I need in order to heal my wounded heart. And the softness of this sofa is a nice addition to that as well. Feeling better already, I took a sip of the herbal tea.

「Ah, master, that is. . . 」

「Hmm? What is it, Roxanne? Is something wrong? Oh, did someone else drank from my teacup while I was away?」

「N-No, but. . .」

「Then there is no problem. Everything is exactly as it should be.」

As long as I am the only one drinking from the same cup as Roxanne, everything is a-okay.

Alan the Slave Merchant also returned back to the guest room a little while later.

「Just like you saw just now, those male slaves are the ones who would definitely be capable of holding on their own in the Labyrinth, making them a pretty good addition to the vanguard position, if I can say so myself.」

「Yes, I could definitely see that. By the way, can I ask about their price? Because we have yet to discuss that, if memory serves me correctly.」

「But of course. The value of the slaves who can be taken to the Labyrinths as Party members is naturally higher than that of the regular slaves. The cheaper ones usually cost up to one hundred and fifty thousand Nars, and the ones who are at their peak physical condition can go up to two hundred and fifty thousand Nars per slave.」

「Uh-huh, I see, I see.」

One hundred and fifty thousand to two hundred and fifty thousand for a male slave?! Is this guy for real? I would never pay so much for such criminal-looking mountains of muscle! And also, is it just me, or are slaves who are capable of being utilized as Party members in the Labyrinths are generally more expensive than the good-looking female ones? Should it not be the other way around? Well, I guess Roxanne is an exception to that rule, since she is both beautiful and can handle herself against the monsters of the Labyrinth thanks to her divine dodging abilities.

When it comes to the price of the slaves, I always thought that the price of the slaves meant purely for the physical labour should be determined by how hard they will work and how much they can earn, and in the case of female slaves, the price would be based on how good-looking they are, but I guess it is not all as simple as I thought it out to be.

As I was thinking about those things, I heard what sounded like a gentle knock on the room’s door.

「Come in.」

Alan-san gave the order.

「Her preparations have been finished. She is ready to be presented to the customer.」

The one who walked through the door was an older lady who looked like she was one of the shop’s employees. After she bowed respectfully to Alan-san, she looked at Roxanne and gave her a small nod of her head, and Roxanne also nodded back at her. Could it be that this is this older lady who was taking care of Roxanne while she was still living here, the same old lady whom Roxanne wanted to save from the Bandit attack?

「Go on then, bring her here.」

「As you wish, sir.」

When Alan-san gave the order, the older lady walked out through the door and brought another girl back with her. She was a short one, reaching only as high as the older lady’s chest, so she must definitely still be a child. She is probably only around one hundred and fourty centimeters, perhaps even shorter.

「As per your request, Michio-sama. Here is the only Dwarf this Slave Shop has to offer.」

Now then, let me Identify her real quick. . .

Name: Sherry

Sex: Female

Age: 16 years old

Job: Explorer Lv.10

So her name is Sherry, huh? When I used Identify on her, it turned out that she is apparently sixteen years old, which would make her the same age as Roxanne. But she definitely does not look like a sixteen years old girl, which would basically make her a teenager. Maybe it is because of the specifics of the Dwarven race? But then again, even when it was written right there on the Identify screen that she is a Dwarf, I have to say that she looks totally unlike what I was expecting she could look like. To me, she looks just like a child, albeit a little bit more grown up (TL Note: Oh yeah, let us see how much time it will take for his inner lolicon to start showing up, shall we?) . If that is how young Dwarves look, then it might be entirely possible that I have seen more of them somewhere before, but I simply mistook them for regular children.



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