A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 4 Chapter 4 Part 18



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

「Sorry to disappoint you. . . . . . . . . . . .  but I really do not think I am going to be able to join your guild.」

The ability to use one Attack Skill in exchange for not laying a single finger on Roxanne and Sherry for as long as ten days in order for it to be effective? That is too steep of a price for me, and the one that I am simply not ready to pay just yet. Just like this guy had said, I am at the prime time of my youth, and I want to use it for all it is worth, and what is the point of being young and having your sexual vigor enhanced if you cannot use it whenever you want?! Yeah, exactly. And that is why it is impossible for me. That is what I have decided, and I will not be changing my mind at this moment.

「It is exactly because I have such beautiful girls as my companions that I do not want to fail their expectations of me and continue to show them my affections whenever I can, which would be impossible if I decided to use both the Sex Maniac Job and the 「Abstinence Attack」. And besides, I think it is still a little bit too early for me to be making a decision about which Guild I would like to belong to. I am definitely going to give that matter some thought. . . . . . . . but not right now, and most likely not in the near future. If this is supposed to be a decision that is going to be sticking with me for the rest of my life, then I want to make sure that I made the absolute best choice possible, and for that, I think I am going to need at least a few more years of gathering experiences.」

That, and there is also one particular matter that I was wondering about when it comes to 「Abstinence Attack」. If the power of that Skill increases the longer you are abstaining from engaging in sexual intercourse, then the immediate conjecture that you would have drawn is that it uses your stored up sexual energy to provide you with the boost to your attack whenever you use it, and if you have sex too often or you try to use that Skill the day after you just had sex, its power is going to be greatly diminished. . . . . . . . . . . . . .  but what if that is not all that there is to it? What if that Skill also has some hidden rules or factors, like. . .. . . . .  like also using your natural vitality, also known as your lifespan, as its fuel as well? I mean, just think about it. 「Abstinence Attack」 gets weaker when it does not have any energy coming from abstinence stored in it, and it gets stronger the longer your period of sexual abstinence is. If the only thing powering it up was the energy coming from your sexual desire, then the older guys, the ones who have naturally smaller libido than the young guys who are at the peak of their youth would not be able to use that Skill, and this Laurel guy did not mention anything like that, which has to mean that as long as you have Sex Maniac and Abstinence Attack」 unlocked, you have to be able to use it even if you are about to transition from being a mature man into the realm of the elderly. And that can only mean that it also uses your life force to some degree. . . . . . . . . . . . .  or it can be the other way around, by which I mean that the older you get, the more convenient it gets to be using 「Abstinence Attack」 because the elderly people naturally do not have a high libido, which makes it easier for them to continue living their lives in sexual abstinence because they no longer feel any attachment to anything sexual. Looking at the broker guy now, 「Identify」 told me that he is forty seven years old, which means that he is thirty years older than me, so I wonder what kind of difference there is between his libido and mine, but seeing how he said that he has no problems with having sex with his wife once every ten days and I would not be able to keep going without getting frisky with Roxanne and Sherry once every two or three days, then it has to be considerably smaller than my youthful one. But then again, if Sex Maniac has the 「Enhanced Vigor」 Skill which allows you for a significantly better performance in the bedroom, then I wonder if that Skill also affects your overall libido, or does it make it so that it decreases in smaller quantities over the years if you continue to have it as your First Job without ever changing it? Or is it that the Job’s efficiency and the effectiveness of its Skills declines slowly the older the user gets? But whatever the case may be, this is not something that I have to worry myself with, because. . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

「So. . . . . there you have it. I thank you for extending an invitation to join your Guild to me, but this is not a decision I will be able to make right now. Sorry.」

「Oh, please, do not fret about it. As I said to you downstairs, I will not mind if you decline to buy anything I might be offering to sell you today, and the offer to join the Sex Maniacs Guild falls under those words as well. So, since you have come here, then I assume that it is to participate in the auction? If I may ask, is sir going to be buying, or is sir perhaps interested in selling?」

When I gently refused his offer the Sex Maniac broker became more withdrawn, or perhaps he switched gears into his more professional demeanor. It seems that the invitation to the Sex Maniacs Guild he was trying to extend to me was purely coincidental then, which is good, because that is one less thing for me to freak out about.

「Since this is my first visit here, then let us say that I am interested in both of those things. But for the time being, I would like to first and foremost hear what you have to offer.」

「I see. If sir is interested in buying, then it would be better for you to do so while going through a broker like myself, since I can imagine that you are not the kind of person who has enough time to simply be sitting here in the Guild’s building, waiting for the items you desire to be available for auction, correct?」

「That assessment of yours is correct, but as I said, today I have come here mainly to see how exactly do things work here, but eventually I would be interested in both buying and selling items, if at all possible of course.」

There does not seem to be a system that would tell you when things are going to exhibited and what kind of thing they are going to be, which seems like a major flaw to me. And since I have no way of knowing what will be available for auction and when, then I really cannot afford to be staying here in the Merchant’s Guild all day in hopes of happening upon the right auction. But in that case, how to solve that particular problem? Do I just place an order through a middleman and leave everything up to him?

「In that case, let me tell you how things work her in regards to selling items. The final bidding price can vary greatly depending on the exact time of the year, but you can always work together with one of the brokers to find the best time to sell your desired items.」

So what he is saying is that as long as I do not know what items are going to be auctioned and when, I also have no way of knowing what the best time for selling is going to be, and that means that it is going to be that much more likely that I am going to get beaten by other customers in an auction. But no matter the case, there is one thing that is always going to remain unchanged.



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