A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 4 Chapter 4 Part 5



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Since it did not appear by emerging from the gathered clouds of green smoke, then my guess is that he must have annihilated the Party that entered the Boss Room before us. And as cruel as that may sound, I do not feel sorry for them. Serves them right for casting their leecherous gazes upon my Roxanne. Besides, they are not important at all right now. What is important is that the beast has noticed our presence and was staring at us with its creepy eyes, which were combining pretty nicely with its face, which was just as disturbing, looking like a mask made of human skin that has been put on a beastly head in a grotesque attempt to hide its real identity from the rest of the world.

I already know what it is, but just to be sure. . . . . .  Identify!

Pan Lv.7

Yup, the name matches its appearance perfectly. Pan, a monster that is half-human, half-goat, with goat’s legs and horns.

「Be careful, master. It is going to be coming at us any moment now.」

「Yeah, no need to tell me that twice.」

The Floor Boss is standing right before us, amidst the piles of equipment littering the floor. Its presence is truly imposing, and it does not look like he has sustained any serious injuries during the battle with the Party that entered this Boss Room before us, and that can only mean one thing: he annihilated those scummy guys without much difficulty, and now that we are here, we are definitely its next target.

This is just like what we have seen back on the seventh floor of the Labyrinth of Quratar, when Roxanne and I entered the Boss Room and its Floor Boss, Rapid Rabbit was already there, waiting for us, with the equipment of the guy who just casually talked to us moments before tucked away in the corner of the chamber. Ugh, what a bunch of unpleasant memories. And for them to be flooding back to my mind now of all times. . .  no, do not think about it now. The enemy is right in front of you, so focus on defeating it first and foremost, and worry about anything else later!

The previous Party has been wiped out, and that is a fact. That they were looking at Roxanne with perverted eyes is also irrelevant. They were probably thinking that they are going to defeat Pan with ease, and paid the ultimate price for their overconfidence as a result. This reminds me about what Sherry told us about 「The Demon of the Seventh Floor」: a phenomenon in which the people who traverse the Labyrinths get overly confident and lenient because of how easy the first few floors are to break through, which makes them loosen their guard up on the seventh floor as well, because they thinking that it will not be any different than what they were encountering on the lower floors, and now that attitude proved their undoing. A very fitting end for the ones who must have thought of themselves as all-powerful and invincible. Granted, I have no way of knowing how exactly did their battle went, but I imagine that they were unable to inflict any kind of wound onto Pan’s body. My only hope now is that we are not going to end up in the same way as they did.

「Master, it is going to be attacking soon.」

「I see it. Roxanne, go to the front and prepare to intercept its attacks. Sherry, all of that equipment on the ground is going to get in our way, so I want you to push it as far to the sides as possible. Can you do that?」

「Of course!」

「All right then. . . . . . . . . . . . .  attack!」

I issued the order for Roxanne and Sherry as fast as I could, and then we rushed forward to meet Pan in the middle of the Boss Room. This is where our battle with it starts. All distractions need to be cast aside, and eyes kept only on the goal in front of us: defeating the Floor Boss, and the prize: advancing to the next floor.

Even though it presumably wiped the floor with the people from the previous Party, it would be strange if it was not even a little exhausted after fighting six people at once. Then again, what kind of damage could a band of leechers possibly hope to do to such a behemoth of an enemy, if all that could think about as soon as they saw them were Roxanne’s boobs? Probably none, or miniscule at best. Oh do not get me wrong, I totally understand why would they find Roxanne’s chest to be so captivating. After all, it is enormous, and the tight fit of her Leather Armor only serves to accentuate the curvature of her body even further. But even if she is like that, allowing your mind to be overwhelmed by perverted fantasies in the dungeon where even a moment’s distraction can cause you your life, so if someone like me can hold himself from looking at Roxanne’s boobs at Roxanne’s boobs all the time while in the Labyrinth, then the other people should be able to make the bloody effort as well!

But even if that was indeed the case, Sherry called this beast 「the strongest monster of all the Floor Bosses on the lower floors of the Labyrinths」, so going against something like that while their minds were in horny mode was entirely their mistake. I have to learn from that mistake of theirs and proceed and fight it very carefully while keeping her words in mind.

The first order of business is to do something with all of the pieces of equipment that litter the floor of the entire Boss Room, since they will only impede our movements here if we will constantly be forced to jump around between them just to avoid tripping and falling on our butts, which is why I ordered Sherry to shove them all to the sides, where they are going to hinder us no longer.

While Roxanne was in front of Pan occupying its attention and sherry was moving around the room shoving the pieces of weapons and armor as far to the sides as possible with the tip and the handle of her Copper Spear. Good. Just imagine if any of those swords and other weapons ended up being sent flying into the air at high speed. While she was doing that,  I carefully made my way to the side of the monster in order to ambush it. . . . . . . . .  . but then I saw that a red magic circle began glowing right under Pan’s feet.

(Damn it! Taking out the big guns already?!)

According to Sherry’s analysis, Pan’s main way of attacking is 「a powerful Area of Effect magic that might be too strong even for Miss Roxanne to evade without sustaining any damage」. I was hoping that we will be able to keep it occupied with close range combat for so long that it would not even be able to whip out its trump card, but now that it has come to this, I absolutely cannot allow it to finish chanting up that spell. If you think that I am going to do the same kind of mistake that I did during the battle with the Beep Sheep, then think again! I immediately jumped towards Pan, ready to strike at its side with Durandal at any moment to interrupt his chanting, and I slashed it diagonally down from the upper right shoulder down to the left corner of its body while shouting 「Interrupt!」in my mind. I do not know if an action like that is necessary for the Skill to take effect, but I am not taking any chances with it.

As a result of my attack, Pan stumbled forward and fell onto the floor. I expected it would maybe try to use a kick or something along those lines since it was a half-human, half beast after all, but it looked like that was not going to be the case. It. . . it looks like that is it. I think the battle is finished.

「One blow was all it took to defeat it, huh?」

As if to confirm my words, Pan’s body exploded ito clouds of green smoke and then dissipated shortly after.

「It would seem so.」

Roxanne commented while she got back to my side. I have to say, after Sherry hyped it up as the strongest Floor Boss of all the lower floors, I was certainly expecting something  a bit more. . . . . . . .  . challenging, I guess?



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