A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 4 Chapter 4 Part 6



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

With the way how the things played out, the only thing that I am capable of saying is. . . . . . . . . . .  .

「Eh? Already down? Weak.」

Yeah, that is it. I was honestly expecting it to put up a little bit more fight than that. I mean seriously, one attack that interrupted its chanting process and it is done? This is probably the most disappointed that I have felt in quite a long while, if I am to be honest. Pan was supposed to be the strongest Floor Boss among all of the Floor Bosses of the lower floors, but the Rapid Rabbit from the seventh floor of Quratar’s Labyrinth presented us with much more of a challenge than this guy here. Because I will be damned, but her really turned out to be quite a weakling.

Normally, even the Escape Goats, the regular enemies from the seventh floor, do not go down in just one blow, and need two of them in order to be dealt with. I do not really want to believe it, but as it stands, the Floor Boss that is feared all those who possess the information about him. . . . .  is weaker than the regular enemy from his floor! I did not even think that something like that could be possible!

When the smoke from Pan’s death finally cleared, the only thing that was left behind was his Drop Item, Goat’s Meat. So even if it was a hybrid of a human and a goat, the game still treated him as a goat when it came to generating a Drop Item, huh? Well, I do not know if it is really a half-human, half-goat hybrid, but that is how it looks to me, and that is why I am calling it like that. In reality, it might be its own entirely separate thing, but I do not care about that. Right now, the most important thing to me is that the piece of Goat Meat that it dropped is rather big, so it is more than likely that it is going to be enough for all three of us as an ingredient for today’s dinner.

「For something that was supposed to be the strongest of the lower floors Floor Bosses, it was really easy to beat. I thought it was going to last a little longer than it did, but I guess not. Its movements were also really simple and predictable, making it easy to block and dodge its attacks.」

「W-Well, I guess it might be thanks to that previous Party that went in here before us. They must have weakened the boss to some extent.」

「I think that it might be exactly as master said, because normally Pan definitely is not the kind of a Floor Boss that would go down with just a single blow.」

Sherry said while picking up the Goat Meat from the floor.

I also think that I might have been to harsh on the people from that previous Party, simply because their actions left me with the absolute worst kind of first impression possible. When we came into the Boss Room, Pan did not materialize in a cloud of smoke, but he was already waiting in there for us, just like Slow Rabbit did when he defeated that lone Explorer guy whose gear we took. This only happens when the Floor Boss defeats the Party that tried to challenge him, and upon killing all of the current challengers, the door to the Boss Room opens to let the next group of eager Adventurers and Explorers in, and that also has to mean that whatever damage he has sustained from the previous battle is not healed in between the groups of challengers who enter the Boss Room, but rather, all of the wounds that the Floor Boss has sustained and all of its lost HP carry over to the next encounter, meaning that whoever comes in next is going to have a much easier time in comparison to those who entered before them.

「I see. So that is why master was able to defeat is so easily? Well, if it means that this nasty Party has been obliterated, then so much the better. That is an outcome that I am willing to accept.」

Roxanne murmured with open hostility, and Sherry joined her while saying 「Divine Punishment on those who judge a woman by the size of her chest alone!」Wow there girls, these guys are gone now, so I do not think there is any need to be so hostile towards them now. It is not like they are going to hear you and repent for their leecherousness in the afterlife, right?

(. . . . . . . . . . . . . .)

Normally I would have told them to calm down, but for some weird reason they seemed to be more fired up than usual, which made them look kinda scary, so I decided to drop the subject entirely.

「What about the equipment of these guys, Sherry? You did place it near the walls like I instructed you to, right?」

「Of course, master. It is all over there.」

Sherry said, pointing towards the wall of the Boss Room. I walked up to the pile of gear and started examining the things that these guys left behind one by one, starting with what looked like a bunch of two-handed Copper Swords.

(Okay, let me see what do we have here. . . . Identify.)

{Two-Handed Copper Sword of Obstruction}

Skills: Chant Delay

A total of four Two-Handed Copper Swords of Obstruction, each one of them equipped with a 「Chant Delay」 Skill.

「So it is not that they just stormed in here unprepared, huh? They were prepared for the enemy they wanted to face, but in the end they all ended up dying anyway, huh?」

「You can tell if a weapon has a Skill embedded into it just by looking at them?!」

Sherry looked up at me with her eyes shining with that knowledge-hungry light of hers. Uh-huh, was that perhaps something that I should not have said? Is it something that people cannot normally do? Because I definitely did not want what I just said to sound as if I was bragging about it or anything. . . . . .  but on second thought, you know what? Screw it. Identify is one of my Bonus Skill, so allow me to take pride in at least that much!

「Yeah, that is right! I. . . . . . . . 」

「Ohhh, so you must have used Identify Weapon without chanting, right?!」

I confirmed Sherry’s words, but before I could boast about it some more she arrived at her own conclusion, completely overshadowing me. I mean, she basically arrived at pretty much the same thing that I wanted to say, but still, how quickly she lost interest in it has cut me to the core. I wanted her to be amazed and tell me how amazing I am, but she denied me that simple pleasure. Damn it!

「As expected of master! You never stop to amaze me!」

Ahh, at least Roxanne remains my one and only surefire oasis of praise whenever I need it the most. . . . . . but back to the subject at hand.

Usually, weapon appraisal is performed exclusively by the owners of the Weapon Shops, people who possess the Weapon Merchant Job, so I think it is best to assume that Identify Weapon is a Skill that they possess, so it would be perfectly reasonable that I should be capable of doing the exact same thing if I had the Weapon Merchant Job, so maybe that is what Sherry assumed. However, that assumption of hers is wrong, because I have not unlocked the Weapons Merchant Job yet, even though I have already bought and sold a fair share of weapons and armor. Maybe one of the requirements for obtaining it is to increase the level of my Merchant Job? And also, just for the record, what I did was Identify. Just your plain Identify. Not Identify Weapon, just Identify. But that got me thinking: if Weapon Merchants can have Identify Weapon Skill used for the purpose of appraising weapons, then I wonder if armor can only be appraised by Armor Merchants with the Identify Armor Skill? Not that it matters to me anyway, because my Identify allows me to appraise weapons, armor, and even people.

「Sherry, give me a little refresher here. 「Chant Delay」does exactly what the name suggests: it delays the process of casting a Skill or a Spell, correct?」

「Yes, exactly. And weapons infused with that Skill are going to have exactly the same effect.」



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