A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 4 Chapter 5 Part 1



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『Current Character Levels & Equipment』:


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Leather Helmet

Leather Jacket

Leather Gloves

Leather Boots

I do not believe that I have mentioned this before, but in the off chance that I did, allow me to reiterate: Sex Maniac is a truly terrifying Job.

I have to admit that I might have vastly underestimated the power that 「Enhanced Vigor」 Skill is giving me, because whenever I have it equipped I feel like I could go for having my fun with Roxanne and Sherry in the bed practically every day, so the energizing effect of 「Enhanced Vigor」 is really making me more energetic than I have ever been before. Not only that, but the more I use it, the stronger its effects seem to be getting. Back when I did not have the Sex Maniac Job unlocked, the maximum I could do was one round of sex with Roxanne after which both of us felt so spent that we did not really have the energy left for anything else than falling asleep in each other’s arms, but now that I have Sex Maniac Job and 「Enhanced Vigor」 Skill, it is not a problem for me to be going for two or three rounds without ever feeling tired or needing a prolonged period of time to “reload” myself. Today was the first time ever when I noticed that I could go three times in a row, which got me so pumped that that last third time I made sure to down on the two of them especially hard, and now that it was all over, I kissed the exhausted Sherry and Roxanne, exactly in that order. Normally that would have made

Roxanne sad since I ignored the order and went for a kiss with the second slave first instead of giving it to Roxanne, the self-proclaimed Number One Slave first, but today there were good reasons for her not being angry about it. For once, she was too tired to really notice and/or care about such detail, and secondly, because the kisses I was giving her when it was finally her turn were especially long, hot and passionate so that we could both taste each other for everything we were worth. It was only after I finished reveling in the taste of her sweet mouth that I was finally able to lay down on the bed to catch a breath myself. I laid on my back and wrapped my arms around Roxanne’s warm body again, hugging her tightly. Ahhh, the feeling of Roxanne’s warm and soft skin pressing against mine is the absolute best sensation that I can never get tired off no matter how many times I get to experience it.

As I was breathing slowly and calming myself down after all of that strenuous physical activity I just went through, Sherry came back to the bed on trembling legs after changing into her nightgown. She talked to Roxanne in whispers for a bit and then came to lie down at my other side.

「You were amazing as always, both of you. After something like that, there is no way that I am not going to have a good night’s sleep.」

「I am glad to hear that. Knowing that master is going to have a good night’s sleep thanks to us is the best news to fall asleep to., since it is going to be the same for me.」

I really hope that Roxanne truly meant what she said just now, and she was not simply trying to make me feel better.

While I was still living on earth, I remember that I read in one magazine that when having sex with a woman, foreplay and afterplay are just as important as the main dish and only the one who has mastered the art of both of those things can ever hope to be able to properly please his woman to a degree that will guarantee that she will never want to leave you for other guys. That is why I am always placing such an emphasis on kissing in the morning and after sex before going to sleep as well as making sure that I hug Roxanne throughout the entire night until the moment when I will wake up the next morning. As long as I keep doing those things to Roxanne and Sherry, I hope they will stay by my side and allow me to continue doing even more pleasurable things to them.

「Is that so? That is good to know. Also, congratulations on pulling through today with flying colors, Sherry. All of your hard work paid off magnificently today, but how are you feeling? I hope that you are not too exhausted after all that fighting in the Labyrinth?」

「Yes, today was definitely a lot of hard work. . . . . . . . .  but to be honest, I do not really hate it.」

She does not really hate the hard work that she went through today, huh? Well, if that is what Sherry herself is saying, then I see no other problems with it. After all, not disliking something is basically the same as liking something, am I right? Yeah, it’s equal to that. Most definitely equal, without a shadow of a doubt.

「Is that so? Fufufu, that is definitely good to hear, Sherry.」

「Y-Yes, that is right, Miss Roxanne. Now that I learned how to hit more than one opponent at a time properly, that ability is surely going to become very useful in our fights against the monsters of the Labyrinths together. A-Also, master really surprised me today. I. . . . . . I never would have expected that he is going to be able to do it that many times with both of us without resting even once.」

Due to Sherry’s sudden compliment, I felt a little embarrassed, but also pleasantly satisfied. It is sooo good to hear that she is appreciating what I am doing to the two of them. It makes me want to try even harder than before in order to meet their expectations of me.

「Oh, that is definitely right. I was not aware that master could be that amazing as well. But I am even more amazed by the fact that you finally managed to become the Master Smith like you always wanted, Sherry.」

「Took the words right out of my mouth. To be honest, I still cannot believe it as well.」

「Ehh. Really? Well, even though you might feel like that, it remains a fact that you were able to fuse that Rabbit Skill Crystal with that Copper sword, so that should be enough of a proof for you.」

「You are right, master. It is just that. . . . .  it still feels like a dream, to be honest, but I should not doubt myself like that.」

So she still cannot fully believe it, despite all of the evidence that she saw today? Well, I cannot say that I blame her, since she has spend the bigger part of her current life believing that she should just give up on becoming a Master Smith despite the small hope that she might be able to succeed hidden somewhere deep down in her heart.

「And. . . . . . . .  and I know I should not worry about it too much if there is no good reason to, but I just cannot rid my mind of the thought that the Skill Crystal Fusion fails so often, and that this successful one might have been nothing but a fluke caused by beginners luck, and I cannot stop worrying about what is going to happen when the next fusion I perform, or the next one after that, or any other future fusions that I am going to attempt are going to end up in failure.」

「So it is still eating away at you so much?」

「Yes, and I am ashamed for that, and I can only express my deepest apologies. But. . . it is just that I have heard so much horrible stories. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . … . . . 」

So Sherry is still lacking in the confidence department? I just hope that this lack of confidence of hers is not going to evolve to become a much bigger problem somewhere down the line.

「I see. You do not have to speak about it if you do not want to, but do you know what exactly happens to Master Smiths who amass too many failures to their names?」

If I learn some more about the punishments that Master Smith Slaves are subjected to, then maybe I will be able to come up with countermeasures against them.



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