A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 4 Chapter 5 Part 2



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「I do not mind, master. If. . . . . .  if the Master Smiths who became slaves continue to fail their attempted fusions and waste the materials and equipment provided to them by their masters, they can be kicked out of the Party they belong to, face severe corporal punishment, or they can even be resold if the master thinks that their attempts at fusing items cost him too much of his money and resources. These punishments are not all of the ones that failed Master Smiths can be subjected to, but they are definitely the most popular ones.」

So they are even subjected to corporal punishment? Well, I cannot say that I am surprised, since that would be pretty fitting for the times and the overall setting of this world, but still. . . . . . . . . . . even if it would be fitting, I would never have resulted to using something as barbaric as that against Sherry.

「It is all right, Sherry, you can rest assured that as your master, master will never do any of those awful things to you, even if one of your fusions would end up in a failure.」


「Yes, really.」

「See, Sherry, this just goes to show how great of a person master really is.」

Who, me?

「Y-Yes, that is definitely amazing off him. . . . if not a bit concerning as well. But that. . . that is something that I am most definitely thankful for.」

As I was lying on the bed without the slightest intention (or strength left) to move, Roxanne must have assumed that I have already fallen asleep, because she lifted her head from the pillow and talked with Sherry over my body. As for that bit about me being amazing because of my refusal to use corporal punishment, or any form of punishment for that matter, on Sherry if she ended up failing the fusion of equipment with Skill Crystals, I really do not think that this should be something that I should be praised for, since such a mindset is not anything all that peculiar, but rather commonplace for anyone born in the twenty first century. But if both Sherry and Roxanne say that such a mindset is something praiseworthy, then who am I to deny them their praises. Moreover, it was wonderful to see the two of them interact with each other in such a wholesome way. Normally they are spending the entire day with me around and since they are always focusing on fulfilling my orders before anything else, they do not really get all that many chances for them to be talking with each other without any reservations. I mean, today they had a nice chance to have a pretty long girl-on-girl talk while I was in the Merchant’s Guild and they were sent to the clothing store to do some shopping, but I wonder if such an amount of interaction and conversation was nearly enough for them, since as far as I know, girls in their teenage years are all pretty chatty. That, and as far as I am concerned, it is always better to have nice, long chats and get along with one another rather than be leaving everything in the air without speaking your mind clearly, leaving the other party with no other option but to start assuming what were your motives and intentions behind every word or sentence you have spoken, and unlike men, women will never run out of topics to talk about because they will always have various stories and gossip to share among themselves.

Since it would be pretty rude to intrude upon Sherry’s and Roxanne’s girl time with my male presence, I decided that now might be as good of a moment as any to drift off into sleep, since everything indicated that the girls would be talking for a good while longer.

When I woke up in the morning, I was hugging onto Roxanne, exactly as I intended. I never talked about this before, but she makes for an excellent hugging pillow, not only because her boobs are so pillowy soft and elastic, just like the rest of her body, that your face might start sinking into them if you bury your head between them, but also because the hair growing on her back are extremely smooth and pleasant to the touch. Oh, and her hugs are so blissfully calming that I feel like I could stay the way that I currently am forever without moving an inch, and both my body and soul would have been completely fine with that. And the best thing about my current situation is that Roxanne’s soft goodness was enveloping only one half of my body, because the other one has been occupied by Sherry. Her limbs are thinner than Roxanne’s and she does not have hair on her back, but when it comes to the body heat then she can easily rival Roxanne hands down. However, one point of concern that I have in regards to her current position is how unnaturally bent her body looked, by which I mean that she looked as if someone took half of her body and twisted it, but since she did not look as if she was hurt or uncomfortable, then that probably means that she did not hurt any of her muscles, even if she ended up sleeping like that throughout the entire night.

As I began moving around, Roxanne opened her eyes and lifted herself up in the sheets so that she could give me my desired good morning kiss after she checked up on me and noticed that I am no longer asleep. Even though it should still be pretty early outside and I Was sure that I was the one who has woken up first today, it looks like I was wrong, and Roxanne was the one who actually woken up first. I do not know how exactly is she doing that, but she seems to always wake up before me. Is it because of my order for her to always give me a good morning kiss? Because if so, then that is truly some serious dedication on her part. Or maybe she is simply someone was is very easy to wake up? Either way, I am pretty sure that it is one of the two.

「Good morning, master.」

「Good morning, Roxanne」

We greeted each other after our night of a very pleasurable sleep, and then we kissed each other and I got to enjoy the softness of her lips and the rich elasticity of her chest at the same time once more. We tangled our tongues together and allowed them to dance in our mouths. Roxanne was moving her own in an especially aggressive manner today, so I had to put an effort to keep up with her right from the get-go while making absolutely sure that not even a single drop of her saliva is going to be wasted a and that I will experience everything her mouth and tongue have to offer to their absolute fullest.

「 . . . . . . . . . . .  . hnnnngh. . . . . good morning, master, Miss Roxanne.」

It would seem that Sherry has awakened from her sleep as well. Freeing myself from Roxanne’s embrace for a bit, I made sure to hug her so that she would not feel left out of the fun. Now that she has barely woken up, her small and delicate figure were giving off a truly ephemeral impression. I had a feeling that id I tried to hug her even tighter than how I was already doing it then she would break in half like a dried-up branch of a tree, though of course I was sincerely hoping that no such thing would ever happen to her. Still, in her case, rather than acting as my hugging pillow, I would have very much like it if she could lie next to my side again, because if I could feel her warmth on my skin again, then there would be nothing else that I would need to be a truly happy man.

Then, Sherry also gave me a good morning kiss, honoring the agreement that she was to be doing that to me just like Roxanne was doing. Her tongue awkwardly crawled into my mouth and needed a minute or two to properly get her going, but once that happened, then she was also seeking the pleasure of kissing in a more aggressive fashion than yesterday. Could this be the aftereffect of what I have done to her yesterday? Is she acting bolder than usual because of the mouth-to-mouth medicine I was forced to give her? Because if so, then I should have done that sooner.



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