A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 4 Chapter 5 Part 3



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As I continued to move it around in her mouth, she also continued to entwine it around my tongue. Even when I was repeatedly inserting and removing it from her mouth in order to maximize the pleasure that we both felt, she was eagerly welcoming me back every time without a single word of complaint, so I continued to move around in Sherry’s mouth, squeezing it in every way possible.

「Good morning, Sherry.」

After tasting Sherry’s mouth to the fullest, I let go of her.

When it comes to the plans for today, I think it is finally time for us to explore the eighth floors of the Labyrinths for real, starting with the Labyrinth of Quratar, so once we got out of the bed and finished getting dressed and preparing our equipment, we made our way to Quratar Labyrinth’s seventh floor so that Sherry could practice fighting against that Floor Boss first.

「The Floor Boss we are about to fight is called Rapid Rabbit. You might think that since the regular monsters on this floor are Slow Rabbits then this guy is going to be as easy to defeat as they were, but you would make a great mistake by thinking that. Rapid Rabbit is actually a really fast and, as a result of that, incredibly annoying Floor Boss to be dealing with. In fact, its speed is enough for it to avoid most of the magic attacks and Skill attacks, so you should not rely on those methods of attack to much, master. The battle with it is going to be a long and rather slow one, so be sure to prepare yourself for that, okay?」

Sherry gave us the information about Rapid Rabbit and how we should fight, which would be pretty useful. . . . . . . . . . .  if it was not for the fact that we have already fought against it a few times, so both Roxanne and I were well aware of how we should proceed with it. But as I already said, since this is the Floor Boss of the seventh floor and it is a little special, I thought that it might be a good idea to have Sherry experience the battle with it at least once. That is one thing. The other is that since I set her Job to be Master Smith Lv.1, it is going to be better to start from the seventh than to jump right into the eight floor right from the get-go.

「Thank you for the information, Sherry. Now that you have shared it with us, we should be fine no matter what kind of dirty tricks this Rapid Rabbit tries to use against us.」

「Yes, definitely. However, I think I am going to go with a spear for this battle, since the attacks with a Club might be too slow, and therefore easy for the Boss to avoid.」

Once we confirmed the plan for how we were going to proceed for now, we left the room we have Warped into and proceeded to go towards the Boss Room’s waiting room. We looked inside to see if there was anyone there, but luckily there was no one inside. As expected since it was still so early. Honestly, it would have been way stranger if someone was already here this early in the morning.

「Since there is nobody in the waiting room just yet, then let us hunt some more Slow Rabbits around here first.」

「How many Rabbit Furs are we aiming for?」

「Let us aim for. . . . . about one hundred pieces or so. Once we obtain them, we are going to take them and sell them in the clothing store in the Imperial City.」

「Roger that, master! I promise to crush as many Slow Rabbits as possible!」

Roxanne answered while getting herself fired up. Now that it has been decided that we will hunt some Slow Rabbits, Sherry is definitely going to obtain a few levels for her Master Smith Job and it is going to be easy to watch over her so that she is not going to get hurt too much. It would be too much of a hassle to go back to the first floor and start over from there once more and going onto the eighth floor would be too scary, but the seventh floor, the one we have spent the most time on thus far, should be just right for the purposes of levelling up. Also, since Roxanne handed the white negligee over to Sherry, it would be good to go and have her buy herself another one so that she could have some variety to it, and while we are at it, we might as well get Sherry a second one as well, and collecting one hundred Rabbit Furs should be enough to cover the cost of such a purchase, and it is also going to be worth it to see Sherry’s reaction when she sees the Imperial City for the first time.

「Sherry, since you have just became a Master Smith, make sure not overdo it and take things easy for a bit, you hear me?」

「Okay, master. I will be sure to be careful.」

「I do not think that that Slow Rabbits here on the seventh floor are going to pose any kind of danger to you, but just to be on the safe side, be sure to tell me right away if you would like to make a stop an rest for a bit or go down to the lower floors if it proves too difficult for you after all.」

「Thank you for your consideration, master, but I think that I am going to be okay here on this floor, just as long as I remain careful and cautious.」

If what Sherry told me yesterday when we were discussing Job’s effects is real, then those effects should work for all of the Party members, and not just the person who owns the Job. Therefore her 「Increase STR (Medium)」and 「Increase DEX (Small)」should also work on Roxanne and myself, but that should also mean that the effects of my Hero Job, a moderate increase to all of the Stats: HP, MP, STR, STA, INT, SPI, DEX and AGI should also work on Roxanne and Sherry, making them that much stronger, or in Sherry’s case, making her defense to be not as paper-thin as it would have been without them. However, since I could defeat a Slow Rabbit even when I only had Villager Lv.1 for a Job and only the Copper Sword for a weapon, then Sherry should be able to pull her own weight against them as well, even though the ones here on the seventh floor are Lv.7 and not Lv.1. With that pseudo-strategy meeting in the Floor Boss’s waiting room over, we went back and hunted Slow Rabbits for a while with the intention of obtaining one hundred Rabbit Furs for ourselves. During that short time and across a span of just a few encounters, Sherry’s level as a Master Smith got increased from Lv.1 to Lv.2, so it might be entirely possible for her to reach Master Smith Lv.2 during the morning hours of our exploration alone. Although I think that she was gaining levels somewhat slower in comparison to when she was still just a Villager, which is admittedly pretty strange since we do not go back to the first floor to slowly made our way up, instead choosing the option that should be giving her a pretty generous amount of EXP right from the start. Maybe this is one of the traits that is specific only to the race-specific Jobs, the trait that they take more time to gain EXP needed to Level Up than regular Jobs?

Out of all the Jobs that I currently have available for myself, I noticed that the one that accumulated EXP at the slowest rate out of all of them was the Hero Job, most likely because that was the Job that is granting me the most beneficial effects, so if we assume that this is indeed the rule that applies to all of the Jobs, then it would stand to reason that a race-specific Job like Master Smith, which has the second highest number of effects that it grants to the user after the Hero’s Job, would take longer to gain levels in comparison to the Jobs that only had one or two beneficial effects on them. Well, in that case, maybe expecting that Sherry would increase the level of her Master Smith Job to Lv.3 today would be asking a bit too much off her?

「How are you holding up, Sherry? Think you can handle the attacks of the monsters here?」

「Yes, master. I can deal with them without any problems.」



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