A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 5 Chapter 1 Part 2



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist  Editor: Weasalopes

Excuse me, sir? Forgive me for asking about it so directly, but might you be an Adventurer?」

While I was thinking about all those things while waiting for the transaction of selling all of the items we got from our trip to the Labyrinth would be finalized so that we could be on our way home, one of the ladies who worked at one of the many Quratar’s Adventurer’s Guild’s reception desks called out to me.

Hmm? I wonder what that might be about just now. Eh, whatever it might be, it is probably going to be too much of a hassle for me to actually care about or something utterly insignificant, so it is going to be much better for me to simply deny being an Adventurer (not that it would not be the truth, because technically speaking, I do not have an Adventurer Job just yet) and be done with it…… is what I thought at first and what I initially wanted to do, but after thinking about it carefully I have ultimately decided against it, and for a very good reason.

Ever since I have moved here to Quratar and started renting a house at the outskirts of the city, I have been using my 「Warp」 Spell to travel back and forth between the wall of Quratar’s Adventurer’s Guild building and any other place I wanted to visit quite often, so it is more than likely that this lady working at the reception desks might have already seen me using the portals on the wall for a number of times, and that might be what prompted her into thinking that I was actually an Adventurer. After all, under normal circumstances, only Adventurers are capable of using 「Field Walker」, a type of Movement Magic that allows them to travel back and forth between every place that they have previously visited, while Explorers have exclusive access to 「Dungeon Walker」, a type of Movement Magic that allows them to teleport themselves to the safe rooms of every Labyrinth they have previously visited. Usually, it is impossible to combine these two, but I am able to do it by using 「Warp」, one of my Bonus Spells that basically works as 「Field Walker」 and 「Dungeon Walker」 crammed into a single Spell. But since no one else besides me (and Roxanne and Sherry of course) has any idea that such a Spell even exist, then I guess to others it really must look as if I was an Adventurer, which means that I cannot deny that I am not one if I do not want to have any unnecessary suspicions or attention to be drawn to me, so I guess that with that said the only option available to me is to not deny that I am an Adventurer, and offer a polite but firm refusal to whatever she was trying to rope me into.

「You are right. I am an Adventurer, however, I have not formally joined the Adventurer’s Guild, so I am afraid that whatever it is that you wanted to ask me about, I have no choice but to…….」

「Whether you are an actual member of the Guild or not will not be a problem here.」

However, with that one sentence, the receptionist lady managed to find a perfect way to get around the perfect excuse that I was going to prepare in order to have her lay off my back.

「It does not matter whether I am a member of the Adventurer’s Guild or not? What is this about then?」

「Because of the continued intense rainfall on the territory of Hartz to the north, the entire region has been plagued by floods and the damage that they are causing to both fields and the infrastructure, and so the Adventurer’s Guild has received an official commission with a quest to transport relief supplies and other necessities for the citizens of the flooded regions of Hartz. This is an urgent request about which we have only learned today and so we are having trouble with finding enough people to take on the commission, and that is why I would like to ask you, sir: would you be willing to join other Adventurers and help deliver the supplies? We are pressed for time here, and so, every pair of hands that could help us with it is going to be immensely appreciated.」

So basically, what this lady is saying is that this is going to be a disaster relief kind of mission, huh? As I already mentioned, I am not an official Adventurer, so I would like to decline that quest if at all possible, but……. But would that really be the wisest thing to do here? I mean, I am probably going to be using Quratar’s Adventurer’s Guild as my main warping point on a daily basis for quite some time, and because of that coming up as a selfish person who only thinks about their own selfish interests might not be the best thing to do here, so should I accept that quest and participate in this disaster relief operation so that I could earn myself some affinity points with the Quratar branch of Adventurer’s Guild? That seems like the best way to go about it, but I do have one concern, mainly, the fact that since this is going to be an official commission from the Adventurer’s Guild, then they might be checking my Intelligence Card, and let me be clear about one thing: I absolutely do not want anyone, and I mean anyone, to be looking at my Intelligence Card.

Just to give you all a short reminder, in the world of this game there is such a thing as Intelligence Cards, which can basically be considered to be this world’s equivalent of earth’s ID Cards. They are a cards that are about the size of a notepad, and upon their surface there are inscribed things such as the picture of the person to whom the Intelligence Card belongs, as well as all the most relevant information about them, including things such as their name, age, Job, their current status and information on any slaves that they might own, and because of that, if anyone asks to see my Intelligence Card at any point, they will instantly know that I am not an Adventurer at all.



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