A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 5 Chapter 2 Part 20



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And that is why him agreeing to lower the price to five silver coins might be his attempt at bluffing because it might not be possible to go there after all. No matter if it is Adventurer’s 「Field Walker」 or my 「Warp」, their limitation always stays the same: a limitation that states that you can only use those Skills in order to travel to the places that you have been to before, and there is a possibility that I might have to visit Shuboir in the future or that I will have some kind of business to take care of there, so with that in mind, going there now might not be such a bad idea after all. Even if it will be impossible to go to Doburo from Shuboir directly, at the very least I will gain myself two new points to which I would be able to fast travel with my 「Warp」 to: Shuboir and yet another city or town. Thinking about it like that, the price he asks for taking me there can actually be considered to be a cheap one.

Ahh, screw it!

Alright, two silver coins for a trip to Shuboir!」

「Pleasure doing business with you.」

The old man then laughed bitterly. He was probably doing that to defuse the somewhat tense atmosphere, but it would be another matter entirely if a handsome young man laughed like that. When it is done by a middle-aged old fart like him, it just looks plain weird and creepy.

I handed the two silver coins over to him and he took me to Shuboir. And while I was there, I went to the notice board right away to see if it had Doburo on the list of proposed teleportation locations, and sure enough, it was there! In that case, the trip from Shuboir to Doburo should definitely be possible! So you can actually go from Dohona to Doburo for four silver coins total! Then again, maybe five silver coins is actually a market price for such a trip because such a long trip takes time? And besides, like I already said, I do not regret coming here to Shuboir, because I might be doing business here in the future, so having a warp point so that I could come here by myself without any middleman in between is definitely a good thing.

In any case, eight silver coins for such a trip is definitely too much, and that old man definitely wanted to scam me, so it is a good thing that I did not agree to his proposition!

Next, I went to Doburo from Shuboirs’ Adventurer’s Guild, and then returned home to Quratar from Doburo’s Adventurers’ Guild.

I wasted too much time on these useless negotiations, and as a result I definitely made Roxanne and Sherry wait for me with breakfast. So, what I learned from this trip of mine is that you cannot go from Dohona to Doburo for two silver coins per person, but I also learned that it is possible for me to go from Doburo back to Quratar in one go, which was definitely a useful information that will allow me to save time on any future trips that I will be making there.

When I arrived back home from Doburo, I noticed that my MP had decreased quite a bit though, which means that just like with 「Field Walker」, 「Warp’s」 MP consumption also seems to be dependent on the distance that you have travelled with it. The reason why this distance did not affect me as much as it affects other Adventurers is because I have multiple Jobs on me, including a Mage, so I have a lot more MP than other Adventurers as a result. Unfortunately, I cannot verify whether 「Field Walker」 is more efficient than 「 Warp」 in terms of MP consumption, because I do not have 「Field Walker」 because I am not an Adventurer. When you are stationed at an Adventurers’ Guild, you will often get customers in quick succession, which means that you will not be able to afford to have any spare time to recover MP, so you will definitely need to consume Mana Recovery Pill, which is not free, which is why I think that it might actually be a directive given to the Guild workers and Adventurers who offer the teleportation trips to people by the higher ups that they are not supposed to offer trips over distances that are going to be too long because of the natural constraint that is the total MP pool of someone who only has one Job available to them, and that might be the reason why the distance that you can cover with two silver coins is so short.

The next morning, I decided to continue my experiment with travelling across various distances with my 「Warp」, so I travelled even further than yesterday and then I checked if it will be possible for me to return to Quratar without having to do any forced stops in between. As it turned out, it was definitely possible, but when I opened my Character Status screen to see exactly how much MP I had spent for this trip, I noticed that the amount that got deduced from my total MP pool was even greater than what I have spent yesterday for a trip from Doburo to Quratar, which was pretty concerning, because I do not even know if I was able to cover half of the total distance that I will have to travel.

Is going directly to Palmasque really not going to be possible? If what I am seeing on my screen is true, and there is no reason for me to doubt what I am seeing right now, which is admittedly concerning, but until I manage to either confirm or deny that, I do not think that I need to get seriously worried just yet.

When I returned back home, I asked Sherry to create a pair of Leather Boots using a piece of hide that I have given her.

Combining the Leather Boots with the items that she created during the yesterday’s bit of her training, she has now successfully created Leather Boots, Leather Mittens and Leather Helmet, which was definitely great for me and my entire Party, but unfortunately, this situation did have a downside to it. I feel that with each successful fusion, Sherry’s trust in the words of the Dwarven Scholars who taught her that the process of creating items as a Master Smith is a long and difficult one continued to decrease even further, but honestly, I do not know if this is only my impression or a factual state of things anymore.

「All right Sherry, after creating all of the Leather items, what is the next item that Master Smiths in training are supposed to create?」

「A Club or a Hammer.」

「A Club or a Hammer, huh? Okay.」

So now her goal is going to be the creation of the weapons from the same category as the one that she is using whenever we are exploring the Labyrinths. Who would have thought that she is going to be so proficient at being a Master Smith that she will progress to making actual weapons in such a short time? Maybe it was because of her drive and dedication to prove all those who mocked her for not being able to become a Master Smith together with the rest of her peers wrong, but it feels like Sherry has caught up to them now, or quite possibly even gone beyond them.

All right, so she will be making Clubs or Hammers now. I wonder if Master Smiths need some kind of separate Skill in order to create weapons? And while we are at it, I also wonder what are the materials required in order to make the fusion are going to be, because I cannot even imagine creating a massive Club out of a tiny, weak-ass Needlewood Branch.

「What are we going to need in order for you to make a Club?」

「In order to make a Club, we are going to need a Board, a Drop Item that is left behind by a Rub Shrub.」

A Board, huh? And…… a Rub Shrub? Never heard that name before.

「A Board?」

「Yes, a Board.」

「And where exactly can we find the enemy that can drop it? This…. Rub Shrub, you called it?」

「We can find Rub Shrubs on the higher floors of the Labyrinths.」

I see. In other words, this is a kind of a trap set for Master Smiths, or rather, a natural risk that comes with being a Master Smith. If a Master Smith is to make better equipment, they need to go to higher floors of the Labyrinths where the stronger monsters dwell, and get their Drop Items. That is quite cleverly thought out, actually.



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