A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 5 Chapter 2 Part 4



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Yes, in that sense, it really can be said that the Labyrinth and a bedroom are immensely similar to one another.

But…. But…. Fuck, what the hell am I doing?! This is not the time to be having my head muddied by erotic thoughts that are more befitting of high school boys who waste their precious time thinking and fantasizing about sex instead of actually making an effort to go out there and kiss their V-Cards goodbye. Thankfully, that particular problem is no longer my concern, and even if it was, then a Labyrinth is no place for such thoughts.

However, there is still much time until the evening, the best time of the day where I will be able to have fun with Roxanne and Sherry again, and something is telling me that today is going to be a long and painful day for me to endure, but if I manage to go through it without losing my mind, then the reward waiting for me at the end of it is definitely going to be well worth the wait.

Oh yeah, maybe all three of us should take a bath together again today? That seems like an especially good idea, even more so since it has already been a few days where we have gone without it, so having a nice, long soak is probably going to feel incredibly good and… and maybe I will even be able to convince Roxanne and Sherry to do it with me in the bath for the first time?


When it was finally evening and we returned home from another bit of Labyrinth exploration, I immediately proceeded to go about filling the bathtub with water and then heating it up, and I have to say, the entire day of forcing my body into abstinence was beginning to weigh on me so heavily that I was beginning to have difficulties with breathing, but now that I have subjected myself to this long and monotonous bit of work, I could feel the burden on my body easing up a little bit, most likely because now that I had focus on the work, I did not have that much time to be daydreaming about all things sexual.

I managed to fill up a considerable part of the bathtub with water already, but it still looks like we will have to go to the Labyrinth at least once more so that I could recover the MP that I lost so that I could finish filling the bathtub up, and here is to hoping that this next time is also going to be the last one today, because honestly, for some reason, I was feeling especially fed up with the Labyrinth today, so the less I would have to go to it now, the better. At this point, I just want to be able to conduct the experiment with 「Abstinence Attack」 already so that I would not have to accumulate the lust within me anymore, because it already feels quite painful and more bothersome than anything else for me.

Actually, it feels like my entire body, and its nether regions in particular are about to burst at the seams and explode. If this keeps up, then I do not know if I will be able to return back some safely and in one piece once we go there. Arghhhh, why does this have to take so long?! And what is this feeling of me being subjected to the worst kind of hellish torture possible. Is this hell? Is this how it actually feels to be in hell experiencing inhumane torture?

At least while we were in the Labyrinth during the day my abstinence was not showing such painful symptoms, most likely because in the Labyrinth you have to constantly be on the move and you do not have the time to be thinking about all of these unnecessary things, so my sexual abstinence is not being as much of a great deal as it could have been if the circumstances were different.

If I was not here in this Labyrinth and in this new world of mine and I was not an antisocial loser, then it is entirely possible that I would not have to ever consider things such as sexual abstinence and the like and I could have just enjoyed your typical day-to-day life fantasies of high school boys my age.

Fantasies like getting excited after seeing a faint outline of a girl’s bra after the first day of switching back from the winter to summer uniforms, seeing the girls in school in their swimsuits during the first pool classes when the weather gets warm enough or having my fantasies run wild after having a cute girl model for the rest of the class during the practical drawing exercises in art class. Yeah, those are the typical materials that your average high school boys are using to fuel their sexual fantasies, and if anything in my life gone differently, I might have been one of them.

In any case, I thought that I am going to have a much harder time keeping the abstinence up in order to raise the power of Sex Maniac’s 「Abstinence Attack」, but it look like it is not going to that much of a big deal as I thought it was going to be. Maybe the constant tension of being in the Labyrinth made it a little easier on me? After all, since that place is so dangerous, then even with the Sex Maniac Job equipped there is absolutely no way that anyone would be focusing their mind on perverted things instead of making sure that they and their Party would be safe from the surprise attacks by the monsters that can pop up literally from around every corner at any given time. Honestly, even I was surprised how normally I was able to function. I mean sure, strange thoughts were making their way into my head here and there from time to time, but that was pretty much it. If I am to be honest, then I thought that it would be much, much worse. I wonder if it is always going to be like that whenever I am going to go to the Labyrinths with Sex Maniac set as my First Job?

「Are you going to go to the Labyrinth now, master?」

When I walked out of the bathroom and proceeded to go upstairs, Roxanne called out to me from the kitchen. She is so cute. I want to push her down and jam myself inside of her to hear her sweet moaning voice. However, I have to contain these urges of mine and wait with doing it for just a little bit more, so I shook my head in order to clear my thoughts for a little bit.

「Yeah, so if you could come with me, that would really be appreciated.」

「Go ahead, Miss Roxanne. I will stay and watch the fire for you.」

And so, after leaving Sherry behind to watch the kitchen for us, we went and warped to the eighth floor of the Labyrinth of Vale, and we proceeded through it while Roxanne guided me forward.

「They are coming, master.」

Roxanne said calmly. And moments after that, the first group of enemies appeared within our sights. It was a group of four monsters consisting of three Collagen Corals and one Escape Goat. Oh would you look at that, what a lucky coincidence. It just so happens that my Durandal seems to be especially bloodthirsty today.

「Roxanne, you take care of the three Collagen Corals to the right, and I will take care of the Escape Goat to the left.」

Aiming my Durandal at the Escape Goat, I immediately run up to it and readied up my attack. Usually, one swing from Durandal is enough to trigger Escape Goat Lv.8’s escape mechanism, which means that if I want to finish it off for good, I have to do it with my first strike. Or to put it in other words, now that I have made sure to keep my abstinence for almost an entire day, we shall see if it was for any good. If the Escape Goat will not try to immediately run away after my first attack, it will mean that the offensive power of my normal attack became weakened, and if it starts running, then the offensive power of my normal attack will be either the same as is always is or stronger than normally. Yes, now that I have endured as much as I could up to the last minute, the time has come to conduct the ultimate test of Sex Maniac’s 「Abstinence Attack」! That being said, I would definitely prefer this attack to be a success, because if I will have to abstain from sex throughout the night as well in order to be effective, that I will not make it.



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