A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 5 Chapter 3 Part 1



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Chapter 23: Palmasque


『Current Character Levels & Equipment』:


Beast Warrior Lv.24



Leather Helmet

Leather Jacket

Leather Gloves

Leather shoes

The morning of the next day. I can definitely say that I did not manage to have a good night’s rest, but for all the right reasons. The main culprit behind my sleepless night was the fact that I have spent it all on enjoying the service offered to me by the two beauties clad in maid uniforms. The busty and seductive maid was servicing me from the left, and the petite but eager one was servicing me from the right. I fully enjoyed the service of the two maids showering me in affection, fully reveling in the fact that I was living the dream that most guys in the world can only dream of without any prospects at ever seeing their fantasies come true. That was the best! The ultimately supreme experience where I got to screw my servants to my heart’s content while they kept on moaning for more as they were doing everything that I told them to. Afterwards we had a late dinner, which was then followed by me equipping Sex Maniac as my First Job so that I could enjoy having sex with the two of them even more until all three of us passed out from exhaustion when we could not lift our bodies and their lower halves anymore.

I woke up in the morning of the next day at the usual early hours, most likely because it has become such a routine thing to do that both my body and mind already got used to it, and because of that, I did not get nearly as much sleep as I should have gotten myself in order to feel properly rested. And to be honest, right now I am seriously worried about going to the Labyrinth while being sleep deprived, because the fatigue that I have accumulated since yesterday was still with me, and even though I wanted to go in order not to make any unnecessary breaks in the daily farming cycle unless I really had to, my mind and reason were telling me that even though I might seriously consider it, it would not be good to enter such a dangerous place as the Labyrinth with a tired body that would be slower and much less responsive than usual.

Oh, but please, do not misunderstand what I am saying right now. Everything is alright with my health, it is just that the amount of sleep that I should have gotten for myself was insufficient, as a result of which I felt incredibly groggy, my body felt heavy and all of my thinking processes seemed to be dulled, and I was feeling as if I was about to fall unconscious at any moment now.

I carefully checked on Roxanne and Sherry, but neither of them seemed to be displaying the same kind of symptoms that I did, which means that they two of them were probably all right despite everything that we did yesterday.

Now, the reasonable thing to do here would be to not go to the Labyrinth and catch myself some much needed zzz’s so that I would stop feeling like a walking corpse on the verge of decomposing, but just like I said before on a number of occasions, I feel that I cannot do things like not going to the Labyrinths just because of some cheap excuse, because if I do it once, I will probably do it a second time, after a second time there will be a third one, and the numbers of days where I did not go to the Labyrinths will continue to pile up so much that ultimately I will stop going there altogether because of my own laziness and I absolutely do not want that to happen, so even if I do not really feel like it right now, I decided to go to the Labyrinth for the morning bit of exploration after all. It is okay. Everything is going to be fine, just as long as I will remember to pay careful attention to my surroundings and pay even more attention to the movements of the monsters that are going to be engaging us in battle.

We went to the Labyrinth like normal, and the first enemy we happened upon was an NT Ant, which I managed to defeat with my tried and true strategy of shooting it in the face with three shots of 「Water Ball」. All right, so far, so good. First battle is done and everything seems to be all right with me, as I did not notice any kind of drops in my performance just now, so we proceeded to go through Quratar’s Labyrinth’s ninth floor until we reached a small room.

「Look master, a treasure chest!」

When we entered that small room, I saw that the ground in its center was slightly raised. Yeah, this is definitely a treasure chest. It has been quite a while since I last saw it.

「Wait, wait, wait!」

I know that this is a tempting sight, but we must not be impatient. So as Roxanne was about to poke the mound of earth with her Scimitar, I rushed towards her and pulled her back with a panicked movement. Why did she try to do that?! I thought that we made it clear numerous times that when we see things like that we must not rush towards them blindly and without thinking, because this might be a cleverly disguised trap. The only time and circumstances where we are allowed to be rush, reckless and forceful is in the evenings when we are having sex on the bed!

Could it be that Roxanne is just as severely sleep deprived as I am, and that is what made her act so carelessly? Maybe our yesterday’s activities really left her as exhausted as I was, and she also could not get enough sleep because of our routine where we are waking up even before the sunrise so that we could go to the Labyrinths to farm monsters for their Drop Items before breakfast? If it really is like that, then she should have just told that to me, and then we definitely would not have come here, instead taking this opportunity to have ourselves another day of rest that we apparently both needed quite desperately.

Not to mention that there is a chance that this is not an actual treasure chest, but a cleverly disguised Mimic, so we should be very careful as we approach it.

I put my Wand away, and pulled out Durandal instead.

「Master, what are you doing?」

「Preparing myself just in case that this chest turns out to be a Mimic. You ready, Roxanne?」

After giving Sherry a short explanation and taking my battle-ready stance, I gave Roxanne a small nod, and she nodded back at me. Now, if this supposed treasure chest tries anything funny, it is going to be so surprised when instead of feasting on the flesh of an idiot Adventurer who was dumb enough to approach it without any precautions, it is going to have its teeth shattered to pieces by Durandal’s blade.

「Uhm, master? I know that you are always wary and careful when it comes to the Labyrinths and its traps and monsters, but I think you can rest easy this time, because I do not think that Mimics are going to be appearing on the lower floors of the Labyrinths, and even if they were, the chance of running into one on the ninth floor would be truly miniscule.」

「Really? You think so?」

「Yes. There is not that much information available about them, but from what is indeed known, it does not seem like they appear on the first ten floors of the Labyrinths, most likely because the lower floors are the place where there is not that many treasure chests. If I were to hazard a guess as to where they would start making their appearances, then it would probably be floors from twelfth and above, because that is the point that separates rookie Adventurers from the experienced ones, which is mirrored by the appearances of treasure chests being much more frequent from that point onward, and these are the chests that have a random chance of them not being a treasure chest, but a Mimic monster. And on top of that, some Adventurers even reported encountering them in the Floor Boss’ Boss Rooms disguised as treasure chests, so they can not only appear as a regular enemy, but as a substitute of a regular Floor Boss as well.」

So it can also work like that, huh? From my knowledge of video games from my time back on earth, I happen to possess a vague understanding of how Mimics work.



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