A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 5 Chapter 3 Part 3



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I swing Durandal to my left in an attempt to absorb some HP, hoping that it would make me feel just a little bit better…..

However, even though the hit probably connected,  I do not feel like my condition has improved at all. In fact, I think it might have actually worsened, because I started to break out in a cold sweat.

Yeah, the shocks are definitely getting bigger and more intense. Why? Why is this happening to me? I do not understand! Somebody, anybody, please! Help me understand what is going on with me right now!

I am desperately clutching at my chest as I collapse down onto my knees, hurting them against the hard, stony floor of the Labyrinth. It is getting harder and harder for me to endure the pain that I am feeling right now.

Even my head feels like it has been hit by a major earthquake that continued to rumble inside of it without any intentions of stopping anytime soon.

The trembling and the shivers do not want to stop. They are clinging onto me without the slightest intentions of letting go of me. I cannot think straight anymore. I am starting to feel delirious and I probably have a fever, but I am not really sure about that, because every sensation that I am feeling right now begins to coalesce into a single mess of signals that my brain is trying to decode all at once and it is utterly failing at it.

「X X X X X X! X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X! X X X X X X!!!」

Sherry rushes to my side and says something, but I cannot understand what she is saying anymore.

All my nerves are feeling as if they have been set on fire by that shock. Pain that I am feeling and how much it hurts: those are the only two things that I am capable of thinking right about now. I cannot bring myself to think about anyone else, because if I try to do that it just ends in me feeling even worse than I am already feeling.

For some bizarre reason, Sherry’s face is approaching me. Why? Why is she doing that? As these thoughts bumped into my head, she pressed her lips against mine really tightly. She extends her tongue moves it into my mouth. Sherry, for the love of fuck, what the hell are you doing in the middle of the battle? We are in the Labyrinth here, where there is no time for such displays of affection.

Nevertheless, I accepted her, even though I cannot possibly comprehend the reason for why would she be doing something like that. I just opened my mouth and allowed her into my mouth, sucking on her tongue with my own, just like I always do.

Her tongue is soft, slimy and gentle as usual….. but then something rolled off of it and found its way into my mouth. I do not know what that is, but it definitely does not feel like a part of Sherry’s tongue. Or maybe a part of it has fallen of due to the enemy’s attack as well? I do not know, but I do know that whatever that thing is, it is obstructing my mouth, making it even more difficult for me to breathe than it already was. I swallowed it to remove this obstacle to my breathing, and then I continued to be glued to Sherry’s mouth.

I twirled my own tongue around Sherry’s tongue that keeps on entering and leaving my mouth over and over again as I twirled, clung, and sucked on it. It tastes so good that it is making me forget about anything else that is currently happening around me, even the shock that I was feeling and the impact it was having on my body. In fact, I feel like all of these unpleasant feelings that I was slowly drowning in are subsiding right now, because Sherry’s kiss is acting like a tranquilizer on me, gradually making me feel better as the shock continued to decrease little by little.

It feels as if the burden and weight on my whole body have been removed. I do not feel any pain anymore, the dullness in my limbs disappeared and the heavy clouds and fog that have been messing with my mind have finally cleared up as well. It feels like my heart has been released by whatever was grabbing it, and I could not be happier about it, because that feeling was truly unbearable, and I do not think that I would have been able to resist it for much longer. The burning in my entire body is gone, the trembling of my limbs has stopped and I do not feel this overwhelming sense of dread and fear anymore and my thoughts are back where they belong: firmly in my head.

What the fuck was that? What in the world just happened to me? And what was I doing just now?

「Master! Are you alright now?! How do you feel?! Master, please, answer me!」

When Sherry finally separated her mouth from mine, she bombarded me with a series of questions with an extremely worried expression, but thankfully now that this awful feeling was gone from my body I could hear what she was saying to me clearly.

「Oh… y-yes, I…. I feel fine now, I guess. Anyway, what happened to me just now, and what did you do to make me feel better?」

I fed you the Anti Poison Medicine with a direct mouth-to-mouth method because you have been poisoned by the NT Ant’s attack and in your current condition there was no way to give the medicine to you otherwise, because you might have ended up hurting yourself.」

I see. So Sherry did that for me because I was poisoned.

Wait. Poison? Ahh, I see, I get it now. So I was actually poisoned by an attack of that NT Ant that managed to score a sneak attack on me, and that is what caused me to feel this awful shock all over my body. Come to think of it, that dreadful sensation definitely had a 「poisonous」 feeling to it, because I felt as if something was continuously eroding on my body, melting and eating through it from the inside. It was both unbelievably strong and tremendously terrifying, and if I was left without a proper care for just a little while longer, then I am positive that I would have definitely died, so I feel grateful to Sherry for her quick thinking and the immediate decision to jump into action as soon as she saw that something was not right with me…… but now is not the time to be thinking about that! Now that my mind is cleared, I can finally assess my situation properly, and the conclusion could have been only one: we are still in the middle of combat, and there are still two NT Ants left to deal with, and when I looked around my surroundings, I saw that Roxanne was fighting the other two, and she was dodging their attacks perfectly. Great, this is exactly the opening that I needed!

I quickly got up and attacked the nearest NT Ant with Durandal.

Since it is blindly charging towards Roxanne, I moved in and slashed at it from the side for maximum effectiveness. My body is still feeling somewhat heavy, but with each consecutive blow, I feel like the burden on my body is being lifted little by little, so it would seem that the damage done to me by the poison can be easily recovered with Durandal’s 「HP absorption」 Skill, so these guys will not be a problem as long as I beat them with Durandal.

And just like that, the remaining two NT Ants have been annihilated in a matter of two minutes.

「Master, are you alright?!」

When the battle was over, Roxanne also immediately rushed to me to check up on my condition since she could not afford to do it while we were still in the middle of the battle.

「I am all right now, and I am sorry to have caused you to worry, Roxanne. Now, let us go back to that small room we were in a little while ago.」

I do not think there is a anything wrong with me anymore, but just to be on the safe side I should thoroughly confirm my physical condition, so we picked the Poison Needles that the defeated NT Ants left behind when they died and return to the small room where we found the treasure chest.

「Okay, we should be safe from any potential monster attacks here.」

「You girls saved my backside back there. Thank you, both of you. Roxanne, you kept the last two monsters at bay, which allowed Sherry to treat my condition without any interruptions. Thank you, thank you both so very much.」



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