A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 6 Chapter 3 Part 16

Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist Editor: Weasalopes

Do the members of the Beastkin tribes become Pirates instead of Thieves or Bandits? Or perhaps that Pirate Job only has something to do with the fact that the crime that Miria committed has been related to water?

「She says that she is good enough as she is and that she does not need any adjustments.」

「Really? So you want to keep the Diver Job?」

Well, I guess I should have expected as much. After all, no one who still has their wits about them would willingly go up to you and said yes, make me a Pirate, master, because then if I level that Job up enough I might just become a Pirate King!

「X X X. X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X.」

「She is saying that it is not a matter of whether she wants to change the Job that she has or not, but rather that she cannot change it.」

「She cannot change it? How so?」

「X X X X X X X X X X. X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X . X X X X X X X X X X X X .」

「She says that it is because of the contract that she signed when she went to the Divers Guild in order to receive the Diver’s Job. According to Miria, it was the one that was specifically forbidding her from changing her Job from a Diver to any different one for at least ten years after she has become a Diver.」

「Really? Not gonna lie…. That sounds kinda messed up. What was supposed to happen if she broke that contract?」

Is that one of those cases where changing your Job to a different one is either incredibly difficult or virtually impossible? Because being stuck with a single Job without the option to change it even if you wanted to sounds incredibly rough to me, I am not gonna lie. I wonder what were the repercussions for breaking that contract were supposed to be?

While I was mulling over those things, I navigated the Party Job Settings Menu in an attempt to change Miria’s current Job from Diver Lv.2 to Villager Lv.5, and I was able to do it just fine………


Hey! What the fuck?! Why did Miria’s Job got changed to Pirate Lv.1 when it was not the Job that I chose for her?!

Ah, I see. This is what the repercussion for breaking the contract has to be!

「She says that if she ever tried changing her Job to something other than a Diver, then it was supposed to be automatically changed into Pirate.」

When I close the Party Job Settings interface and use Identify, I saw that Miria was now a Pirate Lv.1, so I opened Party Job Settings interface again in a hurry and fiddled with it for a moment…. Oh thank goodness! I was able to change her job back to Diver Lv.2 successfully. I closed the Party Job Settings interface and checked her Job again. It was back to Diver Lv2.

As an experiment, I try to change her Job to Warrior Lv.1, and it was a success. Miria became a Warrior Lv.1 without getting automatically change to Pirate Lv.1.

「Apparently, the contract is no longer in place and she can get the other Jobs if she wants to.」

Miria’s Job was changed, so it was most likely treated as a contract cancellation. It would seem that without the contract in place, the need to stay a Diver for ten years is now gone as well.

Roxanne translates that I got Miria’s Job changed and that the contract no longer exists, but she does not get that I can change Jobs by using Party Job Settings option.

If I say that it is something normal, will they really believe that it was something normal? No, of course not. They are obviously not going to buy it.

「X X X X X X X X X X X X X?」

「Is it Divine Punishment?」

Miria says something anxiously to Roxanne and she translates it to me. No Miria, it is not Divine Punishment. I was the one who did it.

「N-No, it is not Divine Punishment. I-It is something that I did.」

「Can you do something like that?」

When I denied it in a hurry, Roxanne looked at me with eyes full of respect. When Roxanne translates it, even Miria looks at me with the same kind of respect as Roxanne. They seem to have totally misunderstood it.

Well, I have done it now, and I cannot undo it, so it just cannot be helped. The best thing that I can do now is to feign ignorance.

「Sherry, what kind of job this Diver is?」

「It is a Race-specific Job for the females of the Catkin tribe. It gives the user strong offensive abilities against aquatic monsters.」

Diver Lv.2

Effects: STA Increase (Medium), HP Increase (Small), STR Increase (Small)

Skill: Anti-Aquatic Enhancement

Diver Job has a Skill called 「Anti-Aquatic Enhancement」. Is this the reason why those who have it display strong offensive ability against aquatic monsters? If so, then this has to be a Passive Skill. Should I leave her Job as a Diver then? Who knows, maybe it is going to come in handy against aquatic monsters we might encounter further down the road?

「What type of weapon do you use, Miria?」

「X X X X X X X X X X X X X.」

「She says that she uses a spear because it is the easiest weapon to catch fish with.」

A spear, huh?

Is it perhaps harpoon, not spear?

「Can she use a spear in the Labyrinth? Also, is it alright for two members of the vanguard to use spears, Roxanne?」

「X X X X X X X X X X X X X X?」

「X X X X X X X X X X X X X .」

「She says that if master wants her to be more attack-oriented then she can also use a two-handed sword. If you want her to be defense-oriented, she can use a one-handed sword and a shield as well.」

Roxanne says after discussing it with Miria. Should I have her use both a sword and a shield? I am the main damage dealer anyway, so we do not really need another one.

「Then let us go with a one-handed sword and a shield. Can she make do with a dagger for now? Or if she wants, we can get her something better.」

「She says that Dagger is going to suffice for now.」

Because Roxanne has approved of the idea, I go to get a Dagger for Miria, but instead of taking one from my Item Box, I gave her one of the ones with an Empty Skill Slot that Sherry made earlier and which I have been keeping in a storage room.

My thirty percent discount is not effective on the purchases of single item, so unless I am going to be buying more than one weapon, it is not going to be worth it to be spending the money on a new weapon for Miria due to overpaying, so for the time being, this Dagger that she has right now is going to have to be enough for her to do the job.

I come back from the storeroom with the Dagger and hand it to Miria. Miria simply received it from me with a short 「Yes.」.

「What about armor? I think that Leather Helmet and Leather Gloves should be enough for you right now, but I am not so sure about Leather Armor.」

Simple Leather Armor was not enough to fight effectively against Green Caterpillars Lv.11, and that is why we had to upgrade it to something new in order to be able to take more hits from the enemies from the eleventh floor of the Labyrinths onwards without having to resort to healing ourselves after every single encounter, and for Miria, who has very low levels in all of her Jobs, such a weak piece of armor is going to be absolutely out of the question.

「I think that Leather Jacket should be more than enough for her in order to make it.」

Yes, Roxanne, having just a Leather Jacket is definitely a valid option, but just for you. All of us mortals who do not have the same Godly dodging abilities that you do need to have better equipment or else we are just not going to make it.

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