A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 6 Chapter 4 Part 5

Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist Editor: Weasalopes

Having advanced all the way through the previous floors, Miria has now leveled up her Job to Diver Lv.5, so battles on the twelfth floor shouldn’t be a problem for her just as long as she’s not going to get herself killed in one hit by anything.

We move to the twelfth floor of Haruba’s Labyrinth and start hunting monsters in our usual manner while Miria is observing us from the rear. Like I thought, there’s no problem in having her observe from the back, and because I can take monsters out in four Wind Magic spells, battles don’t take long to end.

Ranged attacks appear sporadically but Roxanne takes care of those by focusing them all on herself and then dodging them. Over the course of the morning, Miria’s Diver job increased even further. Because she’s low level, the pace of her leveling up is that much quicker due to the floor we’re currently at. If this keeps up, she’ll soon be able to hold up entirely on her own.

We finish hunting and head to Quratar’s Adventurers Guild and then go to the town to buy ingredients for breakfast.

I was afraid as to what would happen at the fishmonger, but Miria passes it by normally, ignoring it. Is she no longer going to be insisting on eating fish? Or maybe it’s because she said earlier that she wants fish every ten days?

「It’s probably because the fish doesn’t seem to be fresh today.」

While I was pondering over it, Roxanne whispers an answer into my ear. I see, so the shop’s most likely leftover stock was at fault here, huh? Did the owner really put unsold fish from yesterday on sale here hoping that somebody’s going to buy it? That’s really bad for business, but if he doesn’t realize that, then that’s his problem, not mine.

「Do you want to make something, Miria?」

「X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X.」

「X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X.」

「She says that she wants to make roasted meat. I’ll help her out with it, so it should be alright.」

So there really won’t be any fish today, huh? Well, if Roxanne is going to be cooking together with Miria, then everything should really be fine.

「Then I’ll make some soup for it.」

「Would it be okay if we added eggs to the soup?」

「Egg? Okay, sure. This seems a little unorthodox, but if master thinks that it’ll improve the soup then why not?」

Just like Sherry said, it seems to be her turn to make soup today.

After buying eggs, bread and other ingredients necessary for the preparation of the food, we then return home. If that is the case, then I’ll be making something else then.

I first take egg yolk from all the eggs and add some vinegar into it, mixing and blending it together with a makeshift whisk that I made myself by bending a couple of steel wires. After that, I add some olive oil to the mixture that I have received.

Because I don’t know the exact quantity of the oil to be added, I add it little by little while keeping in mind that in cooking, it is generally agreed upon that it’s better to add too little of an ingredient than too much of it.

I keep whipping everything up until it thickens nicely, and then whip it some more and more and more for good measure until the thing that I wanted to make is ready. Mayonnaise, that is.


I said while passing the egg whites to Sherry.

「I understand that this is made from egg whites, but what is that thing, exactly?」

「It’s a type of seasoning from my homeland. Since we will be making fish for Miria in the evening on the day after tomorrow, it’s something that is going to make it even more delicious.」


Miria looks at me with shocked, widely-opened eyes. She seems to have understood that we are talking about fish even without Roxanne translating it directly to her.

「You seem to be doing well in Labyrinth, so this is your reward for keeping up with us despite all of the difficulties.」

「X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X.」

「Tasty, desu!」

She hasn’t eaten it yet, and yet she’s already calling it 「tasty」. Either she loves food that much or she’s just assuming that everything that I’ll prepare is automatically going to be tasting good.

「It’s a reward. Reward.」

「Reward, desu.」

Miria repeats the word after me.

As for the exact meaning of the word 「reward」, I’ll make sure to teach her all about it later tonight. I’ll make sure to teach her so thoroughly that she’ll embed the essence of this word onto her very soul.

For the time being, I put the lid on mayonnaise.

「Don’t eat it just yet or it’ll upset your stomach. Also, don’t take it out with bare hands if you know what’s good for you.」

I leave it with that note, making sure that all three of them will take it to heart. There’s a chance for raw eggs to contain Salmonella, so therefore it is strongly suggested that eating raw eggs is not something that you’re supposed to be doing.

Because there’s vinegar and olive oil in mayonnaise, however, any germs and bacteria that might’ve been in there should die out if you leave it to its own devices for about a day or two.

Apparently, Miria can make dishes other than the ones that are fish-based, and I have to say that it is frickin’ delicious.

After eating the finger-licking good breakfast, we then continued to hunt the monsters in the Labyrinths until the evening, when we headed to one of the Imperial City’s clothing stores. Our target there today? To buy a negligee for Miria.

In this world, negligees are made out of a thin, translucent fabric that leaves very little to the imagination when a girl is wearing it. I wasn’t able to buy one yesterday, so now should be as good of a time to buy it as any. And since we have already spent the night together where I saw pretty much everything that Miria had to offer, then she shouldn’t be shy about wearing something like that at all.

Miria is choosing her negligee with Roxanne and Sherry, and while I am happy that shopping for clothes is an activity in which the three of them can happily engage together, then I have to admit that they’re making too much noise while sorting through all of the options that the shop had available for purchase.

It immediately became obvious to me that this is going to take much more time than I have initially anticipated, and that by allowing Roxanne and Sherry to help Miria make her decision I might’ve made a grave mistake.

We definitely should’ve done it before buying fish. If only we have done that this way, then Miria would’ve immediately chosen pretty much anything just so that we could go to the fishmonger that much faster.

「Excuse me, do you also sell clothes based on the uniforms worn by the palace maids?」

Because there was no end to waiting for them to make a final choice in sight, I decided to kill some time by striking up a conversation with one of the shop’s male clerks. When it comes to buying such specific clothing, it is always better to ask a male clerk about it rather than a female one, because a female one would probably look am like I was some kinda degenerate if I went and asked her about the maid outfits for my slaves, even more so since I have to buy Miria her own maid outfit since she doesn’t have one while Roxanne and Sherry do.

「We do not have them on sale here per se, but you can always have it tailored made for you if you want. All that you have to do is to pick which fabric you want the clothes to be made of, and we’re going to prepare them and get them ready for you in ten days.」

「Really? Just ten days is going to be enough? Wow, that’s truly impressive.」

That’s great news. Almost too great, if I am to be honest, but I guess it just goes to show how much clothes like that are actually in demand here in the capital.

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