A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 6 Chapter 4 Part 6 **BONUS CHAPTER**

Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist Editor: Weasalopes

「So, what choices of fabric do I have and how much would each of them cost?」

「Ordinary fabric will cost you five thousand Nars. The fabric that uses a blend primarily made out of silk is going to cost you six thousand Nars, and if you would like to instead opt for a pure-silk fabric, then that is going to cost you up to ten thousand Nars. The third option is the priciest one of them all, but on the other hand it is far superior to the other two with how incredibly soft to the touch its texture is.」

He then led me down to the section of the store where all of the fabrics were being kept, and when we reached the place where the fabric made out of pure silk was, he urged me to touch it so that I could see for myself how incredible it was.

I have to say…. He was definitely right. It is so soft and smooth to the touch unlike anything else I had touched since I came to this world. I tried to imagine how holding Roxanne, Sherry and Miria would feel if they were all wearing the clothes made for this pure silk fabric and God damn, it would definitely feel awesome! But also, God damn this man knows exactly why I want maid outfit, and he’s not afraid to capitalize on my desires in the slightest! It was definitely a mistake to have asked a male clerk about the maid outfits, and I see that pretty clearly now.

「This time I’m looking for just one maid outfit so that she could have the same one as the other two, so I would like it to be tailored with just an ordinary fabric without anything too fancy added to it.」

I can’t have only Miria wearing a maid outfit made of pure silk while Roxanne and Sherry have their own made from regular materials, so picking a the one that is going to match theirs for Miria seemed like the most logical thing to do, and that’s why I’m going to ask for a uniform made out of ordinary fabric that is going to cost five thousand Nars.

But wait a minute. Now that I think about it….. the maid outfit which I bought from Alan the Slave Merchant in Vale’s Slave Shop costed me four thousand Nars, so if I eliminate the profit margin for the sale of the clothes, their price should be pretty much the same as for the ordinary one. In other words…..

….. in other words, this guy right here charged a profit of one thousand Nars! I could understand lifting the price up for a few hundred Nars at best, but one thousand of them?! No matter how you’d look at it, that’s simply too much!

But it’s too late to change anything now, so I have no choice but to go through with it.

While I was agonizing over my poor choice just now, Miria finished choosing her negligee. She ended up choosing the one that was blue, with the shade that closely resembled the color of her hair.

「Well then, I can take the measurements required for the outfit to be made. Which of the ladies is going to be wearing it?」

「This one right here. You can go right ahead.」

「Very well, as you wish, Mr. Customer.」

I send Miria to a shop clerk who came up to us to take her measurements.

「You both received your outfits from the Slave Merchant in Vale, but there’s no outfit for Miria, so I requested to have one made for her right now.」

I explained to Roxanne and Sherry while enjoying the spectacle of Miria having her

measurements taken.

They may think that Miria is receiving special treatment, which is totally not the case here, so I have to make sure that I will explain it to them properly so as to not invite any misunderstandings.

「Oh, that’s right. Now that I think about it, since Miria was bought only yesterday, she really does not have her own maid outfit, so she does need one to be made for her.」

Roxanne gave her reply after pondering the matter for a second. So…. Can I take it for her being totally okay with Miria getting her own maid outfit? She’s not going to start throwing tantrums about it all of a sudden after the deed is going to be done? Good. That honestly made me breathe a sigh of relief. If you have a harem, you need to take care of everyone in in in order to make sure that every member is going to be equally happy, but the thing that is just as important as this is the members getting along with each other just fine not to cause unnecessary conflicts.

「Thank you very much, desu.」

Miria comes back after having her measurements taken and expresses her gratitude after hearing about everything that we just talked about from Roxanne. I could see that she was not as fired up about getting new clothes for herself as she was when getting fish for dinner was on the line, or perhaps it might be that she is not happy about getting a maid outfit specifically? However, those are the things that we are going to have to work out at a later time. For now, I have to pay for the clothes to be made, and then we’re going to have to wait for ten days for the clothes to actually be made, so we’re going to have more than enough time to work things out properly.

「How would you like to pay? You can make advance payment either in full or half, whichever option you prefer.」

So, if the clothes have to be tailored first, there is an option of only paying half the required price in advance. That sounds like an information that I can definitely make use of in the future.

Also, this way, I feel like even if I bought just that one outfit, it would be possible for my discount Bonus Skill to be effective, but just in the off chance that it might not proc it after all, I think that I am still going to pay the full amount together with Miria’s negligee. Thanks to that, I will be sure that the discount is going to proc without fail, because I bought two separate items from someone who has a 「Calculate」 Skill.

「I’m going to pay in full, together with this thing right here.」

I pay for the maid outfit fully in advance along with Miria’s negligee. Later, when we were back home from the shopping and were having dinner, I even earned myself a praise from Sherry for the response that I made to this situation. She even said something along the lines of:

「I heard from grandfather that when you do shopping at these kinds of shops, only stingy people choose the option to pay half the price up front and pay the rest of it later.」

「That so?」

I never thought about it in such a way. I just wanted my discount to kick in properly, so I guess in a sense you can say that I am even more stingy than those who only pay half of the price up front.

「What else have you heard from your grandfather?」

「That to pay the full sum of money in advance is the sign of trust that the client has in the store where he is buying and in the people that run it.」

「Ah, I see. I guess that makes sense.」

There’s always a risk of merchants running away with your money if you pay a large sum of it in advance, so I guess paying them up anyway really can be considered as a sign of trust from the customer. But there’s no such risk here for the store is in prime location of the Imperial City. On the contrary though, I might die at any moment while in the Labyrinths, so my paying of the full sum in advance can be taken as an expression of my trust in the shop.

「As expected of master, X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X.」

When Roxanne translated what we were talking about to Miria, her expression turns respectful, and she even praised me. What did Roxanne told her just now? What did she translate my words to?

For some reason, I feel it’s not going to be the right thing to leave the matter of Miria’s education to Roxanne. But of course, having her feel the feelings of respect towards me is the most desirable thing for me right now.

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