A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 6 Chapter 4 Part 9

Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist Editor: Weasalopes

「Are there any good fish?」

「X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X!」

「Miria says that apparently they have a Rock Sole available.」

The moment Roxanne translates my question, Miria immediately points her finger at one of the fish that has been put on display.

「You have a keen eye for fish, missy. This Pseudo-trout was caught just recently so it is at its freshest and its meat is excellent. It tastes best when roasted or stewed, so be sure to remember that when preparing it.」

So Rock Sole is called Pseudo-trout in the is world? Well, you learn something new everyday.

Well, it does kinda resemble a trout, so I can definitely see where the comparison is coming from. Its size is about twenty centimeters, so its just about the right size for this kind of fish.

「Four Pseudo-trout then, please.」

「Thank you for your patronage. Coming right up! Here are four Pseudo-trout for a special price of twenty eight Nars.」

Twenty eight Nars for four Pseudo-trout? So one of them is priced at just ten Nars? It’s not that expensive.

I pay the amount to the merchant while Miria receives the fish from him. The Old man explorer wraps the fish in papyrus and hands it to Miria. How nice of him to pack it up for her so that carrying of the four fishes was not that difficult for her.

Well, if she wants to do it, there’s no reason to refuse her.

「I’ll be making fish for Miria. Is there something you want to make, Roxanne, Sherry?」

「Very well. Sherry, would you like to make soup?」

「Alright, I’ll make soup then.」

We buy other ingredients like bread, eggs and vegetables, and then visit the hardware store owned by our landlady and buy a pot.

「Miria, is there any utensil for cooking that you want me to buy for you?」

「This pan looks good.」

Roxanne translates Miria’s words to me.

Miria points to a pan with a shallow base. It looks just like a paella pan. Handles are attached to both sides of it as well. We indeed don’t have such a pan in our house, so purchasing it might be a good idea.

「You sure you want this one?」

「She says that she’ll be able to make lots of delicious fish dishes with this pan.」

Again with the fish as the main focus, huh? Well, I need another thing for my discount to proc, so this pan should do the job nicely.

After buying the pot with a lid which I chose, and the pan with shallow base which Miria chose, we return home.

「Miria, can you fillet the fish for me?」

I ask her in the kitchen, and Miria gets down to it without needing Roxanne to translate what I said. I knew it. She understands all those Brahim words which have even slightest relation with fish.

I leave the eggs to boil and wait for Miria to bring the filleted fish to me, which she does shortly while carrying them on a chopping board.

「Here, desu.」

「Already? Man, that sure was fast.」

「Yes, done, desu.」

I receive filleted fish from Miria. There are eight slices of it in total. They have all been carefully skinned, and look mighty tasty already, and I haven’t even begun to prepare them yet.

「Can you please squeeze these lemons for me?」

「Yes, desu.」

Once again, she gets down to it without needing Roxanne to translate while I add chopped vegetables, mayonnaise and lemon juice to the pot, and then crush the boiled eggs. It’s ready. Tartar sauce, that is.

「Now finely crush this bread. Like that.」

I pick the bread up in front of Miria and Roxanne who’s translating and show them how to brush the bread into fine crumbs.

「It’s called bread crumbs.」

「Bread crumbs?」

「We’re using them because we don’t have cheese, so I’ll use this as substitute.」

「Okay, I… I’ll translate it to Miria.」

Why is she making such a sad face? Roxanne translates my words to Miria and then goes away. In the meantime, I add some olive oil to the newly bought pan and heat it up. I dredge the slices which I had already seasoned with salt and pepper in flour, beaten eggs and bread crumbs, and fry them all in the pan.

And just like that, after pouring some tartar sauce over it, fish fry is ready to be served.

Now that it’s ready, I’ll have the girls know that it wasn’t a substitute for cheese. Also, this recipe involves very few steps, so the chance of failure is very low, meaning that pretty much everyone should be able to do it. Judging from the looks of it, there doesn’t seem to be any problems in that area too.

Miria is staring at it with her mouth watering like crazy. Her expectations seem to be through the roof, so for her sake I hope that today’s dish is going to be a success.

The moment the dinner starts, Miria digs into the fish fry right away as soon as the food found its way to her plate. When she stuffs her mouth with the fish, her eyes open wide and she became quite shocked.

「T-T-T-Tasty, desu!」

She seems to really like it. If that reaction of hers is any indication, then I guess I don’t have to worry about the result anymore, so I try to eat mine portion of food as well.

It’s indeed delicious. Much more than what I expected, actually. The sour taste of tartar sauce is mingling quite well with the taste of the fish, elevating its already exquisite taste to completely new heights.

「It’s delicious. I have never eaten such an exquisitely-tasting dish in my life!」

「Neither have I. Eating something so delicious is a completely new experience for me!」

「I’m glad to hear that all of you seem to be enjoying it. This is one of the recipes from my homeland and it was quite some time since I last had a chance to make it, but if your reactions are anything to go by, then it looks like I still managed to replicate it quite well.」

「So it’s a dish from master’s homeland? And it tastes so good even if you haven’t had a chance to make it in a while you say? As expected of master! Whenever you’re cooking something, it always turns out exceedingly good!」

Roxanne and Sherry seem to like the fish fry that I made just as much as Miria, which brings a smile onto my face. It’s always nice to see that people are genuinely enjoying a dish that you poured your time and effort into making, and it makes me even more eager to try replicating even more recipes from my old world just to see how they would react to them.

On the other hand, Miria is looking quite depressed after only being able to down two slices of fish, even though the portions were supposed to be big enough so that a single slice should’ve been enough for one person to make them feel filled up.

「Here, you can have  some of mine as well.」

「Thank you very much, desu!」

The moment I divide my own slice in half, Miria snatches it from my plate without waiting for me to finish, but she doesn’t stop at just that: she moves on to snatch Roxanne’s and Sherry’s slices as well, since the girls followed my example and divided their own slices of fish in half like I did. It might seem a little unfair towards us, but we have nothing against it, since sharing delicious food like that is one of the important methods of developing relationships between people.

It looks like something like fish fry doesn’t normally exist in this world, but thankfully it looks like I can make it quite easily with just a little bit of preparation.

Maybe it was because I was still somewhat caught up in the creative mood from successfully making fish fry, but on the morning of the next day I tried my hand at making tonkatsu cutlet. I’m pretty sure that if other people were to see me right now then they’d undoubtedly say that eating meat for breakfast is a bad habit to have, but to that I say that it’s not a problem at all since in this world I only get to eat two meals per day instead of three, so I think it’s perfectly okay to treat myself like that every once in a while, even more so since it’s going to provide me with the energy for the rest of the day.

And besides, it has been quite a while since I last had a chance to eat tonkatsu cutlet, which makes this occasion all the more special to me.

I know that pork meat can easily be acquired from the Pig Hogs in Tare’s Labyrinth, which means that I could technically eat tonkatsu cutlet more often if only I wanted to, but still, that doesn’t change the fact that it is delicious, even without the tonkatsu sauce to go along with it.

It…. It kind of reminds me of Japan, if I am to be honest.

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