A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 7 Chapter 1 Part 10

On the thirteenth floor a maximum of monsters that can appear in a single battle is four, so if that four included two or more Grass Bees, we would be able to defeat them quite easily, and if we happened to happen upon just one Grass Bee, then at the very least we wouldn’t have to worry about being careful of their poisonous needles, and not having to worry about being poisoned is always a good thing in my book, and you can be sure that I’ll always accept that opportunity gratefully.

As we continued to advance through the thirteenth floor, I had to switch from magic to using Durandal a few times for the purposes of recovering my MP, an even though you might think that fighting in a purely physical fashion while only having 「Fourth Job」 instead of 「Fifth Job」 would be quite troublesome for me now, there was actually no problems with it for me as long as I remembered to switch the fourth Job from Mage to Warrior. I also considered if maybe I should go and remove the Monk Job as well, but I’ve ultimately chosen against it.

Whenever we were fighting the monsters while moving forward, I was almost always exclusively the one who got hit by their attacks, so I needed its 「Medical Treatment」 Skill. Occasionally Sherry was switching in with me, and whenever that was happening, I always made it a point to prioritize protecting Miria whenever too much of the pressure was being concentrated on her. And as for how Roxanne was doing, well…. Being in the centered position of the frontlines was naturally putting her in the biggest danger since the brunt of the enemy’s attacks was always focused on her, but since it’s Roxanne we’re talking about here, she always dodged out of the harm’s way.

Besides, if I’m the only one who’s getting injured from the enemies’ attacks, then I can always recover my HP fully just by swinging Durandal around. With that said, it should be okay for me to remove both Warrior and Monk Jobs in order to replace them with some other Jobs, right? Well, you see, I wouldn’t exactly go that far. When fighting with Durandal, the attributes and elemental strengths and weaknesses of the enemies that we’re facing become largely irrelevant, so I can clear all of the Grass Bees and other opponents that come our way to face us just by hacking and slashing at them without carrying about any of the complicated stuff.

And while the fact that there are more Pig Hogs than the Grass Bees here on the thirteenth floor Haruba’s Labyrinth is certainly disadvantageous to us from the standpoint of the strategy of fighting groups of three or more of the same enemies that Roxanne devised, then it is certainly more advantageous to me whenever I’m fighting with just Durandal. Other than that, I save to day that the process of the exploration of the thirteenth floor of Haruba’s Labyrinth has been proceeding according to our plans and estimations for the time being, and that so far we didn’t happen upon anything that could be described as serious problems.

Well, no, I cannot say exactly that we don’t have any problems. The fact that I as still not an Adventurer is a great problem in and out of itself, and while I know that I have to restrain myself from getting into any trouble when I’ll finally go to exchange the Bandit’s Intelligence Cards for the bounties that have been placed on their heads, I also don’t want to spend too much time on the same floor on purpose, because that’s not what this is about here

We’re coming to the Labyrinths every day to progress through them and move forward, but if we stay on the current floors because of my fear of being found out, then that’s going to be like the opposite of progress.

It’s kind of the same as with eating the Fugu fish: sure, there is a possibility that you might get yourself poisoned and die if the chef that was responsible for preparing it messed up the job and didn’t remove all of the poisoned parts correctly, but if you decide not to eat it only because of that fear, then you’ll be intentionally missing out on something truly delicious.

I don’t know if having such a mindset was the thing that was responsible for what happened to us a few days later or if it was just a matter of luck was not being on our side again, but it remains a fact that a few days later when we were traversing through the corridors of the thirteenth floor, Miria got herself poisoned by a Grass Bee.

It was an unfortunate occurrence that when we were fighting a group consisting of Pig Hogs and Grass Bees, both of the Grass Bees targeted Miria at the same time.

Like I was saying, I don’t know if it was just a matter of a really shitty luck or if fate has conspired against us, but it remained a fact that it happened, and we had to deal with it as soon as possible.

What added more salt onto my wounds was also the fact that this disastrous happening occurred when I was literally seconds away from Miria to help her fight against the Grass Bees, and she must’ve been more relaxed since she saw that I was coming towards her, which resulted in her dropping her guard down at the worst possible time.

They way they were coming towards her, there was no way she would ever be able to defeat them both in time to not get harmed, and she only managed to deflect one or two of their simultaneous attacks before the third one has finally hit her and apparently done the deed of poisoning her.

「Ah…. Ah…. Ah….. Ah…..!」

Miria moaned and gasped for air after being attacked by Grass Bee. Yes, there’s no doubt about it. Those are most definitely the symptoms of getting herself poisoned. I am able to tell that with absolute certainty because I have been poisoned once before as well, so I experienced what that feels like first-hand.

My first reaction was to immediately bust out the Anti-Poison Medicine so that I could administer it to Miria, but then I realized that doing that would be pointless, because for as long as the Grass Bees are still around, there’s always going to be a possibility that Miria might just get attacked and inflicted with another dose of poison all over again, causing even more harm to her.

「「Medical Treatment」! 「Breeze Storm」! Roxanne, come here and protect Miria while I deal with them! 」


Fortunately, I was able to defeat the two Grass Bees right away because I already had Wind Magic equipped on me. I fired the last 「Breeze Storm」 at them, and when I saw with my own eyes that they fallen onto the ground and turned into the green smoke, only then did I put the medicine into my mouth and took Miria into my arms, hugging her tightly.

And then I brought our lips together in order to administer the medicine in a mouth-to-mouth fashion.

Even though she was having her mouth closed pretty tightly due to all of the convulsions that were ravaging her right now, I charged forward with my tongue and pried her mouth wide open and while they remained opened, I sent the contents of the Anti-Poison Medicine down her throat, being sure to spread it all over the inside of her mouth to make sure that she’s going to swallow every last bit of it properly. And while her tongue was quivering all over the place, I entwined it gently with my own tongue in order to calm it down and tell it that everything’s going to be all right.

Despite the dire circumstances that we were currently in, her response was a passionate one as she reciprocated my kiss. It was also the first time when Miria was moving her tongue entirely of her own volition instead of doing that only because I told her to do it.

It felt so good that I wanted to continue doing this to her forever, but unfortunately that was neither the time nor the place to be doing things like that, because while I was administering the medicine to Miria, Roxanne and Sherry were doing everything they could in order to keep the Pig Hogs in check.

「「Water Storm」!」

For a brief moment, I took my mouth off of Miria’s mouth in order to cast a Spell that would help speed up the process of the Pig Hogs extermination. I had no choice but to do it in such a way.

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