A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 7 Chapter 1 Part 9

「We’ve already fought against Pig Hogs before, so I don’t think there’s going to be anything that they’re going to be able to surprise us with, so you can go ahead and take us to them, Roxanne.」

「Understood, master!」

I had Roxanne take us to the nearest group of monsters where Pig Hogs were also present. When it comes to the enemies in Haruba’s Labyrinth, then I have to say that so far the game is pretty generous with pitting us against the monsters that have elemental weaknesses that I am actually capable of exploiting. On the twelfth floor these were the Grass Bees that are weak against Wind Magic, and now we’re going to be fighting against Pig Hogs that are weak to Water Magic.

But on the other hand, that is only going to be convenient if we happen upon a group of monsters that consists of only that one type of enemy. If we get stuck in a fight where there are going to be multiple types of enemies, each and every one with their own, different elemental weakness, then that’s going to be making it that much harder for me since I’ll be forced to juggle several different types of magic around just to keep up with the enemies and continue to dispatch them in a speedy fashion, but even though I don’t find it convenient at all, it’s not like there’s anything that I can do to really counteract that.

「Water Storm!」

As soon as the next battle commenced, I unleashed 「Water Storm」 in order to reduce the number of Pig Hogs that we’re going to have to deal with as much as possible. The two pigs fallen to the ground after being exposed to a series of torrential water explosions…. Or are these guys actually boars and not pigs? Well, no matter. What really matters here is that after I took the Pig Hogs out, the same fate has befallen a Grass Bee that has been hit with a shot of my 「Breeze Ball」. Since I wasn’t hitting its weakness right from the get go due to the need of dispatching the Pig Hogs first, taking it out took some more time than usual.

Is this kind of thing going to be inevitable for as long as we continue to advance to the higher floors? Because if so, then it’s definitely going to be tough on us, but once again, what can you do, right? That’s right, pretty much nothing except accepting that it’s just how things are going to be and moving on.

In the meantime, the girls in the frontlines finished their own portion of the battle, and gathered themselves around me again.

「Uhm, master? I hope you won’t mind me asking you this…. But why did you yell the names of the Spells that you were using out loud?」

Roxanne asked me that question out of the blue. Why’re you asking that, Roxanne? Is yelling the names of the Skills or Spells that you’re going to be using a bad thing to do? Or perhaps it’s just something that no one else besides me is doing, so she wanted to know the reason behind one more of my peculiar behaviors?

Well Roxanne, if you must know, then I did that because I don’t have enough Bonus Points to select 「Chant Omission」 along with the EXP boosting Skills that I have chosen for my current build, but as you have probably guessed I can’t say that to Roxanne like that, so I’ll have to come up with some other, acceptable excuse for why I did that. One thing’s for sure, however: I definitely can’t tell her that it’s because I still have some lingering symptoms of my Chuunibyou sticking with me since middle school so I thought it would be infinitely more cool if I yelled the names of the Spells out loud, because if I did that, then next I would have to explain to the girls what Chuunibyou is in the first place, since there’s no way for something so inherently Japanese to exist in the world of this game.

「Because I wanted to check something out. Hitting enemies is only going to get more difficult the higher we’re going to be advancing, so I thought it might be a good opportunity for us to practice coordinated attacks.」

「Ahh, I see, so that’s what this was about. I understand.」

「You do? Th-Then I’ll have to ask of you to search for the next group of enemies, please.」

I’m not completely at ease with this, but I guess Roxanne bought my half-assed explanation for the time being. 「Wanted to check something out」? What would I even be checking out at this point? I don’t know, but that was the first thing that always worked before that came to my mind, so I just blurted it out without really thinking it through.

「As you wish, master. I am currently sensing a group of either Pig Hogs or Grass Bees up ahead. Now that we know what their weaknesses are thanks to Sherry information, it would be best if it was a group that consisted entirely of only the Pig Hogs or the Grass Bees so that you could have an easier time dealing with them.」

「Yeah, sure, it would definitely be great if thing could line up in our favor like that, but come on, let’s be realistic here. There’s no way that such a stroke of luck is going to happen to us, especially now that you have stated how great it would be if it did.」

「If it’s not going to work with four enemies, then isn’t the group of three of the same kind and one the next best thing for us to pursue? That way, even if one of the enemies ends up surviving due to not being weak against the element that you’re going to use to defeat the other three, we’ll still be able to defeat it relatively quickly if it’s going to be the only one left.」

What Roxanne said just now makes a lot of sense. If we aimed for groups of enemies where three out of four of them are the same, meaning that they’re going to possess the same elemental weakness, the I could exterminate them easily with my magic from a distance, and all that would be left for Roxanne, Sherry and Miria to take care of would be to finish off the remaining one enemy that would still be wounded from taking damage from the AoE Spells launched against the other three.

As expected of Roxanne. She’s as reliable as ever, not only on the battlefield itself, but also when it comes to solving the problems related to it.

「I think we might do just like you say, Roxanne. And since we’re going to be focusing on the groups of monsters where three of them have to be of a kind, then I think it would be better for us to focus on the Grass Bees.」

「Grass Bees, you say?」
「That way it’s going to be possible for master to take care of all the enemies that might try to poison us first.」

It is exactly like Sherry said just now. However, that plan of action might sound good on paper, but it’s actually going to be very hard to pull off, since here on the thirteenth floor the main enemy is not a Grass Bee, but a Pig Hog, which automatically means that we’re going to be seeing much more of them than any other enemies.

「Obviously, we’re going to have fewer chances to do this here in comparison to the twelfth floor, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be any chances for us to do it at all. There are going to be chances, it’s just that there’s going to be a fewer of them than normally.」

「That’s right. And in the end, everything should be all right just as long as we’ll be able to properly defeat the enemies that are using poison first.」

Even though I’m still somewhat reluctant about this, it was admittedly pretty hard not to share Roxanne and Sherry’s enthusiasm. I’m still afraid of getting myself poisoned, but nevertheless, I tried to keep my fear of that status ailment under control as we continued our search for the monsters under Roxanne’s guidance.

Just like Roxanne declared, right now we are going to try and focus our efforts on searching the enemies that appear in a configuration of three to one, just three or two to one enemies, all for the sake of dispatching them as soon as possible while taking advantage of their elemental weaknesses, but as with everything in life, everything is going to boil down to sheer luck.

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