A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 7 Chapter 1 Part 12

Her two mountains are also floating above the water’s surface.

「Miria, when we finish taking a bath, can you make the fish dish with the pan we bought the other day?」

「X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X?」

When Roxanne translated that on my behalf, I could feel something flying towards me with great force behind it, and it ended up being right on top of me. It’s a face. Miria’s face is near me. So close to me in fact, that our noses were practically touching one another.

「I could do it, desu!」

「That’s great to hear, but you said it a little bit wrong. What you should’ve said here is 「I can do it, desu!」. Repeat after me: I can do it.」

「I can do it, desu!」

While Miria is repeating my words to properly say that she can help prepare the fish for dinner, my little buddy downstairs was rubbing itself against the smooth skin of her stomach, but she either didn’t notice it at all due to the excitement of me asking her to prepare the fish, or she doesn’t seem to be bothered by it at all. All that she is focused on is looking at my face intently with her eyes shining like starts in the sky.

「Then how about also doing it for dinner the day after tomorrow, desu?」

「Well, I can certainly do it, and I don’t see why not.」

After she got the answer that she wanted to hear out of me, Miria promptly moved away from me. I am the master here and I hold all of the money, so if she wanted to have fish for dinner again, it was pretty obvious that she’d be gunning for me, and now that the promise to serve fish has been established, I could see that Miria was quite pleased with herself, and I also think that having fish for dinner two days from now is going to be optimal, since having it tomorrow would definitely be a little too soon since the last time, and waiting four to five days would be too long and Miria could get agitated if she had to wait for so long. As long as the wait for her beloved fish is only going to be two days long, then she should be able to hold out for that long.

As for the ritual of our goodnight kiss, we returned to having just a regular light one instead of a deep one with tongue.

Was the passion with which she engaged me when I was giving her mouth-to-mouth when she got poisoned and I had to give her the antidote that way only a one-time thing? Well, even if it is, then that’s okay, because even if Miria doesn’t want to engage in passionate kisses with me, I still have Roxanne to count on that for. Unfortunately for me it was the same thing next morning, so I

I don’t think I can expect passionate kisses from Miria anytime soon.
As for Miria herself, she remained as carefree as ever.

After receiving good morning kisses from all three of the girls, we promptly got up and proceeded to go to the thirteenth floor of Haruba’s Labyrinth. Even though my level is not going up as fast as I would’ve liked it to go, the exploration of the Labyrinths is still our duty and something that we cannot shy away from. If we’re going to continue the exploration at the pace with which we’re currently going, then I think it’s quite possible that we should be able to reach the fourteenth floor of Haruba’s Labyrinth in the near future: tomorrow at best or the day after tomorrow at worst. I realize that it kinda sounds like a slogan used in the earthquake warnings, but that’s actually how it is.

By the time I’m going to amass enough EXP to finally become an Adventurer, I think I might be able to reach the fifteenth, sixteenth, seventeenth or perhaps even higher floors in the Labyrinths.

But then, what am I going to say if somebody starts questioning why somebody who is already on the eighteenth or so floor got attacked by Bandits on the twelfth floor, or why was I waiting for so long with reporting about it and claiming the bounty on their Intelligence Cards? Should we rethink our policy in regards to them and choose an entirely different approach? Maybe it would be better to take the Intelligence Cards to the Knight Order stationed in Quratar? Who knows, ultimately it might prove to be our safest option, despite all of the potential drawbacks associated with that decision.

And like that, we finished our round of morning exploration for today with me still being indecisive about what to do about this Intelligence Card matter. As a result of our morning exploration, my Level as an Explorer has risen to Lv.38, so I should be able to get myself back my 「Chant Omission」 Bonus Skill if I increase it by just one more.

When we came back home while I was thinking about what I can possibly do to shorten the time needed to get more levels as soon as possible, we saw that Luke the broker has left us a message.

「What does the message says, Roxanne?」

「It says that Mr. Luke managed to win a bid for a Kobold Skill Crystal for fifty four hundred Nars. Also, it mentions that he wishes for you to go see him as soon as possible.」

Roxanne read the contents of the memo that has been left stuck to our door. So he won a bid for the Kobold Skill Crystal, huh? Well, that’s certainly nice, but I wonder what’s the deal with me coming to see him as soon as possible is supposed to be? Does he mean 「Come see me as soon as you read this memo」, meaning that he wants to see me right now, or is it perhaps going to be fine if I go see him tomorrow? Because if the urgency of the matter that he wants to talk about with me is going to be about some kind of quest or commission that I’m going to end up not liking, then I’d definitely like to postpone it at least until tomorrow… is what I’d ideally want to do, but so far Luke has proven to be a man who would not waste his own and my time if it wasn’t something truly important, so although I am not too stoked about this, then I think I’m going to go see him after all.

「Ok, I’ll be gone for a bit then. Can the three of you take care of preparing dinner while I’m gone?」

「Certainly. Have a safe trip, master.」

「And no matter what happens, please remember to be careful of that broker at all times!」

With Sherry’s usual warning ringing in my ears, I went to the Quratar’s Merchants Guild. When I asked for Luke at the reception, they took me to him right away, so I guess he must’ve instructed them to take me to him at once when I arrive in the guild asking for him.

After following the guild’s staff, I finally met up with Luke in one of the rooms meant for business discussions.

「Sorry for calling you out to meet me so abruptly. First of all, here’s the Kobold Skill Crystal that I got on your behalf.」

「Sure, thanks for your hard work as always.」

Luke takes out the Kobold Skill Crystal, and as always, I scanned it with my 「Identify」 to see whether the thing that he was offering me was a real deal or not. After confirming that it was real I paid him fifty nine silver coins, an amount that includes the price of the next commission in it.

So far, Luke has never once tried to deceive or double-cross me with the goods from auctions that he was offering, so I think I can actually trust him as my broker, contrary to what Sherry is always saying.

「The next most recent successful bid on the Kobold Skill Crystal was also fifty four hundred Nars. Unfortunately, it was previously taken by people who have been watching me bid, so if I keep making successful bids at the same price going forward obtaining the items might prove to be somewhat troublesome.」

「I see. So there are problems like that here too?」

It seems that being a broker comes with its own share of troublesome things to deal with.

If you know another group will put up a fight until fifty four hundred Nars, then you obviously wouldn’t want to make your bid at just fifty three hundred Nars.

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