Volume 10 Chapter 2 Part 1

Chapter 47: Yoke

Current Levels & Equipment:
Knight Lv.34

Steel Shield
Dragon Skin Jacket
Damascus Headband of Wind Resistance
Hardened Leather Gloves
Hardened Leather Boots of Willow
Sacrificial Misanga

「Alright then. Shall we get going to the Boss Room?」

「Yes, that would be nice.」

「However, we won’t be going any further than that today, and if possible, we won’t be fighting any enemies on the twenty-fourth floor. Are we clear?」

I made a very clear declaration, since I cannot allow myself to be dragged around by Roxanne and her desire to fight stronger enemies on the higher floors. That’s why I need to hit that nail firmly on the head here.

We cannot do anything strange or dangerous. We should proceed forward at a safe and slow pace.

「So we’re going to do the battle against the Floor Boss of the twenty-fourth floor tomorrow, right?」


This is exactly what I don’t like about Roxanne, and that’s why I have to stay alerted.


「I don’t think

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