Volume 10 Chapter 3 Part 5

That being said, doing that every single day is definitely going to be tough.

The next day, there was no one to stop Roxanne, so we proceeded to the Boss battle against the Floor Boss on the thirty-second floor.

Roxanne is leading they way with light steps.

「Un. The closest group of monsters is over there, but they are all Non-REM Golems and there are not that many of them, so let’s just head straight to the Boss Room.」

We proceeded towards the Boss Room without even paying attention to the groups of enemies with only a few monsters in them along the way. Roxanne quickly guides us to the Boss Room without even looking at the map all that much.

「Are you sure that you don’t need to look at the map more often?」

「That’s not going to be necessary, because I remembered it yesterday. I only need to check it every now and

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