Volume 10 Chapter 3 Part 9

And if not, would it let me choose one 「Increase INT (Medium)」and one 「Increase INT (Small)」?

Vesta’s Dragon Knight Job has one 「Increase END (Medium)」, one 「Increase END (Small)」and one 「Increase END (Slight)」, so would it allow to combine these as well?

Oh well, there’s no use in talking about ifs here.

In my case, since I can use multiple Jobs, there has to be a mechanism that would allow me to combine the effects of multiple Jobs as well.

Next, I try to set the Skills.

I choose the Explorer’s 「Item Box」Skill from the list of the available Skills. Next, I open the Item Box itself to see if there were really any changes to it.

The Item Box has gained only one new column of slots available beside the previously available forty-eight columns. That must mean that because Jobless was acquired by me just now, the resulting Item Box of Jobless Job could

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