Volume 10 Chapter 4 Part 6

I leave the front to Vesta, and just hit it from the side. There is almost no danger to me. Even if Vesta in front of me was attacked by monsters on the thirty-third floor, she still wouldn’t budge, even against the attacks of the Floor Boss.

She really is a reliable companion.

Roxanne is the Floor Boss’s opponent, but its attacks don’t even manage to hit her. At least there is almost no worry from me about her being hit repeatedly. Even now, she lightly dodged the Land Dragon’s ramming attack.

「It certainly seemed to move a little bit faster.」

As usual, Roxanne is terrifyingly cold-hearted even in her evaluations.

Only a little bit faster, you say? I thought that it was moving pretty well since it was able to approach us so suddenly like that.

What a view from above that was.

「I did it, desu!」

The Drive Dragon behind it was petrified by Miria

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