Volume 10 Chapter 4 Part 7

This probably means that people who collect Dragon Skin and make Dragon Skin equipment are strong enough to fight on the sixty-sixth floor.

「All you have to do is store the materials. You’ll be able to use them eventually.」

「I understand.」

However, Sherry was also the one who recommended us to do Boss battles on the thirty-third floor? She must have decided that boss battles are safer. If even Sherry decides so, are the Boss battle safer after all?

Well, it’s fine to repeat the Boss battle on the thirty-third floor today. However, if I do that, there might be people who’re going to say that tomorrow we should battle the Boss of the thirty-fourth floor.

Can’t we do anything about it?

「Then shall we go?」


「If there is a Kobold Kampfer nearby, I think it would be a good idea to actively fight it on the thirty-fourth floor.」
When I heard Roxanne’s reply and was about

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