Volume 11 Chapter 1 Part 7

Yes, everything is still the same as it was about her.

Or I should rather say that despite my warnings for her to be careful, she was still trying to guide us towards the places with six enemies in them without any hesitation at all.

「Oh. We’ve finally made it. Then I’ll…」

Since we were taken to a place where there was that many monsters, it was about time for me to start using my AoE Attack Magic again.

Finally a place where I can do something more than just support. Was this Roxanne’s goal? Nevertheless…

「Roxanne, do it now.」

「Be at peace if you make a mistake…」

Roxanne begins speaking the incantation for the Spell and goy about halfway through it… but then a Rapid Rabbit started rushing towards her.

Roxanne stopped her Spell incantation and avoided the monster’s attack, but it seems that she was telling the truth: dodging the attacks of the monsters while

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