Volume 11 Chapter 4 Part 2

If his child was 15 years old 10 years ago, then this means that he must be 25 years old now.


Doesn’t this calculation seem a bit off?


「Is there something wrong? Your eyes seem to be filled with suspicion.」

「It’s just that… you look a little too young for that.」

「You can say that. It was Our duty nonetheless, so I had to see it through.」

Does that mean that the Emperor started having sex and had a kid at age 14? No, including the near-one year of pregnancy period, he must have gotten himself a kid when he was 13 years old.

Even if it is assumed that one turns adult at the age of 15, he procreated when he was 15 years old. Does that mean that when an emperor turns 15 and becomes an adult, he automatically receives a sex partner?

God, I am so envious of him right now! It makes

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