Volume 11 Chapter 5 Part 4

Ice Magic and Fire Magic never interfere with one another, but Ice Magic, which has an advantage in terms of resistances and weaknesses, is a little weak in power by itself.
Next is going to be Thunder Magic.

While fighting against the Floor Boss of the 44th floor, Silver Caterpillar, I used the combination of 「Thunderstorm」,「Firestorm」 and 「Water Storm」.

This is my first time using the 「Thunderstorm」Spell.

In the midst of the sparks, flames and icy fog dancing together, I felt something akin to tingling in my fingers. Nothing flashy or accompanied by a bright flash of light, just that, tingling.

I should have expected something like that to occur, since it is thunder and all. that being said though, if I get struck by an electric shock myself, I am going to be in serious trouble.

One Silver Caterpillar stopped moving after the first three shots. It must have been due to paralysis.

Since Miria

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