Volume 11 Chapter 5 Part 5

I wonder if we are going to be alright?

But then it probably is not anything related to me, because the they would not be stupid enough to make an emergency call for their armed forces to gather right in front of us if they were really planning to assemble their Knights against us, right?

If we were the cause of the emergency, then they would have arranged for them earlier if they intended to use them against us.

「Is everything alright?」

「I will explain the situation properly later. For the time being, follow me, please.」

The Duke leaves the room. Roxanne and Sherry look at me. They are both tilting their heads in puzzlement, so they probably don’t understand what is this all about either.
So, whatever is currently happening, it really is that incomprehensible, huh?

So much so that even Gozer didn’t get it.

Since there’s no helping it, we just follow the Duke.

There’s an

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