Volume 11 Chapter 5 Part 9

「I hope you understand.」

「I do. However, if you do such a thing…」

「Even though it is unofficial, I have received the approval from tonight’s operation from the Supreme Council of the Representatives of All Elves. As for why it is unofficial, it is only because the Earl of Selmar is a member of that council, too. Rather, I would go as far as to say that this operation is being carried out upon the Council’s personal request. If the number of Elven Earls diminishes, it would be troublesome for all the Elves as a whole; however, everything will work out if you become the next Earl.」

He had already set all the groundwork for this operation, it seems. Also, the invasion doesn’t seem to be just for the Duke’s selfish reasons.

「Who would have thought that the talks have progressed to this point already…」

「It was done in private, but I have also

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