Volume 12 Chapter 2 Part 3

「Yes, desu!」

As soon as I thought that, another one of the monsters started to move after its paralysis was lifted.

What the hell is wrong with this timing? Is it a comedy skit or what?

「Ah. Shit. Miria, come back here and get rid of the monsters over here. If it’s just one, then I’ll deal with the monster from the 45th floors.」

I promptly managed to eliminate one of them, but I shouldn’t aim for the second one unless it’s going to be absolutely necessary.

By the time Milia returned to my side, one of the front liners had also started to move again, but Roxanne stands in front of it and toys with the monster. As long as she is the one standing at the front of the vanguard, the monster’s attacks are likely not going to hit her at all.

Even on the 45th floor, it looks like the monsters here

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