Volume 12 Chapter 2 Part 4

「We’ve only fought these enemies once, so I’m not going to say anything about this for now. I will say this though: this is the end of fighting on the 45th floor for today, but we’re going to come back here again tomorrow and fight a little bit more, and let’s make it habit t increase the number of battles n this floor little by little in the following days, okay? Our safety is the most important thing here after all.」

「Un, that might be for the best.」

Whoa, my idea has received Roxanne-sensei’s approval!

It doesn’t seem like she’s forcing herself to give it to me as well, and I don’t sense any kind of accumulated dissatisfaction behind her words either.

Well, it’s not like I’m refusing to fight on the 45th floor of the Labyrinth, so it should probably be fine, since she doesn’t have any reason to be dissatisfied in

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