Volume 12 Chapter 2 Part 5

On second hand though, maybe I shouldn’t say that to her after all, since such news might end up causing Miria to rebel against me.

A slave who rebelled against her master because she couldn’t get fish… I wonder if something like that can actually happen?

Let’s make sure to take care of that fishy problem before it develops into something serious.

「Alright Rutina, come with us next.」

「Yes, please.」

After we finished eating dinner, we go take a bath first, where get so see Rutina’s beautiful, porcelain-like skin when she was showing it to me quite generously.

I like how shy she is about it, but it is also nice to be able to take a closer look at her beautiful skin from up close like that.

While washing every nook and cranny of Rutina’s body with the soap, I stared at her beautiful, white and graceful skin while taking the sights in with my

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