Volume 12 Chapter 2 Part 6

「There are a lot of monsters nearby that look just right for us to take them on, but what are you going to do, master?」

Roxanne is still strongly desiring another battle.

After finishing the Floor Boss battle on the 44th floor, this is what Roxanne asked me about.

This looks like something just right for us.

The less the enemies in a group that we have to fight, the better.

「Let’s adopt the same kind of approach as we did yesterday and take it slow. There’s no need for us to be in a hurry.」

After the persuasion of Roxanne was successfully finished, we returned to the 44th floor.

「The monsters from earlier are close by, and in good numbers. This is our chance.」

Even so, this was all that she cared about even after we have finished the Boss Battle. Yet another group of monsters that she thought that our Party should go and defeat

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