Volume 12 Chapter 3 Part 4

If it was me, I may have a distant relative of my great great great grandmother back in Japan, but since I have never met them I don’t even care about finding out if I have someone like that or not.

Hmmm, isn’t it a little bit different though?

Because she’s the youngest child of her great great great grandmother’s little sister, it means tha it is a branch of her great great great great grandmother’s family.

I start going great great just thinking about it, and it makes me want to scream from the complexity of it all.

Well, I guess she is 107 years old, so something like that was to be expected.

In this world, 15 years old is the age where one is already considered to be an adult, which means that there should be nothing strange in having kids at the age of 16 or 17, so I guess

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