Volume 7 Chapter 3 Part 15

「I did it, master.」

Sherry said excitedly as she presented me with the finished product of the fusion.

「As expected of Sherry. I knew you could do it.」

「Well done, Sherry. Great job as always.」

This time, not only did Sherry managed to fuse the Monster Skill Crystal with a piece of equipment successfully, but she also didn’t sound as worried about it as she was before. Maybe she’s starting to get used to the fact that all of the fusions that she’s doing are turning up successful and she doesn’t find anything strange about it anymore?

Okay now, let’s look at the finished piece of armor with 「Identify」now to see what exactly has Sherry created.

Sturdy Hardened Leather Helmet
Skill: 「Physical Damage Reduction」

All right, everything is exactly as I expected it to be, so I immediately equipped it and then we entered the Labyrinth. Miria is out there helping with the cleaning of the sewage, but that does not mean that there is any reason for us to be waiting for her until all of the repair works are going to be finished, since we have no idea when that is going to be, so instead of waiting for her at home while doing nothing at all, we might as well make sure that our time is going to be spend in a productive manner. And since there is a number of things that I want to test out, that was all the more reason for us to go.

「All right, let’s take things a little bit more slowly this time and start the exploration from the first floor. Roxanne, can you please look for the monsters for us?」

「Of course, master.」

It has been a really long time since we entered the Labyrinths with the Party of just the three of us: Sherry, Roxanne and myself, so in order to get back into the swing of things with a Party of just three we are going to start today’s exploration from the first floor of Haruba’s Labyrinth. As long as we do that, then we shouldn’t have any problems whatsoever with clearing the floors here without our fourth member.

First thing that I wanted to try was to see how the Bounty Hunter Job’s Skill, 「Ignore Life and Death」was going to work against the Lv.1 monsters. But just to be on the safe side, I took out Durandal and only then decided to go and confront the monsters.

Since we are on the first level, I allowed the monsters here to purposefully attack me to see if maybe that was going to do something, but nothing happened even after I have received quite a lot of blows from them, so that assumption is probably a bust.

Also, for the purpose of this test, I had to tell Roxanne to take a backseat for a while, because if I allowed her to do all the fighting for me, then I wouldn’t be able to do literally anything else because she would just cause the battles to end in literally no time flat.

One major issue that I have with the test of the 「Ignore Life and Death」is the fact that it still consumes my MP whenever I am trying to cast it regardless of whether it ends up activating properly or not, but there’s nothing I can do to help it at this point. And besides, since I am using Durandal, I get a portion of my MP back every time when I kill a monster with it, so it’s not like I’m wasting my MP for nothing here.

Well, since the experiment with allowing myself to be attacked by the enemies failed, then I guess that really means that 「Ignore Life and Death」must be a Skill that is meant to be used to attack the enemy.

「All right, looks like we are not having any problems fighting the enemies here, so how about we move on to the thirteenth floor of Quratar’s Labyrinth first?」

「Of course, master!」

The other reason for the lack of the Skill activating might be related to the low level of my Bounty Hunter Job. And even if its not, it’s just going to mean that it’s another possibility that we have to rule out.

Then again, even if my Bounty Hunter Job were to level up, it would still be a problem if I was unable to defeat even the small fry enemies. But then again, if the 「Ignore Life and Death」Skill was the one that would allow the user to defeat every monster regardless of the level of said monster, then I guess that nobody would be using any other Job besides Bounty Hunter.

It should therefore be pretty reasonable that the activation of the 「Ignore Life and Death」Skill probably depends on a level difference between the monster that you are fighting and the level of the Bounty Hunter Job carried by the individual that has that Skill equipped. That is exactly why my current plan is to go to the thirteenth floor and increase the level of Bounty Hunter as much as possible and then try using 「Ignore Life and Death」again.

The first milestone should be raising Bounty Hunter to Lv.5, and once that is achieved, I will be able to move on to increasing it to Lv.10, and with all of my Bonus Skills increasing the amount of EXP gained from combat and decreasing the amount of EXP needed to level up, this shouldn’t take all that long.

「Roxanne, this time around I would like you to go and look for single monsters as much as possible, preferably Sarracenias. I will be the one doing the fighting, while you and Sherry stay back and observe.」

「Understood, master!」

And so we moved on from the thirteenth floor of Haruba’s Labyrinth to the thirteenth floor of Quratar’s Labyrinth. Moving between Labyrinths like that is more than a little annoying, but if I want to increase the level of the Bounty Hunter Job as fast as possible then that is the best possible thing that I can do right now, even though such a trip with three people is going to consume a good chunk of my MP.

At the thirteenth floor of Quartar’s Labyrinth, Roxanne was guiding us towards Sarracenias, exactly like I told her to do. Right now, this can also be a good opportunity to truly test out my new equipment, so I don’t really mind it when a number of monsters ends up hitting me. As for the rest, I take them out by hitting them with 「Fire Balls」from a safe distance away. As long as I continue to do that, almost no opponent will be a threat to me.

Efficiency-wise, I think it would be better if Sherry was not with us so that I could get my hands on more EXP so that I could level the Bounty Hunter Job that much faster, but on the other hand, it is always better to have her around with us in case of emergencies.

I continued to try to use 「Ignore Life and Death」Skill, and whenever my MP was dropping into the low zone I was pulling out Durandal so that I could recover my MP, after which I handed the Sturdy Hardened Leather Helmet to Roxanne so that she could also try it out and then we moved forward.

However, now that I have confirmed that being hit by monsters has nothing to do with that Skill, I guess I can stop allowing myself to be hit by every monsters and focus on hitting them more times in order to bring my MP back to its full value after the continuous tests have depleted it quite a bit. Normally I wouldn’t even consider spending so much of it for something as simple as a test, but this time I made an exception since 「Ignore Life and Death」might prove to be a very useful Skill if used correctly, so it could not be helped this time.

One good thing that came out of this situation was my test of the Sturdy Hardened Leather Helmet and its 「Physical Damage Reduction」Skill, because if not anything else, then I was at least able to confirm that the damage that I have been sustaining from the attack while I did have that helmet on was really reduced. However, now that I think about it, the comparison here might not be all that fair, since the numbers here were not that large when I wore the helmet on the first floor. The enemies there were weak, and that’s why I had to allow them to hit me multiple times.

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