Volume 8 Chapter 2 Part 5

You know how the saying goes, right? That there’s always another stomach for dessert.


Yes, what is about to happen here can definitely be treated as a kind of dessert, indeed.

When they entered the room, I let out such a sound subconsciously, because the sight in front of me was well and truly marvelous.

「How does it look, master?」

Judging by the tone of voice, I think that the figure that asked that question belonged to Roxanne. I said that I think that it was her because my eyes have yet to completely adjust to the surrounding darkness, so even though O can roughly see the outlines of the girl’s figures, but I cannot distinguish between them clearly just yet.

However, that doesn’t change the fact that I could see all of the important things: her breasts which were too big to be sufficiently covered by the apron even as she was desperately trying to do her best to hide them from view, her bottom which was exposed in its full glory since her hands were too busy trying to hide her chest to do anything about her nether regions… ahh, the Japanese bead tree is truly fragrant from when it is just a sprout.

The volume of her mounds pushes the apron from underneath, and expands the gap between the apron and her skin even further, stretching the fabric to its utmost limit. Her situation wasn’t any better from the sides either, since with the boobs this big, the rather small apron could not do anything to contain the inevitable spillage of Roxanne’s bobbies to the side.


I feel like that one word is enough to properly convey what I think about their apron-clad figures.

「T-Thank you very much.」

「You’re looking great in that apron as well, Sherry.」

Even though Sherry’s body is much more petite than Roxanne’s and she doesn’t have assets that she could boast about, the force of her being covered only by an apron and nothing else was no less tremendous than in Roxanne’s case. She looks just like a child wife.

「I’m glad that it is to master’s liking… but I have to say that wearing it like that is more than a little embarrassing.」

It certainly might be… but this shy expression of hers is the best!

「It looks great on Miria, too.」

「Yes, desu.」

That said, even if Miria is undoubtedly looking cute in her apron, then I would very much like her to show me the place where her bluish tail is emerging from her body. There can also be no doubt that the cat ears and an apron are a combination that was practically made for one another. The contrast between the frilled shoulder straps and the laced hem is also irresistible. Wow! So amazing! She looks so cute that I just want to grab her and gobble her up!

「Umm… Master, if you want to partake of us…. Then please, eat as much of us as you want to your heart’s content.」

Now that Roxanne has said so in such a seductive manner, how could I have possible refused her offer?!

This world is truly a paradise. Eden. The promised land flowing with milk and honey.


On the morning of the next day, I wake up pleasantly fatigued. This is a very fine morning that we’re having today, and yet I feel so languid that I don’t even want to do anything. All that I want to do right now is to just laze around in bed while doing nothing and basking in the remains of the residual passion from last night.

I must make a correction though. What we had last night was definitely not a dessert. It was straight up a main course of many dishes and then some more. It has been quite a long time since I last activated Sex Maniac, but seeing what I was up against yesterday, there was no other choice for me. If I didn’t equip that Job, then I don’t think that I would’ve been able to do what I did to them yesterday with my own strength and vitality alone.

I doze off for a while to keep on soaking in the sweet aftertaste of our fun, until eventually the pinkish haze that was enveloping my mind fades away.

At the same time, Roxanne kisses me. O-Oh crap, this n-not good! Even though it took so long for the lingering scent to go away. Even though it’s a thing that repeats itself every morning, it’s not good this time. Last night, I drifted off to sleep without unequipping Sex Maniac, so that coupled with Roxanne’s stimulating kiss right now is a deadly combination, dangerous enough to make me want to push her down right this instant so that I could have my way with her!

Roxanne’s soft lips and smoothly moving tongue are both so sweet that I find it pretty hard to resist their allure as their movements stimulate every corner of my sensuality.

I desperately try to endure the desire to have sex with her again which is slowly but surely overcoming me… but I cannot give in to my desires. I have to hold out and not give in to my carnal desires.

Followed by Roxanne’s, I  also do my best to endure Sherry’s and Miria’s respective kisses. I have to show them that I am a man of steel, and something as trivial as a good morning kiss is not going to be enough to break me, even if I still have Sex Maniac equipped as my main Job.

「Good morning, desu.」

「Good morning to you too, Miria.」

I let go of Miria and get up. I wonder why this morning feels a little bit more awkward than the other days after we have sex? Is it because my talk that I would eat them all up? Oh well, it’s not like we don’t do this every morning, so I should probably stop reading too much into it and just accept their caresses without complaining.

「Yes, desu.」


I say to Miria when she brings me the clothes like usual. I decide to cut off the temptations and get dressed up, since there are things that need to be done today.

That’s right. I have to make sure not to allow myself to be overwhelmed by my feelings and embrace the new day with everything that I have.

After getting ourselves dressed up, we move to the Labyrinth.

We seem to have already gotten accustomed to the sixteenth floor of Haruba’s Labyrinth and the way in which the monsters on that floor operate.

The number of attacks that we are receiving from them has decreased, and things seem to have settled down a bit. That being said, even if I said that the number of attacks we receive from the enemies has decreased, it doesn’t mean that we managed to drop it down to zero.

Because the duration of battles is longer, it’s still difficult, especially for the girls in the vanguard.

Right now, the three of them are taking on a group of monsters. Roxanne exchanges an attack with the one in the front, Sherry thrusts her spear whenever she finds an opening and Miria stabs whatever comes close to her with her Rapier. All this time, I am providing support to them by casting my Spells from the safe position in the back.

Currently I cast the sixth 「Sand Storm」, and once that’s done, the Clam Shells drop down to the ground.

When you take out the first batch of monsters, it becomes easier to dispatch the rest of them afterwards. In the end, everyone surrounds the remaining Bitch Butterfly and we finish it off together.

Next group of enemies is comprised of three Bitch Butterflies and two Clam Shells. This combination is pretty unusual, because so far we never happened upon a group of monsters that had a lot of Bitch Butterflies in it.

I use Wind Magic Spells to take out Bitch Butterflies quickly since Wind Magic is their weakness. And once the last of them has been dealt with…

「Here it comes, master!」

I heard Roxanne’s voice as she gave me another warning. It was a callout that the Clam Shell was about to use its water spitting attack and it did so soon after, but Roxanne managed to dodge it with ease.

To be honest, ranged attacks are not that big of a threat to us anymore, not when Roxanne is capable of dodging all of the attacks coming towards her from the front. Unfortunately, the long-ranged attack of Clam Shell isn’t considered a magic skill, so the casting delay is non-existent.

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