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Volume 8 Chapter 2 Part 4

「Of course he must’ve done that. That she was able to fight like that, it’s only natural for her to have learned some of Lord Michio’s battle arts.」

So even someone as strong as Gozer views Roxanne as someone genuinely strong? Well that makes me feel flattered.

「No, no, not at all. Everything she can do she learned by herself. I had very little to do with her…」

「Now that you mention it, her fighting style did centered around keeping her opponent as close to her as possible, so that might be the case here.」

「I see. So it was like that.」

These guys are probably thinking that Roxanne adopted her fighting style by watching me battle our enemies for so long, just like in that famous saying that 「You learn, from what is around you without even realizing it」, but when it comes to her, that’s really not the case here.

「She is a

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