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Volume 8 Chapter 2 Part 9

To even find out the amount of money for the sale… Sherry is truly an excellent negotiator.

「I understand.」

「The second one is an order from the merchant’s wife’s friend. She’d like a similar necklace to the merchant’s wife, with a price of around twenty five gold coins. However, think we should prepare a necklace that’s slightly inferior to the one the merchant’s wife has.」

「We shouldn’t prepare one that’s as good as hers for the same price?」

「I told the merchant’s wife hers was at a special price when I sold it. It would be bad for her if we brought one the same quality then. Just slightly inferior one should be good and shouldn’t cause any problems. At least theoretically.」

I see. So that is the sort of thing that Sherry had in mind. As expected of her.

「It might be difficult to find though.」

We need to satisfy the pride of the merchant’s

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