Volume 8 Chapter 3 Part 9

「I understand. Is there anything else that I should know about this request of yours? Any specifics?」

「Not really. I would like to exchange a staff with 「MP Absorption」in it for The Holy Spear. As the spear’s price was so low, there might be some room for you to make a profit out of it as well. I entrust the negotiation and coming up with the appropriate story to tell to the other party to you, Luke. You can also take the commission fee from the money that you’re going to get out of it.」

The Holy Spear has been sold for a really low price because nobody wanted to bid for it. Hence, Luke could come up with the offer of a staff with「MP Absorption」Skill plus ten thousand Nars in exchange for said Holy Spear.

As for the exact details of the deal, I’m going to leave them to Luke’s discretion, since I don’t know anything about deals like that. He would not go asking me about it at all if he wasn’t sure that he can make any profit out of it.

「Are you really fine with that?」

「Whether you can get any money out of the deal or not depends entirely on your skill as a broker, and I’ve been told that you’re not lacking in that department. That being said, I would still rather go with the one-to-one exchange than with anything else, since it seems like a safer option to pick.」

「I see. Although The Holy Spear is a good weapon, this time, it went for very little money. I would even go as far as to say that the amount of money that it was bided at was inappropriate to its real value. As far as as wands go, staff with 「MP Absorption」Skill in it should be more than an adequate compensation for it. Now, if you absolutely want a weapon with「MP Absorption」Skill, would you rather choose a staff with 「MP Absorption」 Skill or a Sacred Spear, the fusion of which case may or may not be successful…?」

Luke calculates the prospects of the potential transaction while muttering things to himself.

If the goal of the bidder is not The Holy Spear itself but rather a weapon with 「MP Absorption」 Skill, then he will surely agree to this deal, because he can get everything that he might possibly want out of it. As a matter of fact, they would be able to get a weapon with 「MP Absorption」Skill if they tried infusing a proper Skill Crystal with the weapon, since The Holy Spear has five Empty Skill Slots in it. But because the other party has no way of knowing about that, they should have no reason decline the deal if we offered it to them.

「So, how about it?」

「Certainly. Let’s talk later, then. Thankfully, the successful bidder is also a broker, so it might work to our advantage. However, because it is necessary for him to report everything to his customer, I don’t expect to get a quick answer out of him.」

「Of course, but do contact me if you’re going to get a reply after all. For now, I will return home. This auction served as a good experience for me. Thank you for inviting me to see it today.」

「I can ay the same thing. Thank you very much for today.」

I parted ways with Luke and got out of the auction hall. At the reception desk, I submitted the papyrus with the proof of my participation in the bidding, and then I left the Merchants Guild.

I arrived at home from the living room’s wall.

「I am back.」

「Did something bad happen, master? It took you quite some time to get back.」

「No, nothing bad happened, so you don’t have to worry about it.」

I have spent an unexpectedly long time in the Merchants Guild building, but now that this business was done and over with I quickly psyched myself up as we prepared ourselves to enter the Labyrinth for today.

For today, we went hunting on the seventeenth floor of Haruba’s Labyrinth. The exploration of it progressed quite smoothly.  The monsters we encountered the most on the seventeenth floor were Kettle Mermaids paired up with Clam Shells, and both of these monsters are weak against Earth Magic. Hence, this level can be classified as easy. It is not as easy as the sixteenth floor of  Quratar’s Labyrinth though, if only because the enemies here are a little bit tougher and have more HP than on the lower floor.

Since I had already obtained a White Magic Crystal, there was no need for me to use 「Crystalization x64」 Skill, so I was able to reset my Bonus Points and rearrange them to my liking. I allocated the points toward 「EXP Gained Up] Skill, obviously.

Thanks to that, Roxanne finally leveled up to Warrior Lv.30. As soon as I saw that, I checked the list of Roxanne’s Jobs via Party Job Settings.

Roxanne has acquired the Knight Job, exactly as I expected. It would seem that my hypothesis that you need Warrior Lv.30 in order to unlock the Job of a Knight was a correct one after all. That’s great.

The list of Roxanne’s current Jobs looks as follows:

Warrior Lv.30, Beast Warrior Lv.32, Village Chief Lv.1, Monk Lv.2, Villager Lv.8, Farmer Lv.1, Swordsman Lv.1, Explorer Lv.1, Herbalist Lv.1, Merchant Lv.1, Assassin Lv.1, Knight Lv.1

Now hold on just a second… What is this frightful Job called Assassin doing at the list of Roxanne’s Jobs? I’ve never seen it before. Was Roxanne involved in some kind of assassination? And if so, when exactly was that? It must’ve been recently, because if such a Job popped up on the list of her Jobs earlier, I definitely would’ve noticed it.

Actually, it might not be too farfetched to say that when it comes to Roxanne, getting such a Job would be a piece of cake for her, since many warriors seem to have already died at her hands. This just reinforces my notion that even though Roxanne is a lovely girl, she can also be scary sometimes, especially when Labyrinths and battles are involved.

「Umm, what is it, master?」

No, wait. Technically, when we killed those Bandits that tried to ambush us, I guess it could be argued that what we did to them was an assassination. It might also be that in Roxanne’s case a Warrior Lv.30 Job was needed in order to unlock that Job, same as with the Knight Job.

That said, even though I am a Warrior Lv.30 myself too, I do not have that Job on my Job list, so apparently assassination does not seem to be the condition that needs to be fulfilled in order to acquire this Job.

「It’s nothing, Roxanne. Would you like to go back home and rest?」

「Yes, certainly.」

I dodged the question and returned home at once. I won’t rest easy until I figure out what are the conditions needed to acquire the Assassin Job. But before I do that, I should probably get myself the Village Chief Job as soon as possible.

I take all the contents out of my Item Box out.

「Is there something wrong, master?」

This time, Sherry asks me that question with cold eyes.

No, it’s not that her eyes that are cold. It’s me who’s being paranoid yet again. Are my worries showing on my face that much?

「I just want to perform a little experiment, that’s all. Do you want to take part in it as well, Sherry?」

「All I have to do is to take all the items out of my Item Box?」

Sherry accepted my proposal rather quickly. Maybe it’s fine, but she’s still giving me those cold stares. I need to come up with something to distract her or she‘ll be even more suspicious of what is going to come next.

「Wait for just a moment before we begin, okay?」

I remember that I have a Green Caterpillar Skill Crystal and a Misanga. The one that I need is one of the Misangas Sherry made and I kept it because it had an Empty Skill Slot on it. I take it out from my Item Box and pass it along with the Skill Crystal to Sherry.

「You want me to fuse it together?」

「Please do. Well then, Roxanne, face me and say Appointment.」

「Uhm… Appointment?」

「Yes, that’s correct.」

I asked Roxanne to say that after I had changed her job to Knight Lv.1 of course. Making her do it will be much quicker than explaining it to her in detail, which might take unnecessarily long time.

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