Volume 8 Chapter 5 Part 5

With the current arrangement, if someone wants a purely combat slave, they can get the Wizard, and if they want a beautiful woman for her looks alone, the young lady is going to be awaiting them.

Yes, this must be a cleverly designed order, one that additionally works in my favor like a charm, or even better.

「Now, let’s move on to the third bid. The slave being exhibited is the fifteen years old Dragonkin tribe female. The minimum bid is two hundred thousand Nars. Then, please start…」

「Two hundred thousand!」

I bid as soon as he says the word 「start」. The momentum is crucial here. Now that I am the one who placed the first bid, that’s going to give that much more of a psychological advantage over the other bidders.

「Two hundred and ten thousand!」

「Three hundred and ten thousand!」

The second bid increased by ten thousand Nars, so I decided to increase the

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