Chapter 25 – I Got a Weapon




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I Got a Weapon

「Can I hold the staff?」

「Sure, but I won’t recommend that one. We’re only keeping that here since it’s an ancient artifact. Its abilities are awful, though.」

「It’s okay. I want to try this one.」

I took the staff in my hand. It’s perfect. Feels like a Sage’s staff, all right.

It’s a particularly high-grade staff. Despite its plain design, it was probably the best one in the room.

Its low assessment was most likely because normal Wizards were using it. Only a Sage can bring out the real power of a Sage staff.

「You want to try casting some spells?」

「There’s no need. This is the staff I want.」

I checked the price tag.


Twenty-five million gils was written on it.

I’m a few millions short. Myna regarded me and spoke.

「Ancient artifacts may not be that powerful, but they’re still valuable. You don’t have to pay with cash by the way.」

「Besides money, the only asset I have is my sword and it only cost 150,000 gils.」

「What I want is your guild registration number on the back of your guild card. I’ll buy it for thirty million gils.」

I checked the back of my card. As she said, on it were the words ‘registration number’ followed by a 17-digit number.

「So you want me to work for that thirty million?」

That makes sense. Working to pay one’s debt wasn’t uncommon.

「I won’t force you or anything. I simply want to know your registration number. In exchange, I’ll give you the staff.」

「Is my registration number really that valuable?」

「A registration number is necessary to issue a designated request. It would still be up to you whether to accept the request or not. Though I’ll be sure to offer a hefty reward to make it enticing.」

So Myna wants my registration number to send me a designated request. Thirty million for that, huh…

「Isn’t that too expensive? I’m an F-ranked adventurer.」

「Exactly. This is my chance. I have to call dibs on you before the others find out how strong you actually are. Incidentally, thirty million gils is the market price for an A-rank adventurer’s registration number.」

So basically it’s a prior investment. Can’t she just secretly take a peek at the back of my card and memorize the number? There must be some reason she can’t just do that.

Still, thirty million for something like this? Huge companies sure are on a whole different level.

But if she says so, I’ll gladly accept the offer. Having a connection with a huge firm is beneficial for me as well. So I handed Myna my guild card.

「All right. I’ll gladly accept. Thanks.」

「It’s a pleasure doing business with you as well. A high-ranked adventurer’s contact number is not something you can get by just paying good money.」Myna said while taking note of the number on the back of my card.

She then handed me the staff and five million gils.
…I pretty much got the staff for free. Not only that, I got some extra change as well.

I’m curious about the request she’s going to ask of me, but I suppose it’s something to look forward to. If it’s something I can’t do, she said I can just decline. I thanked Myna and left the Maxia Company office.

Ten minutes later.
I was taking a stroll around town when suddenly I felt someone’s gaze on me.

It could’ve been a coincidence. But I pretended not to notice and took an irregular route through the streets ― a route no one would take unless they were tailing me.

The gaze still pursued me however. Now I was certain of it. Someone’s following me.




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