Volume 6 Chapter 8 Part 3



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I see. That’s a great plan. Right now beginners to mid-level adventurers with special classes are using normal weapons. They can still fight with those, of course. I mean, I used a sword in the past. Weapons are still weapons, even if they’re not exactly exclusively for you. People can still use them.

Nevertheless, each special class has its own unique fighting style, so an exclusive weapon is better. A good example of this is my Sage staff and Sachylis’ custom-made metal bow.

It’s difficult to make weapons that match the characteristics of each class, but Maxia has received requests from many adventurers in Count Meigis’ territory to make weapons specially designed for special jobs.

It’s gotten to the point that all of the special classes in Count Meigis’s army, except for the new recruits, are using weapons made by Maxia. Producing that many custom weapons would help one understand what kind of weapons those with special classes prefer.

“By all means, do it,” I said. “If possible, I want you to expand to outside the Count’s domain as well.”

“Of course. In three years, all adventurers with special classes will have weapons made by us.”

Monopolization, huh? It’s scary how when she says it, it doesn’t like a joke at all. We’ll have to watch out for her. She might just take over the domain before we know it.

“So, I’m designing a prototype right now. Can you take a look at it once it’s finished?”

“Sure, I’ll help out. I’m going on a trip tomorrow, so can we do this after I get back?”

“A trip? Are you going on vacation?” Myna looked surprised.

It’s true that I’ve done nothing but work and level up recently, so a vacation actually sounds like tempting, but unfortunately that’s not the case. It’s not a vacation, but a hellish journey of Awakening so grim that the busyness just before the war with Cardinal Georgis feels like heaven.

Even with the help of many players in BBO, Skill Awakening required a tremendous amount of time and energy. I have to do it all by myself this time. Theoretically, it’s definitely possible, but it’s going to be an arduous task.

“It’s not a vacation, but a trip to get stronger. I can’t tell you where I’m going, though.”

“Must be really confidential then, if you can’t even tell me.”

“Yup. I’m not going to tell the Count specifically where I’m heading either.”

My destination is Raijis’ active volcano, a mountain near the border of the Empire and the Kingdom. Extremely dangerous, it is said that only suicidal people set foot on the place. Why is it dangerous? It’s because the mountain is ‘alive’ in the true sense of the word.

It doesn’t just erupt. Active volcanoes in this world mass-produce powerful monsters to protect itself and kill all those who enter it. Monsters never stop appearing no matter how many times they are killed, and the mountain even fires volcanic projectiles to snipe intruders. And Skill Awakening can only be done in such a place.

“Okay, I got it,” Myna said. “I’m not gonna ask where you’re going, but do come back alive.”

“Yeah. Of course.”

I tucked the Divine Stone that I had just obtained into my magic storage. I already told the Count that I would set out on a journey once I got the stone. The stuff I need are all ready as well.

A Sage without Skill Awakening is powerful, but a Sage with Skill Awakening is invincible. Once I complete this journey, there is no longer any reason for us to lose to the Empire. We can challenge the Empire immediately and crush the Garden of Despair’s plans.

Sachylis came running towards me, looking unusually flustered.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“Th-The Empire is making its move! The war is about to begin!”

Great. What an awful timing. If only they’d waited a few more days for my Skill Awakening to be done.

I pondered over my options. What do I do now? We could gather our forces from all over the kingdom and intercept the enemy. I’ll most likely participate in that.

But I think it would be better to do a Skill Awakening before that. The Empire launching an attack first means they’re quite confident they can win. But considering the strength of the Count’s army, they should be able to at least buy some time.

I feel like going for a Skill Awakening then annihilating the enemy in one go is more reliable.

I’ll have to discuss this matter with Count Meigis first. I might ask him to buy some time for me.

Sachylis’ words snapped me back to my senses. “Raijis was attacked! The local noble’s army has already been wiped out. We believe the city is already occupied by the enemy.”

To my surprise, the enemy attacked the exact city I was headed to. It’s impossible that our allies leaked the information. After all, I didn’t tell a soul about Raijis.

However, it’s unlikely that the enemy attacked Raijis by mere chance. The terrain alone makes it strategically pointless to occupy. One wouldn’t even think of attacking the place if they didn’t know about the Skill Awakening.

“Looks like they know.”

It’s been about an hour since I received the report about the Emperor Ogre. If the enemy attacked as soon as they heard about it, the time frame matches just barely. Normally a war wouldn’t end in just an hour, but it’s possible if there’s a significant difference in abilities.

“Is it a whole army that attacked?” I asked.

“We’re currently sorting through the information, but reports coming in now indicate that our troops were beaten almost single-handedly.”

I knew it. A single enemy taking out an army by himself. Attacking Raijis at this time. Taking these factors into consideration, one possibility arises. One of them had already successfully awakened their Skills.

That would explain why the enemy hadn’t challenged us to a full-scale war until now. The enemy was searching for more Divine Stones to power up its troops. They let me go free until I obtained a Divine Stone, and once I did, start a war, and if possible, steal my stone while they’re at it.

I could be overthinking it, but the timing is just too good. This might be quite a rough battle, then. There’s a world of difference in strength between those that had their Skills awakened and those that don’t. If I fight normally, I can’t win.

But I have no other choice. The time has come for me to show the power of my knowledge and experience that I’ve accumulated.



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